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John & Ursula Payne4032 viewsManoel Island 1961John Payne
Monitors 19603361 views1 commentsPrefect
TH Dance at Verdala2749 viewsbernardhoctor
Eros Cafe Sliema, Summer 19692438 viewsPaul Wickham, Dom Busuttil-Rivers, Keith Woodcock, Dan Rowan.

Pat Cooper 19642206 viewsPrefect
Tony Stackpoole & Ron Leeman in Schoold Field - circa 1966/671875 views3 commentsronthecoolone
Lifesavers at Kalafrana 19611764 viewsTony Graham2 commentsPrefect
Tigne Beach1607 views14 commentsbernardhoctor
Adrian Worley 1952-20041491 viewsTaken at the Farnborough reunion 1999. Adrian took his own life in Jan 2004 after a long history of health problems, which were not helped by his service in Bosnia.2 commentsMartin Powell
Lifeboat Drill; Dunera Cruise 19671404 viewsI am sure that this was the Dunera cruise of early 1967. I was in 3B at the time and this is a scan (took a while to get it down to 250kb!) of a picture that appeared in the Times of Malta.
I cannot name a soul, (apart from me of course! Front row,4 along with head at jaunty angle, book in hand and OMG turn ups!) So if anyone can fill in those names: go for it!
15 commentsChris Howells
Tigne 19641380 viewsCathy Johnstone, ?, Rod Deas, Chris Pullen, John (Flash) Moore, ?.
3 commentsLantern
Tigne 19651361 viewsBack: Diane (Spartacus) Prater, Brian (Beatle) Jackson?, Jane Baxter.
Middle: Mary Bishop, Mick Gillam, ?, Pat? Elliot, John (Flash) Moore, Paul (Quanger) Jenner, ?, Cathy Johnstone, Jack Ferrett.
Reclining: Richard (Tiny) Knapman, Rod Deas.
Photo by Lynne Gregory.
Kalafrana Swimming Gala c19681319 viewsJanice BakerPrefect
David Michael Gerrard 1946-2016 (aka Prefect)1313 viewsMy very very sad task to report David's passing on Sunday 17 January. THN Webmaster, Scholar, Sea Captain, Falklands Veteran, Friend and all round Good Bloke, he has gone to stand at the back of the big Assembly in the sky (or is it Detention?). Sahha xbien.

Dave seen here in his role as honorary member of TH ladies-who-lunch (Exeter) club, Sept 2015.

Funeral to take place at 3pm Tuesday 2nd Feb, Weston Mill Crematorium, Plymouth PL2 2EP (easy access from A38).

Please feel free to write tributes below, they can be printed out for the day.
9 commentsMartin Powell
1307 viewsJean Proctor, Moya Graham, Allison Bigden at ?2 commentsabigden
Talhandaq-ians joining the RAF 19621305 viewsFrom Bob McDonald.3 commentsPrefect
Tigne 19651271 viewsRod Deas, John (Flash) Moore, Brian (Beatle) Jackson?, Paul (Quanger) Jenner, Mick Gillam, Richard (Tiny) Knapman.
Photo by Lynne Gregory.
4 commentsLantern
Who is this? - Alastair Wreford1249 viewsKalafrana 1966-7.4 commentsKalabrat
David (Jock) Norris in the kilt1243 views and the girl's name is Sheila and the boy's name was Tom.
Letetia Duke
Tigne 19651241 viewsBack: Diane (Spartacus) Prater, Brian (Beatle) Jackson?
Middle: Mick Gillam, ?, Pat? Elliot, John (Flash) Moore, Mary Bishop, Paul (Quanger) Jenner, ?, Cathy Johnstone, Jack Ferret.
Front: Jane Baxter, Rod Deas.
Reclining: Richard (Tiny) Knapman.
Photo by Lynne Gregory.
3 commentsLantern
Sandy and Jane . Golden Bay 641222 viewsHappy Summers!
Ron Leeman - Shot Putt - 1965?1215 viewsronthecoolone
Electioneering? 19691196 viewsTop row is Jim Jones and Bob Campbell. The bottom row is David, Kim, Sherry, Karen and Beverly. I do not know the last names of the last 3.

Letitia Duke
1 commentsPrefect
Nelson Cross Country 1966 from the magazine.1195 views3 commentsRichard Knapman
David Norris and Richard Ball, Feb 1968.1181 viewsPrefect
End of a Dinghy Sailing Era!1179 viewsHanding Over Bosun Dinghy, Tal Handaq, to 2nd St Ives Sea Scouts 14 Feb 2012 - Bernard Hoctor, Pam Miller (nee Hinton), Brian Fuller, Ann Fuller (nee Hoctor), Amanda Robertson (nee Hinton), Edward Younger (Explorer)bernardhoctor
John Day, Kalafrana Summer 19611176 viewsBlue sea, sky etc. Why did we come home to rain?4 commentsdeco.rise
1174 viewsTex in a dress! At Delimara I think.1 commentsabigden
Beach Party Ghajn Tuffieha 62-63?1170 viewsnames to faces please. If only I could remember !
Jane Banks
1 commentsPrefect
Liz Jameson 19681166 viewsAt St George's. What a change from now - the scenery, I mean!(and me)!! 1 commentsPrefect
John & Clare, Kalafrana Summer 19611143 viewsJohn Day & Clare Hollister. She left Malta on SS Orcades 19th July 1962. Where are you now Clare?
1 commentsdeco.rise
Party Time 19601134 viewsDavid Graham
Me standing on the extreme right, with Chris Gibbins on my right, Mike Hay, then Chris Cansfield. Two of the girls standing - Val Simmonds and Sally Raisen (spelling?).
1 commentsPrefect
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