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Tal-Ħandaq Nostalgia

Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.

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Tal Handaq
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Tal Handaq 40-50s (1947 - 1959)


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Tal Handaq 60s (1960 - 1969)


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Tal Handaq 70s (1970 - 1978)


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Staff (All periods)


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Music & Drama


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Next one 3rd Sept 2016 at Bath Uni. Email viv@dmeventservices.co.uk for info and to join reunion database or contact members.

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The Archive - Magazines, Documents, Memoirs, History.


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Other Service Schools and TH in Later Years


Verdala, Tigne, St Andrew's, Luqa, Mtarfa.

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Then & Now


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Royal Visit 1954


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Naval & Military


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Before Our Time


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5AG Christmas Party 19601110 viewsDavid Graham
Me on the extreme right,with John Melton in front (saw him last week). ? on my right, then Mike Shears, Mike Milne bending over. Susan Masters, Penny Woolcombe, Rosie (Fluff) Andrews in the white on the right. Chris Gibbins on the extreme left, with Mr Gallagher hidden to Chris's left.
3 commentsPrefect08/02/20 at 17:35admin: Thank you Bernard.
5AG Christmas Party 19601110 viewsDavid Graham
Me on the extreme right,with John Melton in front (saw him last week). ? on my right, then Mike Shears, Mike Milne bending over. Susan Masters, Penny Woolcombe, Rosie (Fluff) Andrews in the white on the right. Chris Gibbins on the extreme left, with Mr Gallagher hidden to Chris's left.
3 commentsPrefect08/02/20 at 11:09bernardhoctor : Two more names -On Ffluff Andrew's right is t...
Pieta 1958512 viewsLooks like an RFA ship.4 commentsvalerie easter/snowdon/07/27/20 at 18:08Antonio Portelli: Manoel Island Gzira creek

This book by The Army Children Archive’s founder, Clare Gibson, was published by Shire Publications Ltd in 2012.

Read parts online HERE

More on TACA including Malta (but sadly lacks a sorely-needed search facility).
2 commentsMartin Powell05/26/20 at 21:05Martin Powell: Just bought the book.

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A boy's eye view, 1950s - by Andrew McLeod34 views"The sand was so beautiful on Ramla beach that it was golden shading into red. There was no habitation there. You walked down a farm track through groves of bamboo to the beach. On the beach there is a statue of the Madonna on a pedestal. It carried a light or lantern on the top. There were few if any visitors. On some days the only person to visit the beach was a lamplighter who faithfully lit the Madonna’s light. As the evening light faded bats would swoop low over our campground. The trip was a success, except that our pet tortoise who we had taken with us, marched off into the bamboo groves, and may even be living there now after an interval of sixty something years."

Wallow in more nostalgia
HERE by Andrew.
adminJul 22, 2020
Congrats to Gillian and Trevor Ricketts. Fifty-five years of wedded bliss.37 viewsGillian writes - Today (3rd July) we are celebrating our EMERALD WEDDING ANNIVERSARY (55 years - I know!!!). Fortunately for Trev I am not a fan of expensive jewellery and I couldn't think of anything of anything green to give him so we have decided that, when Covid 19 departs (and it will), we will take a celebratory trip to the Emerald Isle!! It is strange that, having travelled a lot in our lifetimes, we have never been to Ireland. That will be something to look forward to. In the meantime we will celebrate the day with something alcoholic shared with good friends. Happy anniversary, darling Trev xxxxx Martin PowellJul 05, 2020
Magazines56 viewsLink to the magazine collection, all scanned by David "Prefect" Gerrard....

>>> HERE
adminJun 20, 2020
Washing Up in Malta61 viewsFrom the blurb - "Washing Up in Malta is about travel, coming of age, mothers and daughters. The lives of two women, Jessica and Grace, unfold across a century of change. Their particular journeys take them through Scotland, England, Germany, Africa, Bahamas, and Australia. Through it all, the place that punctuates their lives as a marker of home is the tiny island of Malta, at the centre of the Mediterranean Sea. Grace begins her journey here, and Jessica completes the circle by returning to Malta toward the end of her life."

Buy online or read for free HERE
adminJun 10, 2020

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Clan Ferguson Arriving HMAS Vengeance 1955 Skating 1954 Another one of Aunty Lou's truck  © Rockyvale Cafe Paceville RN Bedfords Monty at Luqa HMS Warden L-Għajn tal-Ħassielin. Msida. Hillman Minx Castille Square  © RN Sea Scouts row Lord Rowallan ashore from TS Egmont The Reserve Fleet Pongo Brats Airedale 
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