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Tal-Ħandaq Nostalgia

Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.

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Eagle Aviation Dakota - Blackbushe to Luqa1292 views1956

"The plane took off from Blackbushe and climbed to 10,000 feet which was its cruising height, but the flight to Nice was terrible, there were storms all the way, and apart from flying upside down the aeroplane was being buffeted all the way. Flying at 10,000 feet meant that if you hit an air pocket, the aircraft would drop almost 2,000 feet. The poor flight attendant Miss Bolton went through the aircraft picking up sick bags, the only person not sick was Kelvin, the only one on the aircraft able to eat his inflight meal and drink his tea, he even sucked on a sweet for landing so that his ears would not be painful. Then the aircraft made a perfect landing at Nice and all the passengers got off. Kelvin bless his cotton socks called 'Bboobb' at the top of the landing steps, and like a good boy he covered every step in inflight meal, crisps, cup of tea and the sweet. The French ground crew were not happy and said so."

Read Mike Palmer's memoirs by instalment here - The Old Sea Dog

NB- The link will take you to the latest chapter. To start from the beginning (posted 17 Oct 2020) keep clicking on "More Posts" at the bottom of his page.

Be sure to tune in regularly to Mike's blog for the latest in nostalgia (and to leave an appreciative comment).
DofE Exped Cyprus 19681286 views Including Evan Potts, Martin Powell, Robert Ross & Mr Roy Tomlinson.Prefect
Inside the Pit - circa mid 60's1274 views1 commentsronthecoolone
Tal Handak 19581273 viewsWith the first of the new Romney Huts.
6 commentsPrefect
John Day, Kalafrana Summer 19611273 viewsBlue sea, sky etc. Why did we come home to rain?4 commentsdeco.rise
Notes on Malta. Martin Powell1271 viewsVIEW
8 commentsPrefect
A Sign of the Times1269 viewsThe name of the school was changed in April 1969, though it continued to be administered by the Royal Navy, along with all other service schools in Malta.
Photo : Evan Potts
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Beach Party Ghajn Tuffieha 62-63?1264 viewsnames to faces please. If only I could remember !
Jane Banks
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Swimming Sports 21262 viewsLesley Cole7 commentsPrefect
HMS Ausonia & Manoel Is. 1959/601261 viewsOther ships are HMS Dainty, parts of HMS Anzio & LST Charles McLeod and a lonely HMS Eastbourne in Sliema Creek. On the island is part of the Leper Hospital, beyond that the Base Supply Office, Fort Manoel, the Diving Centre and Comms Training Centre. To the left of the football pitches is the Canteen (Cinema), in front of which are the tennis courts/roller skating rink of blessed memory.
What a lot of nostalgia!

More photos and info on Ausonia HERE
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Jackie ? 19561259 views(from America)
From Marilyn Williams -->
Sue Kitson1258 views2 commentsronthecoolone
Liz Jameson 19681257 viewsAt St George's. What a change from now - the scenery, I mean!(and me)!! 1 commentsPrefect
Bryan & David Sanderson 1255 viewsOn a return visit in the early 70s.Prefect
Tigne 19651254 viewsJohn (Flash) Moore, Paul (Quanger) Jenner, Cathy Johnstone, Jack Ferret.
Photo by Lynne Gregory.
The most beautiful Cathy Stephenson 1973 Kalafrana1254 viewsThis is a battered picture of Cathy. It is battered because I carried it while training for the military in 1974 and my mum threw all my negatives out! fifla1973
CCF camp Hal-Far 19761253 viewsCombined Cadet Force camp Hal-Far 1976.bmale22
On the Buses 19691253 viewsAnn, David, and Johanna Robinson.
Letetia Duke
Ean Smith 19751252 views6th form roofHelmal
Tigne School, Malta, Mon 7th Aug 1989 ©1251 views4 commentsDavid Robinson
Staff 19751248 viewsFront Row: Hugh Ritchie, Imelda Dickinson, Chloe Singleton, Stephen Slngleton, Lt. Cdr. David Nield, Commander G.D. Stubbs, Pamela Smith, Lt. Cdr. Tony Richards, Sylvia Beckett, James Hobson.
Second Row: Charles Aquilina, Sandra Camilleri, Moira Clarke, Carmel Walsh, Michael Caseley, Joyce Walden, Judith Stansfleld, Sue Lynk. Laurence Bezzina, John Treeby.
Third Row: Kenneth Winn, John Naylor, Barrie Menhams, David Ditcham, Jerry Phillips, Hilary Hill, Norah Ash, Rosemary Leighton. Helen Wilson.
Fourth Row: Philip Allen, Frank Kitson, June Lattimer, Rolbert Woolams, Lew Finnis, Mavis Turner, Marian Spray, Alan Latham.
Back Row: Peter Wright, John Clemens, John Hughes, Carl Hancock Jeffrey Bonner, James Glover, Barrie Jones, Brian Leonard, David Walker, Michael Newton.
Absent: Susan Finnis, David Taylor, Trevor Ricketts.

Alfriston Reunion Easter 19631243 viewsClockwise from Linda Knapp (sitting on car bumper), Carol Mathews, Mike Hay, Jean Miles, Ann Sladden, Ned Reubens, Robin Bowes, Rog Wilkin, Bob Satterley. The car was Robin's 1935 Morris 8 CMD 719.
Strange Netball Match 19741242 viewsSee morePrefect
John & Clare, Kalafrana Summer 19611240 viewsJohn Day & Clare Hollister. She left Malta on SS Orcades 19th July 1962. Where are you now Clare?
1 commentsdeco.rise
Tigne Summer 651240 views1 commentsRichard Knapman
CCF Camp Hal-Far 19761235 viewsCombined Cadet Force camp Hal-Far 1976bmale22
Balluta Rocks 19621230 viewsPrefect
Party Time 19601230 viewsDavid Graham
Me standing on the extreme right, with Chris Gibbins on my right, Mike Hay, then Chris Cansfield. Two of the girls standing - Val Simmonds and Sally Raisen (spelling?).
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Margaret Polkinghorne's 15th birthday party1226 viewsMore names needed.5 commentsSheila Evans
Former RN Camerata Barracks, Valletta.1226 views3 commentsPrefect
Girls Netball Team 19661225 viewsAnne Elliot and Pat Elliot top left and right respectively and Sally Rathmell, Gaynor Hamley and Jo Mogridge bottom row. Can you identify the three girls in the middle of the top row?2 commentsDugmore
Luqa CCF1219 viewsCombined Cadet Force

Bernard Male
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