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Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.


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Tigne 19641413 viewsCathy Johnstone, ?, Rod Deas, Chris Pullen, John (Flash) Moore, ?.
3 commentsLantern
Lifeboat Drill; Dunera Cruise 19671411 viewsI am sure that this was the Dunera cruise of early 1967. I was in 3B at the time and this is a scan (took a while to get it down to 250kb!) of a picture that appeared in the Times of Malta.
I cannot name a soul, (apart from me of course! Front row,4 along with head at jaunty angle, book in hand and OMG turn ups!) So if anyone can fill in those names: go for it!
15 commentsChris Howells
Verdala 1958 © 1407 viewsIn the Ditch (Verdala Barracks).OldBat
Tigne 19651405 viewsBack: Diane (Spartacus) Prater, Brian (Beatle) Jackson?, Jane Baxter.
Middle: Mary Bishop, Mick Gillam, ?, Pat? Elliot, John (Flash) Moore, Paul (Quanger) Jenner, ?, Cathy Johnstone, Jack Ferrett.
Reclining: Richard (Tiny) Knapman, Rod Deas.
Photo by Lynne Gregory.
View of the old Lido, Tigne, Tue 1st Aug 1989 © 1383 views4 commentsDavid Robinson
Class 1A 1976-71378 viewsBack - Mark Judd, Andrew Morse, xxx, xxx,William Geddis, George x, Jeremy Starling,
Middle - Stew Johnson, Kevin McGlone (me), xxx, Monique Noort, Tanya xxx, Mark Bennett, xxx
Front - Lorraine xxx, Helen Winter-Goodwin, cxx, Trudy Curtis, Mr Mulholland, Michelle Mannickham, xxx, Jane xxx, xxx

Sliema Rooftop 19561370 viewsL-R. ?, Norma Leask, Mrs Cole, Lesley Cole, Sue Cole.
Front. Peter Reynolds. Anyone know where he is?
Someone would like to know!
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Bridge near Mosta1358 viewsAcross Wied ta' l-Isperanza or Wied il-Ghasel. Take your pick.
Most Valley Website
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2 Names Wanted1352 viewsMalcolm Hill1 commentsPrefect
David Michael Gerrard 1946-2016 (aka Prefect)1352 viewsMy very very sad task to report David's passing on Sunday 17 January. THN Webmaster, Scholar, Sea Captain, Falklands Veteran, Friend and all round Good Bloke, he has gone to stand at the back of the big Assembly in the sky (or is it Detention?). Sahha xbien.

Dave seen here in his role as honorary member of TH ladies-who-lunch (Exeter) club, Sept 2015.

Funeral to take place at 3pm Tuesday 2nd Feb, Weston Mill Crematorium, Plymouth PL2 2EP (easy access from A38).

Please feel free to write tributes below, they can be printed out for the day.
9 commentsMartin Powell
Rugger 70-711345 viewsPrefect
Talhandaq-ians joining the RAF 19621342 viewsFrom Bob McDonald.3 commentsPrefect
Luqa Camp1331 viewsBernard MalePrefect
Kalafrana Swimming Gala c19681331 viewsJanice BakerPrefect
VIP visit 19731326 viewsPrefect
4th Year 1974 with Mr Lew Finnis1325 viewsPrefect
1322 viewsJean Proctor, Moya Graham, Allison Bigden at ?2 commentsabigden
Fancy Dress Party '57 ?1317 viewsFrom l-r back row, John Mayes, Mike Eyett, Wendy Scott, Bob Powell, Rita Mayes, Spike Walton, Gillian Shaw, Val Woods, Paul Pond, Joy Sutton .
Sitting front row l-r unknown, unknown, Fag face Bob Blythe, Jill Wicken, Bob Trott and half face of Val Bevins.
Thank you Spike Walton for naming these party goers !
Link to Paul Pond /Jones
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Magazine Cover 19731317 viewsPrefect
HMS Aisne, Tigne Point 19641305 viewsNigel, Nick, Mum, Lynn.5 commentsDavid Robinson
Mr John Lowe1304 viewsStaff 1961 - 1964
As seen recently on the BBC.
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Ken Stubbs, Bunty Stubbs, Margaret Gamble, Paddy Gamble, Malta 19521299 viewsThe car is possibly a Riley ?4 commentsdfss
Wine bar Sliema 19751298 views? Nancy, HelenHelmal
Tigne 19651296 viewsRod Deas, John (Flash) Moore, Brian (Beatle) Jackson?, Paul (Quanger) Jenner, Mick Gillam, Richard (Tiny) Knapman.
Photo by Lynne Gregory.
4 commentsLantern
Fancy Dress '57 ?1291 viewsTop left,Gail Taench, unknown male, Sheila Grimwood, Graham 'Jack' Stubbs, Geoff Day, Craig Love, Liz Wilkinson, Gordon Campbell.
Front row, Jill Wicken, Bob Trott, Val Bevins, Robin Palmer, unknown girl, and Viv Paynter.
Thanks to Spike Walton for providing names of party goers.
2 commentsjane banks
1A1 with Miss Ash 1975-761288 views3 commentsPrefect
Mellieha Bay 1954 © 1287 viewsGeoff & Angela Bamber with Valerie Fogden
Photo James Donald Bamber.
Derek Saunders 19741281 viewsOn the roof of our flat at St Julians.Prefect
Swimming in Senglea1281 viewsDavid swimming in the harbour with Floriana at back.Jeanette
Form 2BG 19531278 viewsHarry Brill Edwards, Ron Colwill , Davis Smith, David Jones, Patricia Cunliffe, George Mullings
Jenny Churcher , Patrick O Keefe, Maureen Palmer, Stuart Hodkinson , David Tucker
J Ballyn, J Greaves, D Sylvester, B Y Steele, M Peters, D Kimpton, Wendy L Clarke, V Freeman
R Daniels, D Finlay, Joan(?) Fountain, A Cox, J Soffe
Kay Clay (form teacher who operated the camera)
Form 2A1 in 1975 with Mr Peter Wright1278 viewsSpot the future MP.3 commentstompurnell
Class with Lt Cdr Richards c19751276 viewsPrefect
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