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Tal-Ħandaq Nostalgia

Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.

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Grenadier Guards 1950s715 views1 commentsPrefect
Upper Strait Street ©714 viewsThe reputed home of the School Club2 commentsPrefect
RN Hospital Bighi, Womens Ward, mid 60s. ©712 viewsjane banks
HMS Egmont712 views1912 - 1933Prefect
Wreck of the Bancinu712 viewsGozo Ferry 1950 -1957
Broke her moorings at Mgarr in a gale and was salvaged by RFA Uplifter.
HMS Courageous 1929711 viewsand lots of dockyard tugs.1 commentsPrefect
The Manderaggio711 viewsA hole dug in Valletta by the Order, intended as a dock but not completed, became a notorious slum until cleared in 1948 and replaced with Government housing.Prefect
Parallel Street Sliema mid 60s710 viewsjane banks
VJ Day at Verdala, 1945710 viewsLes Hutton/ Martin Powell
In the war years, Verdala was a POW Camp, Detention Centre, Transit Camp, Demob Depot.
4 commentsPrefect
HMS Polyphemus, Dockyard Creek, c1900.710 viewsThe third HMS Polyphemus was a Royal Navy torpedo ram, serving from 1881 until 1903. A shallow-draft, fast, low-profile vessel, she was designed to penetrate enemy harbours at speed and sink ships anchored in it. Designed by Nathaniel Barnaby as primarily as a protected torpedo boat, the ram was provided very much as secondary armament.Prefect
Strada Reale c1870710 viewsWith view to St Elmo Lighthouse.
Francis Frith. Museum Victoria.
Barriera Wharf 1935710 viewsand in the future!
The stone pillars once supported a wooden boardwalk which formed a barrier to segregate quarantined persons.
Marfa Palace Hotel © 710 viewsAnd Wied Musa Battery. As it was.Prefect
RAS off Malta709 viewsA Gannet overflies a Replenishment At Sea between HMS Centaur, RFA Tidepersil, and HMS Lagos.1 commentsPrefect
End of Patrol. 1950s.709 viewsPhill Rose4 commentsPrefect
Cambridge Battery Tigne709 viewsUnder construction 1870.
Martin Powell
H M S LION 1962 ©709 viewsalexander
Lazaretto Creek and HMS Talbot708 viewsPrefect
HMS Ricasoli 1947 -1958708 viewsSignal training, Cookery, Leadership, Rifle Range, Transit Depot & Lido.
The Army took over the fort but the Lido came under St Angelo.
Combined Ops707 viewsLanding in Mellieha Bay . Steam Pinnaces galore.6 commentsPrefect
L-Għajn tal-Ħassielin. Msida.706 viewsStill standing.
This quaint building was constructed in 1750 and funded by the Bailiff Philip Wolfgang de Gutenberg. The Għajn provided a source of water for the villagers, and would be used by housewives to wash clothes and vegetables. It is said that once the Msida fisherman, used to keep their fish fresh and alive in the water of the Għajn.
The Ferry - An early postcard706 viewsShowing the Police Station, creekfront houses and no Bisazza Street. Portsmouth United was a beer.Prefect
RFA Fort Duquesne705 viewsStores Issuing Ship
Away from her usual haunt in Pieta Creek
1 commentsPrefect
Empire Stadium, Gzira705 viewsPrefect
"Valletta Waterfront" - Pinto Wharf705 viewsThe storehouses of Manuel Pinto da Fonseca, later the empire of the SNSO, now hold a dozen restaurants.
Floriana Council are not happy with the name.
(At each store depot at home and abroad there is a Superintending Naval Store or Victualling Store, or Armament Supply Officer (S.N.S.O., S.V.S.O. or S.A.S.O.) Supplies for the Fleet. Page 12/127.
Msida Creek Summer 1966704 viewsTaken from the balcony of our flat, St Nicholas flats, Ta'Xbiex Wharf in the summer of 1966. I believe that the rough track at the front of those flats is now a main road over to Gzira! The rough ground in front of the flats was alive with aggressive black ants. Boy did I have fun with them.1 commentsChris Howells
Steam Past 2 May 1954704 viewsFirst to roar past at 21 knots was the 1st Cruiser Squadron, led by HMS GLASGOW (Captain B Bryant), wearing the flag of the C-in-C Mediterranean, Admiral The Earl Mountbatten of Burma. HMS GAMBIA (Captain P W Gretton), HMS BERMUDA (Captain G K Collett), HMS DELIGHT (Captain H J F Lane), HMS DARING (Captain E A Blundell) and HMS EAGLE (Captain D E Holland-Martin) wearing the flag of Flag Officer Heavy Squadron, Rear Admiral W T Couchman. On the Yacht’s port side, are the 1st Destroyer Squadron, HMS CHEQUERS (Captain R C M Duckworth) wearing the flag of Rear Admiral R D Watson, Flag Officers Flotillas, HMS CHEVIOT (Commander H E P Wilkin), HMS COMET (Commander R C Burton), HMS CHEVRON (Commander J J S Yorke) and HMS CHAPLET (Commander P N Howes); the 3rd Destroyer Squadron, HMS SAINTES (Captain D P Dreyer) and HMS BARFLEUR (Commander W G F Skelton); and ships of the 5th Frigate Squadron, HMS WHIRLWIND (Commander A R E Evans) and HMS ROEBUCK (Commander H J A Brooke). Either side now are ships of the Close Escort comprising the 2nd Frigate Squadron, HMS MERMAID (Captain A H C Gordon-Lennox), HMS MAGPIE (Commander J W Meadows), HMS PEACOCK (Commander J Wood) and the C-in-C’s despatch vessel, HMS SURPRISE (Commander G C Leslie) today wearing the flag of Vice Admiral J P L Reid, Flag Officer Second-in-Command, Mediterranean.1 commentsPrefect
HMS Wolfe 1945 - 1947 704 viewsPrefect
RAF Luqa 1956703 viewsPrefect
Malta Rivers703 viewsRead even more about them.Prefect
Grand Harbour 1966 ©701 viewsMy Dad informed me at the time that this was HMS Eagle. I will leave that to the Navy Buffs to correct or deny. All I do know is that I took this picture from the upper Barracca Gardens and my note on the back says Summer '66 so I would have been 12/13.13 commentsChris Howells
234 Signals Squadron Parade at Lintorn Barracks 701 views234 Signals Squadron, the last British Army Unit in Malta who moved to Mtarfa in July 1971 as Lintorn was handed over to the Government. (Photo is earlier).Prefect
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