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Tal-Ħandaq Nostalgia

Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.

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Len Moscrop and Cathy Stephenson Kalafrana 19731119 viewsThis was taken in July 1973 at the Sgt's mess part of Kalafrana beach club. Amazing that there were Officers' , Sgts' and other ranks' beaches. My Dad was a corporal, my best mate's Dad was a Flt Sgt and our Girlfriends' Dads were officers and believe it or not I was asked to leave the Sgt's' beach because of the rank of my Dad; no wonder I am a socialist!7 commentsfifla197311/23/14 at 01:50cfaux: that bring back memory my dad was a flt sgt w...
Johnnie's Bar - Mosta659 viewsSeems popular. 8 commentsPrefect06/05/13 at 18:15cfaux: what year was this?.
Who is this? - Alastair Wreford1403 viewsKalafrana 1966-7.4 commentsKalabrat11/07/12 at 19:32cfaux: i live in brizebbugia and spend many fun day at ka...
New Barrakka Lift ©759 viewsDue to open next year.4 commentsPrefect07/08/12 at 18:58cfaux: i remember going down in the old barrakka lift.
Birżebbuġa or Birzebbugia in the 1960s765 views7 commentsPrefect04/26/12 at 19:00cfaux: to the left of the pic is st paul flat and if u wa...
Birżebbuġa or Birzebbugia in the 1960s765 views7 commentsPrefect04/19/12 at 19:15cfaux: i lived in the flats in that - 70s.
Cdr MF Law602 viewsHeadmaster 1970 - 19742 commentsPrefect10/07/11 at 19:35cfaux: i remmber sitting in his office with my mum in 197...
7Up Float478 views3 commentsPrefect09/28/11 at 19:38cfaux: that bring back memory
My Sister & Friends2889 viewsBirzebbuga beach 1971-2.
From cfaux.
10 commentsPrefect07/28/11 at 20:18cfaux: st paul's flats was just across from the chur...
My Sister & Friends2889 viewsBirzebbuga beach 1971-2.
From cfaux.
10 commentsPrefect07/27/11 at 21:02cfaux: my sister when to vardala as well. and yes kalafra...
My Sister & Friends2889 viewsBirzebbuga beach 1971-2.
From cfaux.
10 commentsPrefect06/05/11 at 19:40cfaux: we lived at st paul flats, also we must have been ...
this is me age around 11 - CHRIS FAUX1186 viewsthis was taken around the time i was in malta5 commentscfaux05/15/11 at 19:52cfaux: the pic is of me and my name is.( christopher faux...
Skating Pals, Tower Road, 57-58.768 viewsJane Stubbs and Friends. We all lived in and near Egmont Close, Depiro Street, Sliema.
© Jane Banks
4 commentsjane banks01/22/11 at 21:03cfaux: I have a pair of skates just like those. used to w...
Was this your School Bus?365 views3 commentsPrefect09/11/10 at 19:19cfaux: did the school bus had tal-handaq name on the bus....
Fun at Tigne496 viewsMy brother Tony (he went to Maidstone Grammer not TH) and I having fun in the tidal pool at Tigne. Must have been a school holiday for Tony to be there. He thinks Xmas 1965/66 and I plumped for Easter 66.3 commentsChris Howells04/29/10 at 20:19cfaux: i to went swining at xmas but only when it was goo...
Beware ! Jellyfish !466 viewsDid we use vinegar ? 1 commentsjane banks04/27/10 at 21:17cfaux: we did as i found out loll
Kalafrana Beach club.1016 viewsSummer 1966, I had a canoe and used to paddle all around this area. But that was in 1967 a year later before Dad was posted back to the UK.8 commentsChris Howells04/27/10 at 21:14cfaux: i had a canoe and done the same as u loll
Pretty Bay April 2010.528 views1 commentsjane banks04/25/10 at 20:31cfaux: remember when all of that was water, it change ove...
Verdala Entrance 2009 ©717 viewsMartin Powell11 commentsPrefect11/26/09 at 20:19cfaux: we were r.a.f and i think my sister went to this s...
Verdala Entrance 2009 ©717 viewsMartin Powell11 commentsPrefect11/25/09 at 20:42cfaux: my sister was 10 when were in malta in 1971 was th...
Kalafrana 1933723 views1 commentsPrefect09/03/09 at 20:00cfaux: i remember this as the family club as i went swini...
Kalafrana, Summer 1961 - Parents1115 views2nd left is Bill Day, cannot recall the others. Great shot across the bay.3 commentsdeco.rise06/21/09 at 12:36cfaux: i spend most off my summer swining and jumping of ...
Pretty Bay, Birzebbuga652 viewsPostcard2 commentsPrefect05/27/09 at 14:02cfaux: what year was this?.
Future Barrakka Lift819 viewsThe lift that connected Lascaris Wharf and Upper Barrakka in Valletta more than four decades ago will be rebuilt and completed before March 2011. (Times of Malta)9 commentsPrefect04/14/09 at 21:29cfaux: i remember the old lift which was thier in the ear...
John Day, Kalafrana Summer 19611294 viewsBlue sea, sky etc. Why did we come home to rain?4 commentsdeco.rise09/16/08 at 19:36cfaux: sorry it should have been 3 stars, anyway I spent ...
Marsaxlokk Panorama512 views3 commentsPrefect07/22/08 at 19:56cfaux: is that the jette were the diving board was when i...
School Disco at Kalafrana2381 viewsSteve Rippon, Linda Moody et al.1 commentseansmith11/05/07 at 20:07cfaux: was this pic taken in the club at kalafrana. was i...
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