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Tal-Ħandaq Nostalgia

Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.

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Wembley Weather 433 viewsRAF Luqa during WW2derrick calverAug 13, 2022
Wembley Weather 325 viewsFrom 1971?derrick calverAug 13, 2022
Wembley Weather 225 viewsThe prices have changed since 1957 so this must be 1958/9 ?derrick calverAug 13, 2022
Wembley Weather 13 viewsA price list from 1957.
Oh those eskimo pies and the prices!
derrick calverAug 13, 2022
Verdala Sept 1971 (3)3 views"The Ditch" - a classroom in the old barracks looking very sorry for itself. I seem to remember it was a little better in 1958. As well as some classrooms there the Naval Stores Department (SNSO) still had stores there at the time.derrick calverAug 13, 2022
Verdala Sept 1971 (2)103 viewsMain Gatederrick calverAug 04, 2022
Verdala Sept 1971151 viewsderrick calverJul 28, 2022
Meadowbank Hotel 2196 viewsLook how Surfside has changed since the 1950s.derrick calverJul 21, 2022
Meadowbank Hotel154 viewsHotel before 1960s makeover. We and many other families stayed here on arrival in Malta.2 commentsderrick calverJul 15, 2022
Egmont Close 3163 viewsTaken Sept 1971 along St Ignatius Junction1 commentsderrick calverJul 04, 2022
Egmont Close / Galaxy 2139 viewsOriginal entrance to garages at Egmont Close.derrick calverJul 02, 2022
Egmont Close 1104 viewsLong gone, now the Galaxy.derrick calverJul 02, 2022
Paul Pond aka Paul Jones142 viewsI gave a copy of the 1957 Pirates photo (click blue link) to Paul at a concert - this is the back now signed by Paul - he had not seen it since 1957. He told me that although his brother Nigel aka Peter went to Tal Handaq he (Paul) remained in Portsmouth and only came out to Malta during the holidays. He did remember Joy!derrick calverJul 02, 2022
Tigne Beach entry prices 202286 viewsStill jointly run by Marsa ad Union Clubs after lying derelict for years.

Zoom in to read.

Photo : Monica Mazure (now WardMcNally)

See also Tigne Beach Gallery
adminJun 17, 2022
Uniform photos 1135 viewsBruce Williams writes : These photos were hanging on the wall of the Language Lab and were found by former deputy head of Liceo Vassalli, Marc Spiteri.
They're from the mid-seventies, showing correct summer dress length.
Left - Pat Ransom. Centre - Debbi Helliwell [Head girl 1976-77]. Right ??
See Purple Gallery at Bruce's TH BLOGSPOT
adminJun 02, 2022
Uniform photos 2115 viewsBruce Williams writes : These photos were hanging on the wall of the Language Lab and were found by former deputy head of Liceo Vassalli, Marc Spiteri.
They're from the mid-seventies, showing correct summer uniform (no badges, shirt hanging out - but long sox ??).
Left - Chris Snow. Centre - David North [Dep Head Boy 1976-77]. Right - Jez Taylor.
See Purple Gallery at Bruce's TH BLOGSPOT
adminJun 02, 2022
Their Royal Highnesses at the Dockyard Church 127 viewsPost-war venue. This closed when Baileys took over the yard in 1961.


Copyright © David Spear 2022
adminMay 17, 2022
Dockyard Church Malta85 viewsThis is the pre-war venue (in a tunnel !)

Sketch by war artist Leslie Cole. Copyright © IWM Art.IWM ART LD 3243
Photo : unattributed
adminMay 14, 2022
Tigne Point then and now176 viewsIn days of old when knights were bold,
Developers not invented;
The view serene, tower blocks unseen
And everyone contented.

Top photo : Edmund Ashman, ex-Tigne School 1950s
Bottom photo from internet search - unattributed

See also THIS ONE and comments beneath it.
adminMay 01, 2022
HMS Ark Royal135 views..... during a Royal Navy open day in Grand Harbour, 1959

Photo : unattributed
adminApr 16, 2022
Made in Malta - The Count of Monte Cristo, 2002176 viewsGood swashbuckling stuff, filmed 80% on location in Malta. Your admin has dived the treasure cave !

Full movie free HERE
adminApr 02, 2022
Combined Cadet Corps - Group photo RAF section 1976209 viewsGroup photo CCF RAF section Hal-Farbmale22Mar 13, 2022
Combined Cadet Corps - Exercise at Hal-Far 1976153 viewsCCF exercise at Hal-Far 1976. We were meant to arrive in landing craft and scale the cliffs but the weather was too bad, we trained the day before and had a fun day.bmale22Mar 13, 2022
Stamp cover to commemorate the 80th anniversary of Malta's George Cross109 viewsTo mark the 80th anniversary of Malta's George Cross BFPS has produced, in conjunction with the George Cross Island Association (GCIA), a commemorative cover to be issued on the 15th of April 2022.

The covers can be ordered from the BFPS online shop or by post by sending a cheque (payable to ‘BFPS CIC’) to BFPS, The Old Post Office, Links Place, Elie, LEVEN, KY9 1AX

Details HERE
2 commentsadminMar 12, 2022
TH Enterprise off Tigne barracks, 1968137 viewsRod Dewar at the helm, his brother Ian crewing.

Photo : Rod Dewar

See also THIS ONE

...and THIS ONE
adminMar 01, 2022
Floriana Methodist Sunday School and RN bus, 1960139 viewsAbout six RN buses picked up from all over the island to take willing (and less willing) worshippers to Sunday School and Church every week. Parents could travel on the bus but quite a few vicariously preferred to pack the blessed lambs off by themselves. The Padre was an RN chaplain so was presumably able to persuade the transport garage to think of higher things.

Photo : unattributed - please advise admin if you know the owner.
adminFeb 14, 2022
Cunard Hovercraft in Grand Harbour, 1967141 viewsBetween 24 February 1967 and 10 May 1967, Cunard's RMS Sylvania carried British Hovercraft Corporation's SRN-6 type hovercraft 024 on board during her cruises in the Mediterranean from Gibraltar. The BHC was trying to interest the governments of various countries bordering the Mediterranean in purchasing hovercraft, and to give government officials a practical demonstration of the hovercraft's capabilities. It was put into the water, using the ship's gear, at various ports and sent on demonstration runs. The hovercraft was not there to provide sight-seeing trips for cruise passengers, although occasional short trips for passengers were made 'around the bay' between the official runs. The venture proved unsuccessful and was not repeated.

Photo : Cunard Line
adminFeb 01, 2022
To remind us of warmer days - anyone we know? 1964220 viewsPhoto : Imperial War Museum © IWM TR 23169-2adminJan 13, 2022
It was fifty years ago today ...... Mintoff told the Brits "No way"305 viewsActually it was equally the other way round. See HERE

And see video clips HERE

...and HERE

adminDec 29, 2021
Painting 1966 by Mr Dickerson (Robert / Bob) for sale210 viewsAuction date 5 January 2022 details HERE

Sold for a measly £30
adminDec 26, 2021
Christmas Greetings from Gozo 2021193 viewsChristmas tree in Fontana made from 8,800 recycled plastic bottles.adminDec 18, 2021
Beach life375 viewsAnyone we know? See the film (and lots more) HERE

NB - on 2nd December the clip was not playing - now been fixed but pls let admin (Martin Powell) know if it seizes again.
adminDec 01, 2021
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