Memoir Anita Sackett  1946 - 1948                                              

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   Blazer badge

   Worn on grey blazer.    

  In summer Girls wore blue and white gingham dress

  with straw sun hat.





                                                                                         Anita as a Brownie


                                                               Brownies were held after school at the Dockyard

                                                                School, Tal Handak.  Mum met me from the school

                                                                 bus in Valletta. Afterwards we had tea & Wembley ice

                                                                 cream - for a treat.

                                                                My uniform is white drill which my mother made.

                                                                (She couldn't afford the winter brown uniform).

                                                                In summer we wore straw hats, in winter - brown berets.






    At the Barracca Gardens overlooking the harbour.

   I wore this skirt for school sports day at Kalafrana.

   I was in Nelson House (red).








                                                 My sister Virginia & I at our house in Halfar on

                                                  the edge of the aerodrome. Opposite was the

                                                  Naval Sick Bay.




     Report 1946


















                                                                           Report 1947


















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