Memoir   The Stubbs Family 1950s  from  Jane Banks                                      

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 Very sadly, Jane is no longer with us.    Donations in her memory may be made to St Catherine's Hospice 


                                        RNS Verdala school Uniform '53



















                                                                                   My Winter school uniform, shown off in Balluta Bay.  












  Balluta Bay Ironmongers 1952

My first job as a papergirl was here, folding up The Times of Malta for customers !

            The Lady on the left, Yani, passed away recently.       


 Graham wins his race at Sports Day at Marsa. '52 or 53.






The Stubbs family going home to the U.K. in '53 at the   Customs house .



    The Star of Malta aground at Dragonara on 29th July '55 , the day we arrived back

     on the Island. We stayed in the Adelaide Hotel Tower Road  where my Mum took

     the photo from the roof .








      Pic taken in '56 of a Sea Cadet rowing boat that had

      to be pulled  ashore cos it was a bit rough ! I'm

      certain it was Paradise Bay

      before the Hotel was built .











      Jane at Verdala sports day, it's the nearest

      I ever got to a track !








                                                                                        On the roof in party frock !










     Jane's 9th birthday party where we lived in Parallel Street, Sliema '56




































                     Graham with medals and trophies



 This photo was the start of my Boarding school  days in the U.K.'62.

  It shows my Mum and I with Daphne Lungaro Mifsud and her Mum

  and siblings  seeing us off back to School after the summer  hols in

  Malta. Daphne was to become Malta's Prima Ballerina and had much

  success with her dancing and Ballet school . Her daughter Theresa,

  has taken over and is a successful Choreographer and runs the

  Dance Warehouse in Gzira to this day .