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Tal-Ħandaq Nostalgia

Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.

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Buses Post Card1712 viewsIn the proper coloursPrefect
New Barrakka Lift1653 viewsCourtesy of Malta Buses. More here.Prefect
Ken Stubbs, Bunty Stubbs, Margaret Gamble, Paddy Gamble, Malta 19521369 viewsThe car is possibly a Riley ?4 commentsdfss
Peter and Charmaine ©1011 viewsWhile doing the midday sun thing last year at Mgarr, we (Grahame Cain & I) came across what looked like a fully rigged luzzu. Being nosy I climbed aboard uninvited for a closer look. Peter emerged from the shade beneath and we spent an hour grilling him (no hat either). When he was fully baked we let him get back to his painting. He writes….(see comments below)….1 commentsMartin Powell
Fallen Star994 views29 July 1955.
©Jane Banks
Video Clip
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Amerigo Vespucci 1959941 views©Liz MardelPrefect
Kingsgate Terminus906 viewsAfter Kingsgate had been desecrated into Citygate.
Martin Powell
2 commentsPrefect
Oh Dear!805 viewsThe Star of Malta being salvaged from the reef off Dragonara Point. July 1955.
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Imperial Eagle771 viewsFormerly Crested Eagle. Gozo Ferry 1958 - 1968.
After a period of lay up and vandalism in Grand Harbour, she was laid to rest as a diving wreck off Qawra Point in 1999.

Full story HERE
Old Zabbar Bus 2522 Back in Service766 viewsTimes of Malta.
As she was.
Imperial Eagle 1970s761 viewsHer glory days past, having been displaced from the Marfa - Mgarr route by a Ro-Ro, she took over the freight route from Valletta from the Queen of Peace before eventually being laid up.16 commentsPrefect
My then boyfriend Joe's car, not very affectionately known as 'the orange Anglia"!719 viewsThe four figures with the car are - Joyce Rippin, needlework teacher at Tal Handaq, Ian Merrilees, doing his National Service on the C-in-C's flagship HMS Surprise, Liz Keating from Ireland who was teaching in a Maltese school and Joe Mardel, Admiralty Civil Engineer.
© Liz Mardel
5 commentsOldBat
Wreck of the Bancinu719 viewsGozo Ferry 1950 -1957
Broke her moorings at Mgarr in a gale and was salvaged by RFA Uplifter.
Viscount (G-AMNY) at Luqa, 5 Jan 1960.694 viewsPlease remain in your seat until the aircraft has come to a complete stop.
Information from Viscount Network
The Viscount was taxiing along the runway after landing when a hydraulic system pressure loss occurred. Wheel brakes and nosewheel steering were inoperative and the plane left the runway, rolling down an area of downslope. Because of the hydraulic system pressure loss an attempt by the pilot to raise the gear failed. The aircraft crashed into the control tower. Investigation revealed a fractured pipe line and faulty operation of a non-return valve intended to conserve pressure if there was a break in the main hydraulic system.
The cockpit and nose was badly crushed and the fuselage broke open forward of the wing leading edge. All 5 crew and 46 passengers escaped without serious injury.
The radio equipment was stolen while the aircraft was stored awaiting disposal.
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Charmaine runnning goose-winged ©683 viewsDo the Maltese (or Gozitans) have a word for it? Peter continues below....1 commentsMartin Powell
Ooops!680 viewsSliema Creek c19552 commentsPrefect
Notary Zarb Street Attard 1928678 viewsThe Valletta-Rabat road about to be asphalted.
Villa Refalo (background) in 1962 became the restaurant Villa Corinthia which then expanded into the Corinthia Palace Hotel, and then went global.
Steam Ferry leaving Senglea666 viewsDockyard Terrace and Sheer Bastion at right.
Before 1927 when the sheerlegs were removed.
Magirus-Deutz660 viewsWhen did the green rooflights disappear?

Martin Powell
4 commentsPrefect
Scammell Scarab ©655 viewsMobile Post Office Valletta 2012
Restoration Project
2 commentsPrefect
Troll c1960642 viewsWith Sea Giant.
© Rex Cooper.
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Dghajsa tal Latini630 viewsGozo Boats at Mgarr.
So called because of their Lateen rig. Survived (with diesel engines) up to the sixties.
The last one is being restored at Mgarr.
Read all about it
Types of Maltese Boats
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Star of Malta630 viewsAground on Mercanti Reef off St Julian's Bay July 1955.
See Also
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Melita Land at Mgarr628 viewsIn service 1974 - 1991.Prefect
Star of Malta 1961 ©626 views In 1952 she was sold to Maltese owner, Paul M. Laferla, who operated her thrice weekly as the passenger ferry Star of Malta between Malta and Syracuse.
Full History
Video Clip
3 commentsOldBat
Star of Malta July 1955621 viewsFull story here.Prefect
Malta Express618 viewsEntered service 1976. The bean counters have taken control of ship design & naming!Prefect
Tilley (Bedford Utilicon)610 viewsMac
Reminiscent of the School Transport driven by Benny Cassar who is on the left in THIS PHOTO
1 commentsPrefect
Malta Railway 608 viewsArtwork by Edgar Vella.
The original timber viaduct was insisted upon by the War Office, to allow them to quickly remove the breach in the fortifications. Later rebuilt in stone.
Troopship Empire Halladale587 viewsBuilt 1921 in Hamburg as the ANTONIO DELFINO for the Hamburg South America Line, 13,589 gross tons, twin screw, speed 13 knots with accommodation for 184-1st, 334-2nd and 1,368-3rd class passengers. May 1945 taken over by British forces at Copenhagen and refitted as a troopship. Nov.1945 allocated to the Ministry of War Transport, managed by Anchor Line and renamed EMPIRE HALLADALE. Oct.1955 laid up and 1956 sold for scrapping at Dalmuir.3 commentsPrefect
New Barrakka Lift587 viewsCourtesy of Malta Buses. More here.Prefect
Super Constellation & Triumph Herald568 viewsThe aircraft was confiscated for arms smuggling in 1965 and later turned into a restaurant.
The car was probably assembled in Malta.
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