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Tal-Ħandaq Nostalgia

Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.

Top rated - Tal Handaq 40-50s (1947 - 1959)
Form 3A 19511357 viewsPrints available from Malcolm Shykles.Prefect55555
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Sliema 1959744 viewsSunny Micallef, Susan Finch, John Finch.
(See Guestbook)
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John Wilson 1954685 viewsDiving off Bighi Rocks.
RFA War Hindoo beyond.
1 commentsAnn Ross-MacDonald55555
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Elizabeth Allen808 viewsWinter uniform 1957-8.
Marie Allen
Marie Allen55555
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Old King Cole1422 viewsMalcolm ShyklesPrefect55555
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Class 3c 19581420 viewsFrom Dot Hicks. The class teacher was Miss Knight. I am second from the left as you look at the photo. Mary Henderson is on my right, Freida Payne is on her right. Next is Belma Aytek a Turkish girl and the last girl I think was called Eileen.2 commentsPrefect44444
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Spike1199 viewsMalcolm Hill3 commentsPrefect44444
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Tal Handaq at Delimara 19561681 viewsjane Banks
Back Row: Dave Edwards. ?. ?. Stan Hill. ?. Jack Stubbs. ?. Roddy Robertson. Taffy Lewis. ?. David Muckart.
Middle Row: ?. ?. Sue Cole. Anne James. Lesley Cole. Norma Leask.
Seated: Jill Watson-Liddel. Jenny Church. Rosemary Richards. ?. Jenny Mclaren. ?. ?.
1 commentsPrefect44444
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2010 viewsTal Handak Class 1DG 1958 - 1959

Lt. Cdr. Law
12 commentsBillPutman44444
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Roller skating at Rocky Vale980 viewsDiana Dick, John Knight, Alec Downs and Robin Palmer5 commentsjknight44444
(2 votes)
Me April 19592150 views...but does anyone know where this is?1 commentsvalerie easter/snowdon/44444
(3 votes)
Sliema Rooftop 19561504 viewsL-R. ?, Norma Leask, Mrs Cole, Lesley Cole, Sue Cole.
Front. Peter Reynolds. Anyone know where he is?
Someone would like to know!
2 commentsPrefect44444
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Swimming Sports 21289 viewsLesley Cole7 commentsPrefect44444
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More names wanted1779 viewsMalcolm Hill2 commentsPrefect44444
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RSA Class 1959.2330 views I am on the right bottom row. Pauline Green is behind me. Geraldine Noller is to my right. Also in the class, is Dawn Fear, Patsy Glover, Heather Hollows, Leslie Leathers, a girl called Kim ? and Rosemary ? and Angela ? Help Please. The form teacher was Mr Stanley.

Photo - Valerie Easter.
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Fancy Dress party '57 attendees .838 viewsThese signatures are from the original photo. Thank you Spike for all your help with names !jane banks44444
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May Mahood825 viewsEarly 1950sPrefect44444
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Guides late 40s917 viewsJohn Clark1 commentsPrefect33333
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Trip to Sicily/Mount Etna 12 April '571089 viewsLeader Mr Basil Cleaver.
An account of this trip can be found in the R N School Magazine '57
jane Banks
Link to Account
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Staff Photo in front of School Hall 1959?1476 views5 commentsjknight33333
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Sheila Weekes1064 viewsAt the Meadowbank1 commentsSheila Evans33333
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Fancy Dress Parade1035 viewsAt the Floriana Methodist Hall. Heather Marriott as tramp.1 commentsPrefect33333
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Fancy Dress '57 ?1483 viewsTop left,Gail Taench, unknown male, Sheila Grimwood, Graham 'Jack' Stubbs, Geoff Day, Craig Love, Liz Wilkinson, Gordon Campbell.
Front row, Jill Wicken, Bob Trott, Val Bevins, Robin Palmer, unknown girl, and Viv Paynter.
Thanks to Spike Walton for providing names of party goers.
5 commentsjane banks33333
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2AG 1959928 viewsPeter Bentley, Pat Ellis (she did have two legs), Susan Oxford, Roger Knight.
Pam Gard
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Fancy Dress Pirates Party '57 1485 viewsFrom l-r back row, John Mayes, Mike Eyett, Wendy Scott, Bob Powell, Rita Mayes, Spike Walton, Gillian Shaw, Val Woods, Paul Pond, Joy Sutton .
Sitting front row l-r unknown, unknown, Fag face Bob Blythe, Jill Wicken, Bob Trott and half face of Val Bevins.
Thank you Spike Walton for naming these party goers !
Link to Paul Pond /Jones
2 commentsPrefect33333
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Scouts 19512060 viewsMalcolm ShyklesPrefect22222
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Alan Walker 1957 -1960929 viewsAt Buskett GardensPrefect22222
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fancy Dress Party '57 (2) signatures1018 viewsMore signatures from the original photo, in case you had forgotten you were there !5 commentsjane banks11111
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