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Tal-Ħandaq Nostalgia

Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.

No sign of the new lift yet.465 viewsCustoms House seems to be getting a refurb.Prefect
Fort Pembroke822 viewsBuilt 1878. Now housing a school which pinched a name.1 commentsPrefect
"Valletta Waterfront" - Pinto Wharf708 viewsThe storehouses of Manuel Pinto da Fonseca, later the empire of the SNSO, now hold a dozen restaurants.
Floriana Council are not happy with the name.
(At each store depot at home and abroad there is a Superintending Naval Store or Victualling Store, or Armament Supply Officer (S.N.S.O., S.V.S.O. or S.A.S.O.) Supplies for the Fleet. Page 12/127.
Fort Ricasoli Brennan Torpedo Station460 viewsDirecting station for the Brennan torpedo on top of Fort Ricasoli taken in 1995.David
Fort Ricasoli Brennan Torpedo Station531 viewsView of the slipway and station buildings taken in 1995. The station extends beneath the fort.David
Fort Ricasoli Brennan Torpedo Station455 viewsLaunching slipway for the torpedo taken in 1994. The fixings on the wall above the slipway are for the girder and rack on which the travelling carriage ran.David
Fort Ricasoli Brennan Torpedo Station621 viewsLanching slipway for the Brennan Torpedo taken in 1994.1 commentsDavid
Brennan Torpedo Store at Fort Ricasoli540 viewsInterior of the Brennan Torpedo installation at Fort Ricasoli. In the background is the entrance to the spiral stair up to the parade at Fort Ricasoli. When I visited in 1996 it had been filled with rubble tp prevent accessDavid
Brennan Torpedo Launch Rails at Ricasoli453 viewsThis is the Slipway for launching the Brennan Torpedo from the Ricasoli Station taken in 1996.David
St Paul's Bay 2009435 viewsAs it once was.Prefect
Anglo Maltese League803 viewsIn Merchants Street. Now a restaurant, formerly a club.2 commentsPrefect
Our Lady of Sorrows - Pietà441 views Compare & Contrast
The tree has survived if not the fountain.
Works in progress at City Gate489 viewsPrefect
Roman Baths at Ghajn Tuffieha872 viewsClosed, overgrown and no sign of any conservation, so was unable to do a comparison with this.4 commentsPrefect
Winch Room989 viewsRail tracks misaligned with doorway confirming suggestion of earlier use? Brennan Torpedo?12 commentsPrefect
More Tigne Relics652 views1 commentsPrefect
Bisazza Street Sliema607 viewsVery pleasant without the diesel fumes. Unfortunately some of the ceramic statues having tea outside the former Plaza were decapitated that night. Times of MaltaPrefect
Winch engine - ripe for restoration.730 viewsBut diesel not steam, sorry folks.3 commentsMartin Powell
Tigne Swimming Pool601 viewsAuto filling system1 commentsPrefect
The hole in the cave roof600 viewsAt this rate I will have to start a new album just for Tigne.4 commentsPrefect
How to get to tunnels (2)619 viewsThe main steps here behind the sloping wall have been nicely restored. These were the steps opposite the families Naafi shop.9 commentsMartin Powell
How to get to Tigne Tunnels637 viewsThe steps lead from the new walkway opposite the Chop House restaurant, after you clamber across the flowerbeds, ignoring the Keep Off notice! Presumably when the development is finished and the beach opened, the tunnels will be closed off.3 commentsPrefect
The spirit was willing but the flesh was too big.534 viewsCorporal - call out de guard! Dose English boys from Tigne Street trespassin again.Martin Powell
Round Tower - open.417 viewsMartin Powell
Inside round tower475 viewsWe got in from the caves below, only to find the front door wide open!3 commentsMartin Powell
Inside winch room683 viewsWe could never see it like this by candlelight (entry from inside caves).2 commentsMartin Powell
Winch for boom defence672 viewsA tad rusty, but it has had 70 years exposed to the salt (although the doors were locked in our time). But Prefect took his wire brush this year and polished it all up.7 commentsMartin Powell
View from winch room551 viewsWhat ran on the tracks? Brennan Torpedo ammo?4 commentsMartin Powell
Breakwater view396 viewsDifferent entrance - there are plenty.Martin Powell
Valetta from inside caves.568 views(I prefer the old spelling).7 commentsMartin Powell
Man with pipe670 viewsMiner's lamp an improvement on candles. No canary though.3 commentsMartin Powell
Tide was in - or climate change?496 viewsWe seldom used to get our feet wet!Martin Powell
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