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Tal-Ħandaq Nostalgia

Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.

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Staff 19581068 views6 commentsPrefect02/22/21 at 23:19alexander: my 1 st year 1EG
Staff 1959784 views1 commentsPrefect02/22/21 at 23:18alexander: my 2nd year 2AM
HMS Theseus582 viewsTwo Tirrenia Line and the Star. Probably 1953.1 commentsPrefect02/22/21 at 22:42alexander: tugs RESPOND, ROYSTERER
A boat Grand Harbour697 viewsTaken from the deck of Devonia as she was leaving G.H. for the 1966 T.H. school cruise. We were on our way to Libya to pick up some American kids. So pre-Gaddafi when El Adem was still operational.10 commentsChris Howells02/22/21 at 22:21alexander: DIRECTOR as Faithful left in 1961
Admiralty Dredger St. Alban541 views1 commentsPrefect02/21/21 at 22:29alexander: she was dredging dockyard creek when her mooring w...
HMS Ark Royal 1955639 viewsCC License-Flickr1 commentsPrefect02/21/21 at 22:07alexander: with PAS Frosty alongside
HMS Cowdray 1945-6613 viewsOhio in the background.1 commentsPrefect02/21/21 at 21:53alexander: two vessels being compass swing
PAS Director 1967336 viewsAwaiting the arrival of an RFA, probably Tarbatness.
© CC Licence - BHS - Flickr.
1 commentsPrefect02/21/21 at 21:34alexander: i would love a copy of this one
HMS Silvia 1945289 viewsAlgerine Class2 commentsPrefect02/21/21 at 21:07alexander: H M T Expert in background if date correct this wo...
Daphne Wye1064 viewsOn her roof at Senglea.3 commentsPrefect11/11/17 at 08:57alexander: i stayed there in st josephes street 57/60 a crowd...
Strait Street (Strada Stretta) 1933777 viewsJohn Clark1 commentsPrefect05/24/13 at 14:26alexander: many a good nights bevy down here
Admiralty Tug Respond c1925556 views2 commentsPrefect05/24/13 at 14:24alexander: black hull white upper works buff funnel and masts
Winston Churchill636 viewsTouring the Dockyard 19431 commentsPrefect05/24/13 at 13:30alexander: used to walk through this tunnel from senglea to c...
HMS Courageous 1929693 viewsand lots of dockyard tugs.1 commentsPrefect05/24/13 at 13:27alexander: tugs roysterer,respond,then either cracker or rest...
The King504 viewsArriving in HMS Aurora, June 20 1943.
Associated Press.
Large tug Ancient or Robust, small tug Carbine.
1 commentsPrefect05/24/13 at 12:26alexander: small tug carbine
A boat Grand Harbour697 viewsTaken from the deck of Devonia as she was leaving G.H. for the 1966 T.H. school cruise. We were on our way to Libya to pick up some American kids. So pre-Gaddafi when El Adem was still operational.10 commentsChris Howells01/02/12 at 17:05alexander: Director as Faithful had already left for UK sever...
No 2 Dock 1960s602 viewsDirector Class Tug.1 commentsPrefect01/02/12 at 16:55alexander: either faithful left malta september 1961 or dire...
Corradino Canteen938 viewsOpened 1897, closed 1968. Damaged by bombing and only partly rebuilt. (As was). Once had 38 snooker tables, 200 seat restaurant and 1000 seat theatre. Continued as a trade school until demolished in 1975 to make way for the new dock.2 commentsPrefect01/02/12 at 11:34alexander: went here many times to the pictures ,shows and th...
Dockyard Creek 1954 © 543 viewsSpa Class water boat left.
Photo James Donald Bamber.
5 commentsPrefect01/02/12 at 11:15alexander: see the small ferry there as well it finished in 1...
Dockyard Terrace 1954 © 1020 viewsfrom the Victualling Yard gate.
Photo James Donald Bamber.
5 commentsPrefect01/02/12 at 11:12alexander: our flat top balcony on the right 1957/60 pauline ...
Military Bay 1958667 views2 commentsPrefect01/02/12 at 11:04alexander: i well remember this beach it used to have sand ba...
Fancy Dress Parade1017 viewsAt the Floriana Methodist Hall. Heather Marriott as tramp.1 commentsPrefect08/24/09 at 17:42alexander: they put bus trips on to the northern beaches most...
Tug awaiting RFA Amherst entering Grand Harbour - April/May 1960 ©552 views3 commentsdeco.rise08/06/09 at 14:05alexander: the tug is actualy the expert the sea giant had o...
HMS Tiger off Malta, Spring 1960 ©721 viewsShot taken from a tug by myself after having a day at sea on a Naval Exercise, together with HMS Ark Royal & HMS Scorpion ( pics available )3 commentsdeco.rise05/11/09 at 18:33alexander: tug one of three expert,sea giant or confiance
.. whilst the Bougainvillea takes over Block 1. ©488 views1 commentsPrefect05/11/09 at 18:26alexander: right hand steps to class 2am left hand steps up t...
Sheer Bastion (and Mrs Prefect) 2008518 views10 commentsPrefect02/20/09 at 17:33alexander: the dockyard tugs used to moor there
Senglea623 viewsAnd a full Dockyard Creek.
5 commentsJohn Kirby02/17/09 at 05:36alexander: i can see the balcony of the flat that i lived in ...
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