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Tal-Ħandaq Nostalgia

Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.

Most viewed - Malta
Matelots at the Ferry 1950s758 views©Lesley Cole3 commentsPrefect
Ta'Xbiex 1960s758 viewsFrom a 1965 Calendar.5 commentsMartin Powell
Hotel Riviera/Martinique, Ghajn Tuffieha.758 viewsWas it ever that swish?2 commentsPrefect
Hell Boats 1970755 viewsThe Movie

Watch HERE
Valletta 1988754 views© Malcolm ShyklesPrefect
RNH BIGHI753 viewsD Ward Xmas 1917
Richard Ellis was one of the pioneers of photography in Malta and Ellis studios in Strada Reale, Valletta were popularly considered the epitome in professional and artistic excellence in the art of photography
Imperial Eagle 1970s752 viewsHer glory days past, having been displaced from the Marfa - Mgarr route by a Ro-Ro, she took over the freight route from Valletta from the Queen of Peace before eventually being laid up.16 commentsPrefect
Salvatore Gate752 viewsFacing Kalkara in the Cottonera Lines.
See recent photo.

1 commentsPrefect
Cottonera Hospital (Zabbar Gate)751 viewsDuring the First World War, like the Crimean War period, Malta served as a "Nurse of the Mediterranean". From the Gallipoli campaigns 2500 officers and 55400 troops were treated in the Maltese hospitals, while from the 1917 Salonika campaigns 2600 officers and 64500 troops were treated. The Valletta Station Hospital served as a sorting base for the wounded arriving in the hospital ships prior to their being transferred to the other 30 hospitals and camps scattered over the Islands. The Valletta Hospital itself was reserved for dangerously ill cases that could not be safely moved. The principal hospitals and camps used were the commissioned Naval and Military hospitals: Bighi Naval Hospital, Valletta Hospital, Cottonera Hospital, Forrest Hospital, Mtarfa Hospital (commissioned in 1912) and Chambray Convalescent Depot. Prefect
Light Jackstay Transfer749 viewsBetween Stubbington and Shavington
Weekend trip to Sicily. June 1960.
Alan Walker
The Light Jackstay using fibre ropes and lots of manpower was tested for loads of 500 Lbs.
The Heavy Jackstay with steel wire ropes and auto-tension winches could manage loads up to 2 Tons.
Not a lot of people know that - or probably want to!
HMS Olympus749 viewsA sonar scan showing the position of the submarine HMS Olympus on the seabed seven miles off the coast of Malta. Story here.Prefect
Dockyard Creek. Late 1800s748 viewsMartin Powell
Can anyone see the Verdala Palm Tree?
5 commentsPrefect
The Queen's old home in 2005746 viewsI DO hope the Queen didn't ask to visit her old home when she made her anniversary visit - she'd be devastated to see the state it's in. The roof of the flat where I lived in 1957 overlooked the lovely garden we've seen on TV recently. I went back to that area in 2005 after the Verdala reunion and was much saddened to see the Villa Guardamangia is now semi-derelict (note the shutters upstairs). This is happening to many beautiful old and historic buildings.

Hugh Satow is standing on the steps.
2 commentsOldBat
HMS White Bear 1946746 viewsSurvey Ship. Steam Yacht Iolanda sold to the Admiralty in 1940 for $5.
Sold on 1948 and scrapped 1958.
Toni Chetcuti
Postcard - Sepia shot late 1930s746 viewsCan anyone name the Criusers & date it accurately?
Batttleships Warspite & Malaya. Date 1938-9.
Netlayer Guardian and Carrier is Courageous or Glorious
7 commentsdeco.rise
HMS Euroclydon aka Verdala746 viewsComplete with Palm Tree
Les Hutton
1 commentsPrefect
Britannia May 1954 ©744 viewsPhoto: James Donald Bamber.1 commentsPrefect
HMS Flockton 1957744 viewsPrefect
St Paul's 1850s744 viewsJames Robertson/Felice Beato.
Built on the site of the Auberge d’Allemagne, the cathedral was designed by William Scamp and was built between 1839 and 1844. Queen Adelaide laid the foundation stone on 20 March 1839 and her banner hangs above the choir stalls.
HMS Cyclops 1935744 viewsEllis.
In Msida Creek where she resided from 1926-1938, with Regent, Regulus, Rover, Otway or Oxley, Shark & Sealion.
St Luke's is half built.
Zabbar Military Hospital - (Not)743 views It is clearly a different building from This One.
Its the Naval Canteen at Corradino. I shall never trust postcard captions again!
2 commentsPrefect
Farsons New Brewery742 viewsAt Mriehel, opened 1950.1 commentsPrefect
HMS Vulcan 1937742 viewsOriginally a trawler named Mascot and later Aston Villa before being purchased by the Royal Navy in 1936, and converted into a depot ship for coastal forces.
Gzira Church has yet to get its 2nd dome.
The Ark740 viewsProcedure Alfa1 commentsPrefect
RAF Siggiewi740 viewsComms relay stationPrefect
Outside 'A' or 'C' Block 1980 738 viewsThis picture was taken outside our old flat in the barracks at Tigne. I cannot remember if it was 'A' or 'C' block - it was right next to the slipway to the boathouse! My brother will correct me. Tigne remained much as it was in the sixties in 1980 - prior to any development. The Army buildings were occupied by Chinese Dock workers when this photo was taken, I recall the Maltese put them there as cheap accommodation..2 commentsNick Robinson
HMS Lion off Fort Manoel738 viewsProbably 1962.3 commentsPrefect
Manoel Island Cinema?737 viewsThe security man wouldnt let me go any closer.
Was this where the strains of "Good Old Fred" would be heard every time Mr Quimby's name rolled by in the credits?
7 commentsPrefect
Dragonara Palace c1910736 viewsBefore Paceville was thought of.Prefect
Tigne Caves Expedition 2010736 viewsOutside the caves / tunnels looking to Manoel Is, hardly changed.1 commentsMartin Powell
A plan of Grand Harbour.735 viewsShowing the Cottonera Lines. Circled is the St Clement's Bastion and Parade Ground which may be of interest to our Verdala viewers.3 commentsPrefect
Spinola 1870735 viewsThe statue of St Julian is still there.Prefect
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