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Tal-Ħandaq Nostalgia

Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.

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Tal-Handaq school badge267 viewsMy old school blazer badgejimjoyner1Jun 06, 2013
299 viewsMy family and I boarding a RAF Comet 2 returning to the UK in October 1966jimjoyner1Aug 29, 2012
252 viewsMy family and I rolling down the runway on board the RAF Comet 2 bound for our return to the UK.jimjoyner1Aug 29, 2012
1003 viewsComet 2 taking off from RAF Luqajimjoyner1Aug 29, 2012
340 viewsThis is where we lived for most of our stay in Malta 'Maxim Flats' in Depiro St Sliema. We lived in the balcony far side second from the bottom just above the one with the external stairs. That was owned by the editor of the 'Malta Times' newspaper.jimjoyner1Aug 29, 2012
235 viewsMum Dad and Andrewjimjoyner1Aug 29, 2012
257 viewsMe and Mum in Gzira (I think) in 1964jimjoyner1Aug 29, 2012
255 viewsMum and Aunt Lil (visiting from UK) at Ghajn Tuffiehajimjoyner1Aug 29, 2012
243 viewsMe (standing) with younger brother Andrew at Ghajn Tuffieha beach probably 1966. I imaging it would have been one of the first colour photos we had taken.jimjoyner1Aug 29, 2012
226 viewsMe brother Andrew (in the middle) and friend Ralphjimjoyner1Aug 29, 2012
259 viewsMe and Dad waiting for the time delay on the camera (sat on a rock) to take the photo at Ghajn Tuffieha beach.jimjoyner1Aug 29, 2012
219 viewsMy Dad (James Douglas Joyner then Flt Sgt) at work as Air Traffic Controller at RAF Luqa tower in 1965/1966. jimjoyner1Aug 29, 2012
314 viewsDad taking out the washing in the back yard in Tarxien Rd Luqa Village; our first accomodation on arriving in Malta.jimjoyner1Aug 29, 2012
239 viewsMy Dad overlooking Balluta Bay, Sliemajimjoyner1Aug 29, 2012
210 viewsDad and younger brother Andrew at Ghajn Tuffeieha just before the huge climb up the steps to the car park after a day on the beach.jimjoyner1Aug 29, 2012
374 viewsMe diving off the cliffs at Delimara Point with younger brother Andrew looking on. 1965/1966jimjoyner1Aug 29, 2012
Jim Joyner830 viewsMe at the entry of our flats in Depiro St. Sliema just heading off to catch the school bus in Egmont Close in 1966. 1 commentsjimjoyner1Aug 17, 2012
Jim Joyner & Dad426 viewsjimjoyner1Feb 24, 2011
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