Tal-Handaq Nostalgia

Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.

Verdala 1960s122 viewsAn unusual aerial photo showing the whole of St Clement's Retrenchmentderrick calver
Vittoriosa from Verdala 98 viewsVittoriosa taken from Verdala rooftop, 1920sderrick calver
Verdala Sept 1971 (3)102 views"The Ditch" - a classroom in the old barracks looking very sorry for itself. I seem to remember it was a little better in 1958. As well as some classrooms there the Naval Stores Department (SNSO) still had stores there at the time.derrick calver
Verdala Sept 1971 (2)187 viewsMain Gatederrick calver
Verdala Sept 1971239 viewsderrick calver
Floriana Methodist Sunday School and RN bus, 1960208 viewsAbout six RN buses picked up from all over the island to take willing (and less willing) worshippers to Sunday School and Church every week. Parents could travel on the bus but quite a few vicariously preferred to pack the blessed lambs off by themselves. The Padre was an RN chaplain so was presumably able to persuade the transport garage to think of higher things.

Photo : unattributed - please advise admin if you know the owner.
Recognise anyone? Verdala 1954/5379 viewsAnne Richards writes "My mother, Mrs Margaret Cooke, was a teacher at Tal-Handaq in 1954 and transferred to Verdala in 1954/5. She must have left after my brother was born in August 1955. This photo was found amongst her papers and I believe it may be Verdala and would very much like to know whether anyone recognises themselves in the picture - probably 1954-5? My Mother is the teacher in the photo and the artwork on the walls is her work. Thank you."admin
Restoration of the Verdala "lantern"...257 views...by the Malta Restoration Directorate, 2020...

...but not yet on their WEBSITE

Another Verdala Memoir...222 views...by SUE ADAMS

Click on blue link (Sue Adams' name) and scroll to page ten if it doesn't land there.
Sports Days 1954 & 55 at St Andrew's Army School175 viewsStarring Bernard Derrickadmin
Army Children's School St Andrew's319 viewsSt Andrew's Army School.
Swimming Certificate Third Class.
Headmaster Mr A.S.D.Watson.
Military Brat
Boy in grey blazer 1952196 viewsNow identified as John Clark, TH 1947-1949 & 1952-1954.

(...not forgetting that there were still some junior classes at TH in 1957).

Primary children visit Ark Royal in GH 1973-4373 viewsNow known to be Luqa Primary thanks to Tamara Lewis (kneeling front left with finger in her mouth).

Photo : Brian Fairbotham
Verdala Bell-on-the-Well218 viewsCover to the deep well below the Verdala playground.

Sketch by Ken Woodhams.

Verdala website HERE
Tony Wise ©242 viewsContinuing the Verdala theme, this was painted by Tony Wise, Verdala staff member 1962-5. TW is mentioned by KEITH ALLEN in THIS EXTRACTadmin
Sheriff who?267 viewsNot a lot of people know this - but Keith Allen, star of stage and screen (at present playing in "Hogarth's Progress" as the older William Hogarth) - and of course Lily Allen's father- went to Verdala in 1960. His autobiog briefly describes his time in Malta (scroll down to chapter 3, page 40) -


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Royal Marines beating retreat Verdala 1966 (3)316 viewsExecuting "the wheel".

Viewed from the hall roof.

Copyright © Martin Powell
Royal Marines beating retreat Verdala 1966 (2)248 viewsTwo paces forward.

Copyright © Martin Powell
Royal Marines beating retreat Verdala 1966 (1)223 viewsOn the occasion of a member of staff leaving - Jack Ousbey

Copyright © Martin Powell
Coronation party 1953512 viewsCoronation school party at Verdala 2nd June 1953. Me bottom right half hidden by Union Jack. Younger Brother (now deceased) hiding behind hands. Both of us went on to Tal Handaq 58-61.2 commentsCrab
Dockyard Technical College517 viewsSelf with Godwin Bonnet outside one of the old rooms of the Dockyard Technical College 2016. Godwin was one of the apprentices taught by my father 1959-60.1 commentsMartin Powell
RAF Luqa School Choir, 30 May 1964471 viewsRAF Children's School Luqa. School Choir for TV Performance, 30 May 1964.pughcd
Verdala closes - 40 years ago680 viewsThe Dolphin & Eagle (forces families newspaper Malta) carried the following article on 30 July 1976, headed simply :-


"The Service Children's School Verdala closed on Wednesday 14 July, for the third time in its history. The Assembly held in the school that morning was therefore a rather special one for the children, staff, parents and guests. The Flag Officer Malta, Rear Admiral O.N.A. Cecil, accepted an invitation to be present and and kindly consented to present the awards.

For most of the forenoon a special signal hoist 'ZKJ2' was flying from the palm tree, meaning 'I am closing down this circuit'. A very sad moment arrived when that signal was executed at 1255"
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Rear Admiral Loram (Flag Officer Malta) Visit to RAF Luqa Primary School 1973838 viewsWith Headmaster Gordon Partridge (suit) and (?) Captain P O Stanley OiC Schools on right?Karl
RAF Luqa Primary School Oct 1973 pupils assembled690 viewsHarvest Festival Service 23 October 1973 with Rear-Admiral David Loram and staff in attendance.Karl
RAF Luqa Primary School536 viewsSchool visit on 9 Feb 1973 by Controller of SCEA Group Captain Angus McIntosh, accompanied by Captain Brierley OiC Schools.
Who is the teacher on the left? Gordon Partridge (Headmaster) on right.
RAF Luqa Primary School children 1972-73759 viewsTaken by my Father, Gordon Partridge, who was then Headmaster.Karl
TH from across the valley530 viewsPrefect
Verdala Old Entrance © 775 viewsSomewhat neglected.6 commentsPrefect
TH 2015443 viewsNot sure what this is about. Future development?Prefect
The Gym is still a Gym496 viewsPrefect
The Hall still stands484 viewsUsed as a storeroom.Prefect
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