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Tal-Ħandaq Nostalgia

Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.

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Empire Lifeguard 1948212 viewsCastle Class Corvette (Maiden Castle), completed as Rescue Ship and later used as Army Transport.Prefect
Royal Marines beating retreat Verdala 1966 (3)212 viewsExecuting "the wheel".

Viewed from the hall roof.

Copyright © Martin Powell
Coming or going?212 viewsSeeing double, 1972

Copyright © Martin Powell
A Tremendous Swell211 viewsGraham Bence as Pooh Bahbernardhoctor
HMS Albacore 1945211 viewsAlgerine ClassPrefect
Oliver 1973211 viewsThe earlier press release had a dramatic effect.

(The 1100 and the boat are probably sold by now).
Verdala reunion group Oct 2018208 viewsOn the top deck of Fort St Angelo.

L-R Russ (K) Eileen Butler (now Snell), Brian (K), Lisa (K), Liz McMeeking (now Mardel) - (OldBat), Pauline Hargreaves (now Mendez), Shelagh & Richard Butler, self, Grahame Cain, Ambrose (K).

(K = Klingon)
Martin Powell
Painting by OldBat207 viewsFresh water - but can you spot the difference from the photo?

Copyright © Liz Mardel
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206 viewsDad and younger brother Andrew at Ghajn Tuffeieha just before the huge climb up the steps to the car park after a day on the beach.jimjoyner1
A perfect gentleman206 viewsPrince Charles gives his sister Princess Anne a helping hand as they leave the Hotel PhoeniciaSC-UK
RFA Blue Ranger 1952203 viewsSmall Replenishment Tanker
Copyright © Phill Rose
2016 Reunion group 1 of 2203 viewsThe final "big" reunion - unless any of the younger ones take over the reins. Speak to Viv Daly if interested in doing so.admin
201 viewsSC-UK
Not waving but drowning201 viewsHRH transfers between HMS Eastbourne and HMS Walkerton off Malta, April 1960.admin
Entering Grand Harbour200 viewsTug name anyone?SC-UK
The Admirable Crichton 1955198 viewsAnn Ross-MacDonald
Canberras & Shackleton 1969198 viewsTeam formation of an Avro Shackleton MR Mk.3, XF705 ‘C’ of 203 Squadron with a pair of English Electric Canberra PR Mk.9s of 13 Squadron pictured off the coast of Malta in July 1969.

Photo : Aviation Classics Editor’s collection
Enterprises at MGSC, games afternoon 1967198 viewsNote the yacht moored to the buoy on the right - the Lucette. Read her famous story HERE and watch the film (names changed) HERE

Photo : Jill Thackray
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brit54.jpg196 viewsSC-UK
The Parting Shot196 viewsFinal Farewell - the then President of Malta Anton Buttigieg giving the last goodbye as HMS London departs the Grand Harbour on 1st April 1979, the last British naval vessel to leave Malta on the ultimate withdrawal from Malta. She wears the flag of the last Commander of the British forces in Malta, Rear Admiral O N A Cecil CB.

The end of an era - nearly 180 years of the Royal Navy at Malta.
195 viewsSC-UK
Aerial plan mid-60s195 viewsNorth is right

Compare view HERE

Key : 1. Block 11 - Dining Hall & Galley
2. Block 11 - 6th form
3. Old Music Room / Careers Room / sometime L6th common room
4. Block 12 Classrooms
5. Block 12 Classrooms
6. Language Lab
7. Caretaker's Store
8. Tuck Shop
9. Science Block (13)
10. Block 1 Classrooms & Biology Lab
11. Block 2 Classrooms
12. Incinerator
13. Classrooms? (Possibly toilets but wrong colour)
14. Block 3 Classrooms
15. Block 4 Classrooms
16. Block 5 Classrooms
17. Block 6 Classrooms & Metalwork / Tech Drawing
18. Block 14 Classrooms & Shorthand / Typing
19. Boys’ Toilets
20. Block 15 Classrooms
21. Library
22. Block 16 Classrooms
23. Girls’ Toilets & Showers
24. Hall
25. Boiler Room
26. New Music Room
27. Gymnasium & Showers
28. Netball / Tennis Court
29. Woodwork Block (7)
30. Groundsmen's Store
31. The "Field"
32. Art Block (8)
33. Art & Craft Block (9)
34. Block 10 Classrooms
35. Admin Block
194 viewsSC-UK
David Spear - Choirboy191 viewsRN Dockyard Church 1949 - 1951.Prefect
Suna in Marsamxett190 viewsJoe Mardel at the helm, 1958.

Suna was a "windfall" yacht. With Star & RNSA 14' as supporting cast.

See Windfall Yacht Suna
Britannia2C__Glasgow2C_Bermuda___Gambia.jpg189 viewsSC-UK
Crab Air afloat - almost189 viewsRAF pinnace off Gozo taken when it ran into a rock and gouged a large hole in its side. Photo thanks to Caroline Roberts whose Dad was a passenger on it that day, circa 1962.admin
Uganda 1970s187 viewsTH pupils disembarking - which port?

Photo : Josephine Xuereb
Pit 1969-70186 viewsPit committee, having a break in Barrakka gardens after prep work for the dance, 1969-70 : Joe Vincenti, Caroline "Porridge" Cary (now Brown), Debby Bradley (now Hill), Adrian Worley RIP

Photo : Dom Wujastyk
Martin Powell
RN families' clinic Tower Road185 viewsWell, they were made to keep the facade - so they did.....(taken 2018).admin
Trooper R Martin d. 1918184 viewsWhat does Trooper Martin have to do with Malta's part in World War One? Malta, 'Nurse of the Mediterranean' cared for casualties from the Gallipoli and Salonika campaigns. Martin died like thousands of others - but only after surviving one of the world's first open heart surgeries AND being operated upon by one of the first woman surgeons. He has become famous 100 years later.


...and HERE

...and HERE

We will remember them.
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From the archives - 50 years on.183 viewsThe name of the school was changed from RNS TH to SCS TH in 1969 (Service Children's School), though it continued to be administered by the Royal Navy. All other service schools in Malta then came under the remit of the RN, Captain HC Malkin (Headmaster 1966 - 1970) being appointed the first OiC Service Schools, Malta & Naples.

Photo : Evan Potts
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