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Tal-Ħandaq Nostalgia

Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.

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M J Vingoe996 viewsTrainee conductor (failed inhale whistle test). 3 commentsMartin Powell
Dockyard Terrace 1954 © 995 viewsfrom the Victualling Yard gate.
Photo James Donald Bamber.
5 commentsPrefect
Tiny Knapman and Sue Old 65-66995 viewsScrubbed up for some RAF Officers do in Valetta 3 commentsRichard Knapman
Villa Guardamangia 1949992 viewsThe new tenants taking a stroll for the cameras.1 commentsPrefect
Len Moscrop and Cathy Stephenson Kalafrana 1973992 viewsThis was taken in July 1973 at the Sgt's mess part of Kalafrana beach club. Amazing that there were Officers' , Sgts' and other ranks' beaches. My Dad was a corporal, my best mate's Dad was a Flt Sgt and our Girlfriends' Dads were officers and believe it or not I was asked to leave the Sgt's' beach because of the rank of my Dad; no wonder I am a socialist!7 commentsfifla1973
Trip to Sicily/Mount Etna 12 April '57991 viewsLeader Mr Basil Cleaver.
An account of this trip can be found in the R N School Magazine '57
jane Banks
Link to Account
1 commentsPrefect
Unpacking the School991 viewsJuly 1972. Cdr Law assisted by a team of volunteers with 400 boxes. Full account now in the 1973 Magazine.4 commentsPrefect
TH and RAF Luqa990 views4 commentsbernardhoctor
Scouts, Guides & Sea Rangers 1961988 viewsPrefect
Marsamxett Ferry987 viewsBeyond are the Tigne Married Quarters above the famous caves.14 commentsPrefect
Ron Leeman - Shot Putt - 1965? 987 views1 commentsronthecoolone
Wartime Valleta985 views6 commentsPrefect
The St Julians Crowd 1962985 views Back row: Tony Bulbeck, Mike Neil, Mike Milne. Middle Row: "Fred" Melton, Brendan Breslin, Chris Hannant, Chris Gibbins, Peter Searle, Stuart Herridge. Front Row: Rod Casey, John Spensley, Susan Waugh, Rosemary Dearden. Picture Courtesy of Phyllis HannanTex Brown
Phyllis's Last Swim in 1963985 viewsWith Willy Forbes-HunterTex Brown
3A in the Physics Lab 1969985 viewsIn the foreground Judy Walters, Sue Paton, Chris Sinson, Jane Page, Shirley Cooper, Johnny Woodhams, Lynne Saunders, Lynne Daniells.
From Chris Fairwood
3 commentsPrefect
Swimming Sports at Manoel Island984 viewsMalcolm ShyklesPrefect
Destroyers in Sliema Creek984 viewsRMA Mess on Tigne Street, foreground. LSTs far right.
7th Destroyer Sqn. Probably 1962. HMS Trafalgar, Dunkirk, Jutland, Aisne or Corunna?, Broadsword and Scorpion.
1 commentsPrefect
Going Ashore982 views"Educational" cruise to Istanbul, 1966, in Devonia, formerly the troopship Devonshire.5 commentsPrefect
Three girls in Valletta981 viewsPhoto taken November 1973. I think one of them is called Diedre, another Cathy (my then girlfriend in the middle) and the third's name escapes me. I left the island the next day. 4 commentsfifla1973
RFA Maine 1946980 views©Dickinson CollectionPrefect
Manoel Island Lido 1960 ©977 viewsThis was taken during the summer of 1960 at the Lido (Manoel Island) and shows crew members from the destroyers and frigates berthed in Sliema Creek relaxing. I recall the great fun we had on the diving board and raft both visible in this photograph. There was also a counter on the beach (in reality rocks) that sold cold drinks. For returning an empty bottle you received 1d. Empties were usually thrown into the sea. We only got paid every 14 days so on the blank week, we’d dive for these empty bottles for the 1d return! Happy days.
Tigne Barracks 1979977 viewsWhats that on the left for?
Photo Tim Cornwell
11 commentsPrefect
977 viewsComet 2 taking off from RAF Luqajimjoyner1
Sheila Weekes975 viewsAt the Meadowbank1 commentsSheila Evans
Tigne Summer 65975 viewsRichard Knapman
Betty Cater 1960972 viewsJohn GardinerPrefect
Kalafrana, Summer 1961972 viewsYoungsters playing whilst the adults lie around in the sun. Through gate on left is the sea/leisure area. the middle kiddie, ginger hair is my Brother Ian. Cannot remember any of the others, any help? Do I spot a pale blue Triumph Herald in the shade at the back?deco.rise
Jane Biddis & Moira McIntyre 1960 ©968 viewsVerdala Staff
John Gardiner
On the beach again967 viewsMalcolm Hill3 commentsPrefect
967 viewsIan Proctor, Brian Jackson, Frank Jackson, Allison Bigden, John Clark. I think we're at Tigne and it must be 1963/1964.abigden
The Final Staff Photo 1978966 viewsFront row: S. Beckett; G. Gordon; B. Leonard; I. Dickinson; Lt. Cdr. D. Nield; Cdr. G.D. Stubbs; M. Sherwin; T. Ricketts; Lt. Cdr. A. Richards; K. Winn; J. Clemens.
Second row: C. Aquilina; M. Briffa; G. Camilleri; N. Ash; S. Camilleri; M. Caseley; D. Gray; M. Loughran; K. Patterson; L. Curtis; L. Shone; H. Wilson.
Third row: W. Pawley; J. Booker; M. Turner; P. Allen; W. Lewington; J. Rae; C. Laing; A. McHardy; M. Holland.
Fourth row: J. Slide; H. Ritchie; C. Christmas; L. Finnis; B. Woollams; G. Davey; P. Goss; M. Newton.
Back row: D. Walker; A. Latham; I. Hesketh; B. Whewell; S. Bonnett.

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Posing outside the Sliema Cafe966 views1 commentsronthecoolone
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