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Tal-Ħandaq Nostalgia

Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.

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Sliema 1959702 viewsSunny Micallef, Susan Finch, John Finch.
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Form 2A2 19742355 viewsLynn Mentiply.
Back (L-R): Lawrence Richards, Andrew Ball, David Franklin, Steven Barratt, Paul Thomas (hidden), Andrew Dearlove, Steven Burton, Martin Dunn, David ?, Alan ?, Raymond Eddie
Middle: Jane Stubbings, Debbie Humphreys, Pauline Hillier, Janet Hall, Helen Gough, Rosalind Douglas, Consuelo Gelsthorpe, Yvonne Wilson, Mandy King, Rona Macallum, Jane Arbuthnot
Front: Bridget Cartwright, Sara Loudon, Tina Burton, Mr P.A. Allen, Kim Branch, Tonia Steele, Lynn Mentiply
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From the archives - 50 years on.173 viewsThe name of the school was changed from RNS TH to SCS TH in 1969 (Service Children's School), though it continued to be administered by the Royal Navy. All other service schools in Malta then came under the remit of the RN, Captain HC Malkin (Headmaster 1966 - 1970) being appointed the first OiC Service Schools, Malta & Naples.

Photo : Evan Potts
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The Common Room website....249 views....is archived HERE (2006)

...and HERE (2013)

...and the links still work (mostly) !!
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Spinola 1870662 viewsThe statue of St Julian is still there.Prefect55555
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Viscounts at Luqa405 views1 commentsPrefect55555
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Ford V8 2890447 viewsAt the Ferry after the colour change.Prefect55555
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President Roosevelt with Lord Gort at Luqa427 views8 December1943. " FDR left his plane, entered a jeep, and proceeded to a nearby area where a guard of honor rendered honors and the Stars and Stripes was hoisted nearby. This was the first time the US national ensign had ever been officially raised on Malta. Lord Gort presented various officers and local officials to FDR. FDR then addressed the crowd."Prefect55555
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Visit Of King Edward VII 1903516 viewsFloriana, up from Port des Bombes.
Railway Viaduct at right.
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St Angelo 1967517 viewsFort St AngeloMartin Powell55555
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Kathy - Pauline - Jill1047 viewsThey havn't changed a bit!Prefect55555
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Ancient 1948469 viewsBuilt 1915 as Veteran. Renamed 1918. Based Malta until sold in 1953.Prefect55555
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Wembley Ice Cream574 viewsFactory at Gzira opened 1937.Prefect55555
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Bus No.3. Thorneycroft. c1905424 viewsImported by Malta Motor Bus & Transport Syndicate Ltd.Prefect55555
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Winch engine - ripe for restoration.711 viewsBut diesel not steam, sorry folks.3 commentsMartin Powell55555
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Winch for boom defence645 viewsA tad rusty, but it has had 70 years exposed to the salt (although the doors were locked in our time). But Prefect took his wire brush this year and polished it all up.7 commentsMartin Powell55555
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Tigne School, Malta, Tue 1st Aug 1989 ©506 viewsDavid Robinson55555
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John Wilson 1954639 viewsDiving off Bighi Rocks.
RFA War Hindoo beyond.
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HMS / HMT Brigand726 viewsRescue Tug operating out of Malta with mainly Maltese Crew.
Built 1937. Paid off 1960 after 22 years Med service.

Story HERE
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Smoker's Paradise!477 viewsAd from Punch 19561 commentsPrefect55555
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Diving School 1956 - 57768 viewsHMS Phoenicia, Manoel Island.3 commentsPrefect55555
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Destroyers in Sliema Creek1011 viewsRMA Mess on Tigne Street, foreground. LSTs far right.
7th Destroyer Sqn. Probably 1962. HMS Trafalgar, Dunkirk, Jutland, Aisne or Corunna?, Broadsword and Scorpion.
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The old Vernon Club595 viewsNow the Central Bank.
Eric Hartley
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Old King Cole1348 viewsMalcolm ShyklesPrefect55555
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Charlie The Policeman No 580 , Balluta Bay 1952. ©820 viewsI was caught in posession of a skipping rope !
Jane Banks
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Class 3c 19581320 viewsFrom Dot Hicks. The class teacher was Miss Knight. I am second from the left as you look at the photo. Mary Henderson is on my right, Freida Payne is on her right. Next is Belma Aytek a Turkish girl and the last girl I think was called Eileen.2 commentsPrefect44444
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Sliema Wanderers Training Pitch602 viewsOn top of The Point. Taken a couple of years ago, that bit is finished now.1 commentsPrefect44444
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The Point, Tigne Street Entrance.566 viewsIs this where the Guardroom was?1 commentsPrefect44444
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Mellieha Beach in Winter917 viewsPaul Lovell
Black jeans were compulsory.
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Spike1148 viewsMalcolm Hill3 commentsPrefect44444
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Light Jackstay Transfer724 viewsBetween Stubbington and Shavington
Weekend trip to Sicily. June 1960.
Alan Walker
The Light Jackstay using fibre ropes and lots of manpower was tested for loads of 500 Lbs.
The Heavy Jackstay with steel wire ropes and auto-tension winches could manage loads up to 2 Tons.
Not a lot of people know that - or probably want to!
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The Ark722 viewsProcedure Alfa1 commentsPrefect44444
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