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Tal-Ħandaq Nostalgia

Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.

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On this day 1965 - Hal-Far79 views1st Sept 1965 RNAS Hal Far was formally handed over to the RAF.

Picture taken 31 August the last day of HMS Falcon.

By kind permission of Mark Woolley whose father Bob took it. See Woolley Family
Empire74 viewsTroopship "Empire Fowey"Military Brat
Triton Fountain 1960s74 viewsAfter Kingsgate became Citygate (1964).2 commentsadmin
Sliema Creek 196772 viewsThe gentleman in the foreground is an
Italian Naval Officer.
Military Brat
HMS Forth at Christmas 1958 ©71 viewsDaytime view.

© Valerie Easter/Snowdon/Shutler
Sliema 196769 viewsOn the right a locally produced
Triumph Herald made by The Car Assembly Ltd [CAL]
at the Marsa production line.
Military Brat
Could Malta have become a US possession?68 viewsJudge for yourself HERE

Watercolour USS Constitution in GH 1804, Edwin Galea
RFA Empire Gull [L3513] 65 viewsRFA Empire Gull was a landing ship of The Royal Fleet Auxiliary.
She was affectionately known as the "Black Pig" and was one of
the last serving LSTs.
Military Brat
On this day - Jane Arbuthnot - Harrods bomb 198365 viewsThanks to Vic Weekes for reminding us of the tragic loss of Jane Arbuthnot with whom he also served in the Metropolitan Police. Jane was taken bravely doing her duty at a call where they knew the code-word had been given and the danger was real and imminent. Each year on the 17th December a small remembrance service is held at the spot.

Memorial HERE

Jane at TH HERE
UPDATED FILE - wartime memories63 views...see comments below post - HEREMartin Powell
TSS Oxfordshire [1957-1964] Later TSS Fairstar [1964-1997].62 viewsSS Oxfordshire was a Troopship launched on December 15th by
Mrs Dorothea Head wife of The Minister of Defence.
Military Brat
Sliema 196761 viewsThe slipway at Sliema.Military Brat
Beacon House St Andrew's Barracks [Now].59 viewsThe old Beacon House was used for N.A.A.F.I breaks.Military Brat
Boy in grey blazer 195256 viewsNow identified as John Clark, TH 1947-1949 & 1952-1954.

(...not forgetting that there were still some junior classes at TH until 1955).

HMS Forth at Christmas 1958 ©55 views60 years, seems like yesterday.

© Valerie Easter/Snowdon/Shutler
Triton Fountain 255 viewsFor those who are unaware of the livecam on the roof of The Phoenicia I have been trying unsuccessfully to include a link here, but if you Google "Live Cam Floriana - The Triton Fountain" you will find it. There are other views, too - Tigne, St George's Square, Grand harbour etc.Ivan
Malta Family History49 viewsThe lost website now archived can still be visited.

Essential resource for historians.

Find it HERE
All the best from Farsons 48 views1960s ad. Reads "Simonds Farsons Cisk is the largest and most up to date industry on the island" !!2 commentsadmin
Malta Independence 196445 views21st September

See Youtube

...and lots more clips there.
Faithful42 viewsRosalie Hide, now Stephens, writes "HM Tug Faithful, one of the tugs my father was skipper of. It was his favourite as it was a paddle tug. This was painted by one of his ship's company".
Thank you for permission to publish, Rosalie.
What happened to the proposed donkey?39 viewsArtist's impression of the planned Paradise Bay Hotel.

Times of Malta 23 March 1961.
Battle scar39 views"Sergeant Gordon Tweedale of 185 Squadron [was] shot down and killed in his first sortie in a Spitfire. Tweedale’s Spitfire ... crashed in Lija ... . The scarred wall of a building on the corner of Saviour Street, damaged by the Spitfire in the final moments of its terminal dive, remains a poignant reminder... ."
Text from Air Battle for Malta by Anthony Rogers, published by Greenhill Books, c/o Pen & Sword Books Ltd.
Picture courtesy of Google Street View; screenshot taken November 2019.
1 commentsIvan
Prize Day 196635 viewsThanks to Paul Gentleadmin
Triton Fountain 132 viewsNot quite sure which album to put this in, but Then and Now seems appropriate as we are all no doubt familiar with how the area around the fountain used to look, and here it is now. The shot is a screen grab from the livecam mounted on top of The Phoenicia. What an improvement! And with a new twist on the selfie, that's my wife and I sitting on the low wall, bottom right. Ivan
Making a comeback32 viewsNewly restored buses for hire from Malta Bus Co-op1 commentsadmin
Prize Day batting order 196628 viewsThanks to Paul Gentleadmin
Merry Christmas from Valletta 201926 viewsThis is a large Christmas "tree" of illuminated Mdina-glass baubles on display in Valletta.2 commentsadmin
Ray Calleja inventor of Twistees passes to the great tuckshop in the sky26 viewsRead more HEREadmin
Gozo hydofoil 1964 - Postcard25 viewsIn 1964 the Malta Aliscafi Ltd started operating a hydrofoil service between Grand Harbour and Mgarr Harbour in Gozo. The hydrofoil in use was the Delfin. It was commonly known as L-Izgicc. The company went bankrupt in 1968 and Delfin was sold in Italy.admin
Military Brats [Sliema 1967]24 viewsGary Kevin Steven and Leslie at the water's edge,
Sliema Creek.
Military Brat
Dainty Bar15 viewsRemember the Dainty Bar just opposite Egmont Flats? We had many happy hours in there during the late 60's.mikew
George Molden15 viewsMy friend George Molden outside Tuck shop.mikew
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