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Tal-Ħandaq Nostalgia

Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.

Most viewed - Tal Handaq 70s (1970 - 1978)
Luqa 19781300 viewsThe school has closed, we are all on our way home.Kevin Perkin
The most beautiful Cathy Stephenson 1973 Kalafrana1297 viewsThis is a battered picture of Cathy. It is battered because I carried it while training for the military in 1974 and my mum threw all my negatives out! fifla1973
Ean Smith 19751291 views6th form roofHelmal
CCF camp Hal-Far 19761286 viewsCombined Cadet Force camp Hal-Far 1976.bmale22
Strange Netball Match 19741273 viewsSee morePrefect
CCF Camp Hal-Far 19761267 viewsCombined Cadet Force camp Hal-Far 1976bmale22
Luqa CCF1247 viewsCombined Cadet Force

Bernard Male
Derek Saunders & David Mounsey1242 viewsBalluta Rocks 1974Prefect
David Painter, Dale White, Warren Dew, Matthew Lee1230 views1977Prefect
The Bursar's Farewell 1977/81191 viewsSue DovePrefect
this is me age around 11 - CHRIS FAUX1187 viewsthis was taken around the time i was in malta5 commentscfaux
Tigullio Night Club 19741180 viewsSue Dearlove, Helen , HowardHelmal
Anyone you know?1166 viewsPrefect
Prize Winners 19771163 viewsWith Captain Law (OIC Schools) are :- 1A Mark Judd Lucy Reynolds IB William Geddis 1C Lorraine Wood ID Mark Flattery IE Jacqueline Edwards IF Richard Kane 2A Philip Hurley Julie Lewington
2B Mark Warner Jacqueline Merritt 2C Jane Gatenby 2D Jacqueline Glennon 2E Vivian Millar 2F Trevor Lucas 3A Louise Latham 3B Stephen Banks 3C Tracey Hall 3D Keith Le Quesne 3E Josette Vernon 3F Christopher Hills 4J Christopher Sampsor 4K Tracey Kenard 4L Susan Brooke 4M Jane Wright 5J Mark Gatenby Rosangela Mortimer 5K Michael Clark 5L Helen Lewington 6G Boys Matthew Lane, Gerard Tall 6G Girls Beverley Shaw L6 Penelope Davis U6 Anne Dowie Deborah Helliwell L6 David North
Sliema 19751132 viewsHelen, Sylvia Houghton, DebbieHelmal
Cathy Stephenson Kalafrana July 19731120 viewsCathy could run like the wind, swim like a fish, was supremely clever and of course very beautiful. We were together for 18 months.fifla1973
Len Moscrop and Cathy Stephenson Kalafrana 19731119 viewsThis was taken in July 1973 at the Sgt's mess part of Kalafrana beach club. Amazing that there were Officers' , Sgts' and other ranks' beaches. My Dad was a corporal, my best mate's Dad was a Flt Sgt and our Girlfriends' Dads were officers and believe it or not I was asked to leave the Sgt's' beach because of the rank of my Dad; no wonder I am a socialist!7 commentsfifla1973
Three girls in Valletta1118 viewsPhoto taken November 1973. I think one of them is called Diedre, another Cathy (my then girlfriend in the middle) and the third's name escapes me. I left the island the next day. 4 commentsfifla1973
Kevin Perkin and William Jefferson aka Jaffa 19771108 viewsOn the roof of my house Cart Wheel, Tal Papa Road, Birzebbuga Summer of 1977Kevin Perkin
Unpacking the School1097 viewsJuly 1972. Cdr Law assisted by a team of volunteers with 400 boxes. Full account now in the 1973 Magazine.4 commentsPrefect
Outside the wine Bar Sliema1074 viewsCarol, Helen, Debbie, Kathy, Sylv & the guy who owned the barHelmal
Helen, Hippy, Debbie, Sylv.1058 viewsSliema 1975Helmal
Safi Youth Club 19781055 viewsHeidi Hipperson and Debbie Smeeton2 commentsKevin Perkin
Prefects 19781054 viewsHEAD GIRL: Penny Davison DEPUTY HEAD GIRL: Patricia Ransom.
Jayne Barnes, Susan Bloom, Deborah Canham, Ella Chapman, Grace Graham, Angela Griffiths, Kim Hanns, Heidi Hipperson, Heather Merritt, Linda Moody, Rosangela Mortimer, April Morris, Susan Hewett, Maureen Simpson, Debbie Smeeton, Julie Stace, Anita Wardle, Belinda Young, Penny Davison, Patricia Ransom, Anne Dowie, Karen Hartley.
Cathy Stephenson and Len Moscrop November 19731042 viewsOur last trip to Valletta together. fifla1973
Stamp club1027 viewsComplete with spelling error.2 commentsPrefect
Prizewinners 19761015 viewsWith Captain P.O. Stanley, OIC Schools 1973-1976.Prefect
School field, March 19701006 viewsAnother from Teri.

Back L-R Bruce Woodcock, Ros Cary, Rosanne Knox

Front: Janie Ireland, Rina Demby Tayar, Gillie Pike
RAF Luqa Youthclub membership card.992 viewsThis is undated but from 1972 I think, so I assume my membership is current! Interestingly I never knew our address was 67 AMQ! fifla1973
Cathy Stephenson Kalafrana 1973978 viewsA budding model? Taken in July 1973 with my Kodak 25 camera! fifla1973
Safi Youth Club 1978969 views1 commentsKevin Perkin
Death by Domestic Science964 viewsFlag Officer Malta is entertained to lunch, 1973.Prefect
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