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Tal-Ħandaq Nostalgia

Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.

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VIP visit 19731433 viewsPrefect
Fancy Dress Party '57 ?1432 viewsFrom l-r back row, John Mayes, Mike Eyett, Wendy Scott, Bob Powell, Rita Mayes, Spike Walton, Gillian Shaw, Val Woods, Paul Pond, Joy Sutton .
Sitting front row l-r unknown, unknown, Fag face Bob Blythe, Jill Wicken, Bob Trott and half face of Val Bevins.
Thank you Spike Walton for naming these party goers !
Link to Paul Pond /Jones
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Carol, Debbie, Sue, Helen ,Kathy1430 views6th form school roof 1973Helmal
Magazine Cover 19731428 viewsPrefect
Mr Winn 19751421 viewsPrefect
Staff Photo in front of School Hall 1959?1416 views5 commentsjknight
Bridge near Mosta1415 viewsAcross Wied ta' l-Isperanza or Wied il-Ghasel. Take your pick.
Most Valley Website
4 commentsPrefect
19761412 viewsWith Mr Paul Goss.Prefect
Who is this? - Alastair Wreford1406 viewsKalafrana 1966-7.4 commentsKalabrat
Derek Saunders 19741404 viewsOn the roof of our flat at St Julians.Prefect
Electioneering? 19691404 viewsTop row is Jim Jones and Bob Campbell. The bottom row is David, Kim, Sherry, Karen and Beverly. I do not know the last names of the last 3.

Letitia Duke
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Old King Cole1399 viewsMalcolm ShyklesPrefect
Miss Turner 19761395 viewsPrefect
David (Jock) Norris in the kilt1389 views and the girl's name is Sheila and the boy's name was Tom.
Letetia Duke
Admiralty Constabulary Fire Brigade1387 viewsIs your Dad here?Prefect
Class 3c 19581386 viewsFrom Dot Hicks. The class teacher was Miss Knight. I am second from the left as you look at the photo. Mary Henderson is on my right, Freida Payne is on her right. Next is Belma Aytek a Turkish girl and the last girl I think was called Eileen.2 commentsPrefect
1385 viewsTex in a dress! At Delimara I think.1 commentsabigden
Form 2BG 19531381 viewsHarry Brill Edwards, Ron Colwill , Davis Smith, David Jones, Patricia Cunliffe, George Mullings
Jenny Churcher , Patrick O Keefe, Maureen Palmer, Stuart Hodkinson , David Tucker
J Ballyn, J Greaves, D Sylvester, B Y Steele, M Peters, D Kimpton, Wendy L Clarke, V Freeman
R Daniels, D Finlay, Joan(?) Fountain, A Cox, J Soffe
Kay Clay (form teacher who operated the camera)
Phil Groves. Gozo 1977.1379 viewsSue DovePrefect
More names please1372 viewsMalcolm Hill5 commentsPrefect
Swimming in Senglea1371 viewsDavid swimming in the harbour with Floriana at back.Jeanette
Mellieha Bay 1954 © 1366 viewsGeoff & Angela Bamber with Valerie Fogden
Photo James Donald Bamber.
Staff 19741366 viewsFRONT ROW : David Taylor, Mavis Turner, Stephen Singleton,, Lt. Cdr. J. Cottam, Cdr. M.F. Law, Pamela Smith, Lt. Cdr. C. McCafferty, Brian Leonard, Trevor Ricketts.
SECOND ROW : Moira Clarke, Imelda Dickinson, Carmel Walsh, Maureen Whittle, Joyce Walden, Hilary Hill, Michael Caseley, Judith Stansfield, Sylvia Beckett, James' Hobson, Charles Aquilina, John Treeby.
THIRD ROW : Laurence Bezzina, John Naylor, Hugh Ritchie, Norah Ash, Margaret MacKay, Kenneth Winn, Merilyn Manley-Harris, Rosemary Leighton, James Glover, Elizabeth Cole, Carl Hancock.
FOURTH ROW : Jeffrey Bonner, John Clemens, Alan Latham, June Lattimer, Lewis Finnis, David Ditcham, Barrie Menhams, Robert Woolams, Ronald Ransom, Michael Newton.
BACK ROW : Frank Kitson, Robert Ward, Barrie Jones, Philip Allen, David Walker, Peter Wright.
ABSENT : Miss Mary Spray, Miss Helen Wilson, Miss Sandra Camilleri.
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On Sliema Beach1365 viewsAmongst others - Felicity Hammond, Robin Hammond, Maryanne Wheeler, Veronica Smith, Christine Collins,
Charlotte Finney, Ann Collins, Roy Hammond.
From Deborah Starkey
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Tigne Summer 651364 views1 commentsRichard Knapman
The School 19611361 views1 commentsPrefect
DofE Exped Cyprus 19681357 views Including Evan Potts, Martin Powell, Robert Ross & Mr Roy Tomlinson.Prefect
Ken Stubbs, Bunty Stubbs, Margaret Gamble, Paddy Gamble, Malta 19521356 viewsThe car is possibly a Riley ?4 commentsdfss
HMS Aisne, Tigne Point 19641353 viewsNigel, Nick, Mum, Lynn.5 commentsDavid Robinson
19581343 viewsBehind the bars Roger Tregunno and Henry Cavill. Two girls back to the wall are Olivia Fry and Francis Smith Front row sitting: Jackie Williams,?,Christine Barns,?, Hilary Paynter. I wonder if any of the visitors to your site would be able to name the two?
I'd love to know.
David Harvey
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Form 3A 19511341 viewsPrints available from Malcolm Shykles.Prefect
End of a Dinghy Sailing Era!1339 viewsHanding Over Bosun Dinghy, Tal Handaq, to 2nd St Ives Sea Scouts 14 Feb 2012 - Bernard Hoctor, Pam Miller (nee Hinton), Brian Fuller, Ann Fuller (nee Hoctor), Amanda Robertson (nee Hinton), Edward Younger (Explorer)bernardhoctor
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