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Tal-Ħandaq Nostalgia

Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.

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Jock Norris, Evan Potts, Chris Willmann.2266 viewsSummer 1969.Prefect
Eagle Aviation Dakota - Blackbushe to Luqa2258 views1956

"The plane took off from Blackbushe and climbed to 10,000 feet which was its cruising height, but the flight to Nice was terrible, there were storms all the way, and apart from flying upside down the aeroplane was being buffeted all the way. Flying at 10,000 feet meant that if you hit an air pocket, the aircraft would drop almost 2,000 feet. The poor flight attendant Miss Bolton went through the aircraft picking up sick bags, the only person not sick was Kelvin, the only one on the aircraft able to eat his inflight meal and drink his tea, he even sucked on a sweet for landing so that his ears would not be painful. Then the aircraft made a perfect landing at Nice and all the passengers got off. Kelvin bless his cotton socks called 'Bboobb' at the top of the landing steps, and like a good boy he covered every step in inflight meal, crisps, cup of tea and the sweet. The French ground crew were not happy and said so."

Read Mike Palmer's memoirs by instalment here - The Old Sea Dog

NB- The link will take you to the latest chapter. To start from the beginning (posted 17 Oct 2020) keep clicking on "More Posts" at the bottom of his page.

Be sure to tune in regularly to Mike's blog for the latest in nostalgia (and to leave an appreciative comment).
RAF & WRAF Cadets Tal-Handaq CCF 19772244 viewsCombined Cadet Force

Ruth Markwell
4 commentsPrefect
HMY Britannia 19612214 views©Liz MardelOldBat
Swimming Awards Kalafrana Summer 19712210 viewsThis was a group of us who passed a swimming award at Kalafrana in 1971. I recognise some of them including me with the glasses on. Don't ask as I am sure I took them off while swimming!1 commentsglub
Form 2B1 19742206 viewsRuth MarkwellPrefect
From Karen Gray2196 viewsA class between 1973-75.
The teacher is Mr Dave Walker
2 commentsPrefect
Miss McMeeking © 2188 viewsOn a rooftop overlooking the garden of Villa Guardamangia 1957.5 commentsPrefect
HMS Euryalus2173 viewsPrefect
Len Moscrop at Kalafrana Beach Club in 1973.2158 viewsPrefect
Hockey 19732133 views2 commentsPrefect
Me April 19592127 views...but does anyone know where this is?1 commentsvalerie easter/snowdon/
Tony Stackpoole & Ron Leeman in Schoold Field - circa 1966/672125 views3 commentsronthecoolone
Canberras2091 viewsPrefect
Tal Handaq Girls and Boys in Winter uniform 57-58.2059 viewsAll signatures are HERE

Jane Banks nee Stubbs
7 commentsPrefect
Scouts 19512040 viewsMalcolm ShyklesPrefect
Soccer 19732033 views3 commentsPrefect
Class 5J2029 viewsClass 5J 1977 Talhandaq school Malta (Miss Ash)3 commentsbmale22
Class 4J 19752021 viewsBernard MalePrefect
Getting ready to build the New Barracca lift .April 2010.1989 viewsThe super yacht The Maltese Falcon is in the background. believed to be owned by Mr Google .5 commentsjane banks
1970 viewsTal Handak Class 1DG 1958 - 1959

Lt. Cdr. Law
12 commentsBillPutman
Prefects 19751962 viewsFirst Row: Alex Rowlands, Sharon Watts, Julie-Marie Glennon, Sylvia Houghton, Helen Male, Veronica Haste, Jill Cartwright, Angela Berrington.
Second Row. Erica Stapley, Debbie Brankin, Christine Williams, Kathleen Loughnan, Alison Waghorn, Richard Howorth.
Third Row: Sue Fitton, Sue Harvey, Julie Taylor, Julie Davies, Karen Booth, Howard Helliwell, Robert Burns.
Fourth Row: John Allcott, Paul Darmody, Jil Pelan, Dave Simpson, Mike Baltrop.
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Tigullio Nightclub St Julians Bay 19741940 viewsAngela, Eddy ? ? HowardHelmal
Form 4L 1976 with Mr John Hughes1938 viewsTop L to R: Colin Milsop, Simon Thomas, Chuck Shiron,William Jefferson (jaffa), Stephen Gallie, Guy Wellington, Robert Hindle, Martin Egan, Anthony Cross.
Middle L to R: Barbara Gadd, Michelle Adams, Sharon Carpenter, Sue Drury, Sharon Gilbertson, Kerry Davies
Bottom: L to R Debra Scott, Debra Mahoney, Julie Stag,Teacher John Hughes, Sue Brooke, Joanne Mills, Sara Hewitt
Great memories.
Stephen Gallie
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Lifesavers at Kalafrana 19611928 viewsTony Graham2 commentsPrefect
The Harbour St Paul's Bay 1930s1922 viewsPrefect
Spinola1906 viewsAs you may not have seen it before.
Photo courtesy of Frank Salt.
One name (no longer) wanted1892 viewsMalcom Hill6 commentsPrefect
A class in 1974 with Mr Carl Hancock1881 viewsDavid Cranch
Any more info welcome.
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Tigne 19651867 viewsBack: Diane (Spartacus) Prater, Brian (Beatle) Jackson?, Jane Baxter.
Middle: Mary Bishop, Mick Gillam, ?, Pat? Elliot, John (Flash) Moore, Paul (Quanger) Jenner, ?, Cathy Johnstone, Jack Ferrett.
Reclining: Richard (Tiny) Knapman, Rod Deas.
Photo by Lynne Gregory.
Hal Far 19451845 viewsPrefect
Trevor Ricketts & Rob Ward1838 viewsOliver! 1973.hnritchie
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