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Tal-Ħandaq Nostalgia

Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.

Officers' Mess, Tigne507 viewsThe remaining wall overlooking the "preservation" of "Fort" Cambridge. They left a couple of feet of rock that could surely have been removed. 2 commentsMartin Powell
Sergeants' Mess, Tigne Barracks568 viewsJust the facade and clock tower remains (minus clock). Now a housing and holiday apartment complex. October 2009. 3 commentsMartin Powell
"Fort" Cambridge, Tigne (Cambridge Battery)543 viewsDevelopment taking place to within a few inches. October 2009. Compare with the advertising poster.Martin Powell
Cambridge Battery moat, Tigne567 viewsDevelopment taking place to within a few inches. October 2009. Compare with the advertising poster.3 commentsMartin Powell
Tigne - A Vision of the Future434 viewsPerhaps - will it ("Fort" Cambridge) really look like this? Or will more tower blocks be in the way? A bit of exaggerated perspective too. Martin Powell
Tigne Garrison Chapel. October 2009523 viewsMaybe another preservation order. Now an estate agent premises, but only discreet a sign (out of shot) to say so. Martin Powell
A Majestic Fountain589 viewsVertical water is now the only refreshment to be had - and probably not safe to drink either. Oct 2009.Martin Powell
Distilling Plant - Sliema Ferry - October 2009 ©999 viewsUnder a preservation order? Used to contain a printing press in the 60s, now used as offices. (Not sure I would want to drink water from Sliema Creek even if thrice distilled).22 commentsMartin Powell
Fort Manoel Refurb494 views6 commentsrobinwilliams
Fort Manoel Refurb411 views1 commentsrobinwilliams
Fort Manoel Refurb373 views1 commentsrobinwilliams
Birthday Party c1952434 viewsPhill Rose
A Rose among thorns?
1 commentsPrefect
Tigne Point & Manoel Island Project .363 viewsThis billboard photo was taken in 2007 .It was on Manoel Island bridgejane banks
Tigne point 2010. still room for more buildings.944 viewsTwo boats .. who has right of way ?10 commentsjane banks
City Gate,Valletta. April 2010.411 viewsThis entrance will be rebuilt as part of the Valletta Regeneration programme.Completion date is set for 2013.2 commentsjane banks
City Gate looking out towards Floriana 2010303 viewsSoon to be pulled down and a new entrance built .jane banks
Dghajsa regatta 2010 in The Grand Harbour357 viewsSenglea were the overall winners.1 commentsjane banks
Marsaxlokk 2010351 viewsjane banks
Manoel Island Restoration .April 2010 (2)470 viewsThis is a better view of the work being carried out . The little cabin cruiser is called 'Gloria' !12 commentsjane banks
Tigne Point April 2010.730 viewsTigne Development project.April 2010.10 commentsjane banks
Tigne Beach 2009 (2)470 viewsDeserted in late September. Water was still warm. 2 commentsMartin Powell
Tigne Beach 2009528 viewsAnother one for CH. 2 commentsMartin Powell
Fun at Tigne500 viewsMy brother Tony (he went to Maidstone Grammer not TH) and I having fun in the tidal pool at Tigne. Must have been a school holiday for Tony to be there. He thinks Xmas 1965/66 and I plumped for Easter 66.3 commentsChris Howells
Surrender to my demands for more pocket money395 viewsTo balance things a bit from my point of view, my Dad, Fl Lt HS 'Ron' Howells, and I were on a wander around Valetta. This would have been 1966 I think. There is, somewhere, the opposite where he is on the gun and I have my hands up. Carry on Malta?Chris Howells
Ricasoli 2009405 viewsEntrance unchanged since CH's 1966 shot. No entry to the film set behind where scenes for Gladiator and Troy were shot, among others. Another very quiet family picnic spot (the Powells never bumped into the Howells).1 commentsMartin Powell
Beware ! Jellyfish !471 viewsDid we use vinegar ? 1 commentsjane banks
Balluta Bay 2010537 viewsPaceville certainly changed since the 50s .taken from Plaza Hotel , Balluta Bay1 commentsjane banks
A Fort South of Grand Harbour.475 viewsEarly 1966, my Oldbat; my much missed Mother. We were fascinated by the 'Barley Sugar' Columns either side of the gate.
(Now identified as Fort Ricasoli).
Chris Howells
Kalafrana Beach club.1034 viewsSummer 1966, I had a canoe and used to paddle all around this area. But that was in 1967 a year later before Dad was posted back to the UK.8 commentsChris Howells
Msida Creek Summer 1966706 viewsTaken from the balcony of our flat, St Nicholas flats, Ta'Xbiex Wharf in the summer of 1966. I believe that the rough track at the front of those flats is now a main road over to Gzira! The rough ground in front of the flats was alive with aggressive black ants. Boy did I have fun with them.1 commentsChris Howells
Getting ready to build the New Barracca lift .April 2010.1995 viewsThe super yacht The Maltese Falcon is in the background. believed to be owned by Mr Google .5 commentsjane banks
Preparing to build the New Barracca Lift667 viewsjane banks
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