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Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.

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Tal Handaq
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Tal Handaq 40-50s (1947 - 1959)


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Tal Handaq 60s (1960 - 1969)


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Tal Handaq 70s (1970 - 1978)


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Staff (All periods)


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Music & Drama


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Next one 3rd Sept 2016 at Bath Uni. Email viv@dmeventservices.co.uk for info and to join reunion database or contact members.

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The Archive - Magazines, Documents, Memoirs, History.


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Other Service Schools and TH in Later Years


Verdala, Tigne, St Andrew's, Luqa, Mtarfa.

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Then & Now


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Royal Visit 1954


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Naval & Military


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Before Our Time


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On this day 2003 - singer Robert Allen Palmer b.19 January 1949 – d.26 September 200347 viewsRobert mainly lived in Malta from 1950 to 1961 (age 1-12). His father was RN (Dingli) and Robert went to Verdala and/or Tal-Handaq (exact dates are unkown).
He mentions his time in Malta briefly HERE (wind forward 15 mins) and in other youtube interviews.
1 commentsderrick calver09/26/23 at 10:10Martin Powell: Was Robert's song "Bad Case of Loving Yo...
SNSO Naval Stores / Dockyard Technical College105 viewsThe metal buildings were used by SNSO after WW2, and later as classrooms by the Dockyard College.

See also this one
1 commentsderrick calver04/28/23 at 12:09derrick calver: As well as the Dockyard during the 1950s SNSO had...
SNSO Naval Stores Office 194295 viewsSNSO Malta after bombing April 1942

Photo : Imperial War Museum
1 commentsderrick calver04/28/23 at 11:59derrick calver: For anyone interested in Malta can I recommend The...
Pauline Bale & Ray Hart1318 viewsAt Tigne.3 commentsPrefect02/28/23 at 00:01admin: From 2017 : Roger Knight wrote "Sad to announ...

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Capsize - more sailing from 19706 viewsStarring Tony Sarginson & David Fletcher
Rumour had it that the Shack flight cost £3000 (about £60k today)
Cutting courtesy of TS
adminNov 18, 2023
More boats at Hay Wharf 1950s-60s17 viewsLeft to right 1.Swordfish (15): 2.possibly International 14 (K denotes GB/UK): 3.unknown with C sail emblem and pointed canoe stern, probable fixed keel judging from tiller going through hull. Another one beyond it unrigged. Ideas welcome.adminNov 05, 2023
Folkboat "Folklore" at MGSC Hay Wharf 197026 viewsWith Martin Donnelly and Joe Vincenti. Another painting by MD's talented mother.adminOct 21, 2023
Sailing at MGSC Hay Wharf 197088 viewsPainting by Martin Donnelly's mother.
Dinghies are Pegasi (nominativus pluralis - Ratty non iratus erat).
adminOct 07, 2023

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