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Tal-Ħandaq Nostalgia

Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.

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Me April 19591850 views...but does anyone know where this is?1 commentsvalerie easter/snowdon/04/27/18 at 12:28Sheila Evans: I only know where it is not.
My Mum overlooking Mellieha Bay 195813332 viewsUnspoilt view.1 commentsvalerie easter/snowdon/04/27/18 at 12:25Sheila Evans: Nice one of your mum Val and I remember that dress...
Me in Maroni Street Gzira on the roof 1959684 views1 commentsvalerie easter/snowdon/04/27/18 at 12:21Sheila Evans: Happy days, good friends and great music.
Chadwick Lakes 1958529 views1 commentsvalerie easter/snowdon/03/11/18 at 15:53Sheila Evans: I never went there back in the school days.
The new Triton Fountain 1959477 views1 commentsvalerie easter/snowdon/03/11/18 at 15:50Sheila Evans: Nice to know it has been restored and looks lovely...
HMS Forth at Christmas 1958505 views1 commentsvalerie easter/snowdon/03/11/18 at 15:45Sheila Evans: The Forth was great with all her lights on at Chri...
Pieta 1958586 viewsLooks like an RFA ship.4 commentsvalerie easter/snowdon/03/11/18 at 15:40Sheila Evans: HMS Ausonia Val.
Paradise Bay 1958 632 viewsAbove Paradise Bay with the gang 1958. L-R Sheila Weekes, Cliff Payne, Freda Payne's brother, Margaret Polkinghorne, Me, and Ronnie Fenech whose uncle used to drive the bus. He now lives in Winchester!!! He is my FB friend.2 commentsvalerie easter/snowdon/03/11/18 at 15:36Sheila Evans: We are still going strong Val, Maggie and myse...
3BG 19581110 views1 commentsRubia06/23/14 at 18:18Sheila Evans: I remember Pat Jones in the summer uniform but I d...
Valerie's Party805 views1 commentsRubia06/23/14 at 18:16Sheila Evans: Sue, Valerie and Pat, I don't know the other ...
Valerie Easter600 viewsMy GCE identity photo March 7th 1959.1 commentsPrefect06/23/14 at 18:02Sheila Evans: ~Well done Val and you haven't changed at all...
Fond Ghadir 1964913 viewsPostcard. Across from the Meadowbank.
Translation may be "bottom pool" or "deep pool". Other offers welcome.
11 commentsPrefect10/02/10 at 14:26Sheila Evans: Sorry Martin but I think not. Sandy and Jill were...
Fond Ghadir 1964913 viewsPostcard. Across from the Meadowbank.
Translation may be "bottom pool" or "deep pool". Other offers welcome.
11 commentsPrefect10/02/10 at 12:55Sheila Evans: Thank you Milkmonitor, have just noticed your post...
Paradise Bay442 views1 commentsSheila Evans10/02/10 at 12:50Sheila Evans: 1959 and memories are sweet from there, never forg...
Paradise Bay470 views1 commentsSheila Evans10/02/10 at 12:48Sheila Evans: This was a friends photo and I never noticed until...
Rockyvale760 views5 commentsSheila Evans10/02/10 at 12:46Sheila Evans: RIP Rockyvale. Photo taken in August 1959.
Kingsway537 views3 commentsSheila Evans10/02/10 at 12:44Sheila Evans: Post card bought in 1959.
The Green Hut650 views2 commentsSheila Evans10/02/10 at 12:43Sheila Evans: Post card bought in 1959.
Grand Harbour410 views1 commentsSheila Evans10/02/10 at 12:43Sheila Evans: Post card bought in 1959
Balluta444 views1 commentsSheila Evans10/02/10 at 12:42Sheila Evans: Post card bought in 1959.
Rockyvale Cafe Paceville614 viewsSite of Rockyvale today.3 commentsrobinwilliams10/02/10 at 12:38Sheila Evans: Not many seem to remember Rockyvale but I think we...
Triton Fountain, Kingsgate468 viewsTaken on 'opening' day which I think was 1953 to co-incide with QE2 Coronation ?3 commentsrobinwilliams10/02/10 at 12:36Sheila Evans: That opened up while we were there Rob. Nice phot...
St Anne's Square April 2010.549 viewsView looking out across Sliema Ferries from the Old Magic Kiosk site .Wow look at the water spouts ! 8 commentsjane banks10/02/10 at 12:30Sheila Evans: That's not water spouts, they are tears of lo...
HMS Undaunted557 viewsOperated out of Malta during Cyprus Patrol Duties 1959/60.
1 commentsrobinwilliams09/29/10 at 19:16Sheila Evans: She was special to many people.
St Ann's Square439 views2 commentsrobinwilliams09/27/10 at 16:13Sheila Evans: I liked it best when we were there, with the umbre...
Mr Ron Tierney614 viewsStaff 1956 - 1965
See1965 Magazine
5 commentsPrefect09/27/10 at 15:45Sheila Evans: Lovely man, I wish I had listened to him.
Sue Reed597 views2 commentsRubia09/27/10 at 15:43Sheila Evans: Nice one Sue, you still have lots more to put on. ...
Pat Jones 3BG 1959507 views1 commentsRubia09/27/10 at 15:39Sheila Evans: Nice one of Pat, I hope she thinks so too.
Sue Reed Confirmation530 views1 commentsRubia09/27/10 at 15:38Sheila Evans: A bit before I met you Sue.
Rocky Vale 1959503 viewsGary and Jean ?3 commentsrobinwilliams09/26/10 at 13:38Sheila Evans: May be Jean Miles?
Margaret Polkinghorne's 15th birthday party1234 viewsMore names needed.5 commentsSheila Evans08/15/10 at 10:48Sheila Evans: Must have been 1959, Margaret is still fine but no...
Sheila Weekes and Lorraine Eaton 1959724 views1 commentsSheila Evans09/29/09 at 18:07Sheila Evans: Sheila Weekes and Lorraine Eaton 1959 . Lorraine ...
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