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Tal-Ħandaq Nostalgia

Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.

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HMS Woodbridge Haven 19594538 viewsIn Sliema Creek with the Minesweeping Squadron.
E Ferreira
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HMS Bulawayo2452 viewsNordmark (later Northmark) was a former German Navy fast fleet oiler which was allocated to the Royal Navy by the Inter-Allied Repatriations Commission when British forces entered Copenhagen on 9 May 1945. Cost of conversion to RFA standards was considered prohibitive, so she remained RN. Carried out trials of the abeam method. The Bulawayo Cup was presented to ships on the Mediterranean Station which displayed the most conspicuous efficiency in Replenishment at Sea.
© IWM (FL 4219)
Airmen's Mess RAF Luqa2372 views2 commentsPrefect
Water Boats2247 viewsPainting by OldBat
©Liz Mardel
Alongside HMS Forth 19562189 viewsSentinel. Sea Devil, Tudor, Trenchant.
Peter Palmer
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HMY Britannia 19612172 views©Liz MardelOldBat
HMS Euryalus2145 viewsPrefect
Canberras2061 viewsPrefect
Hell Boats1714 views2 commentsPrefect
Paradise Bay 1956 ©1494 viewsRelaunching their boat at Paradise Bay in choppy weather.
Jane Banks
75 Sqn RAAF Ta Kali 19541493 viewsPrefect
RFA Mounts Bay1422 viewsAs part of Royal Navy's Cougar-12 deployment, together with HMS Illustrious, HMS Bulwark, HMS Northumberland, HMS Montrose and MV Hartland Point. Prefect
HMS Ausonia & Manoel Is. 1959/601200 viewsOther ships are HMS Dainty, parts of HMS Anzio & LST Charles McLeod and a lonely HMS Eastbourne in Sliema Creek. On the island is part of the Leper Hospital, beyond that the Base Supply Office, Fort Manoel, the Diving Centre and Comms Training Centre. To the left of the football pitches is the Canteen (Cinema), in front of which are the tennis courts/roller skating rink of blessed memory.
What a lot of nostalgia!

More photos and info on Ausonia HERE
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Former RN Camerata Barracks, Valletta.1170 views3 commentsPrefect
HMS Ausonia ©1155 viewsIn the summer of 1960 HMS Ausonia went for her summer cruise and is seen here exchanging salutes passing HMS Phoenicia.
Lazaretto Creek 1959-601121 viewsWinter of 1959/1960. HMS Ausonia with alongside to right, HMS Lofoten (LST3027), a 108MSS Ton minesweeper (I think Leverton), HM Tug Brigand (A383) and Ford class launch. To the left the destroyer HMS Dainty (D108) and forward a Weapon Destroyer, probably HMS Crossbow (D96). Forward of these are three LCTs incl HMS Redoubt. To the left the two LSTs are Charles Macleod (ex LST3021) managed by British India Steam Navigation on behalf of the Army and behind it HMS Anzio (LST3003). The remainder of the large number of vessels formed part of the reserve fleet. Notice particularly open fields behind Gzira and Ta’ Xbiex.

More photos and info on Ausonia HERE
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The end of the day, Grand Harbour 1959 ©1076 views10 commentsOldBat
Hermes Squadrons at Hal Far 1966 ©1058 viewsBuccaneers of 809, and Sea Vixens of 892 Squadrons, disembarked from HMS Hermes, ashore at RNAS Hal Far dispersal.Kalabrat
HMS St Angelo1040 viewsFort St Angelo18 commentsPrefect
HMS Woolwich 19471031 viewsPrefect
Raising a submarine in Msida Creek ca 1958 ©1010 viewsPhoto by (Miss) Barbara Kernahan6 commentsOldBat
Destroyers in Sliema Creek991 viewsRMA Mess on Tigne Street, foreground. LSTs far right.
7th Destroyer Sqn. Probably 1962. HMS Trafalgar, Dunkirk, Jutland, Aisne or Corunna?, Broadsword and Scorpion.
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RFA Maine 1946981 views©Dickinson CollectionPrefect
Manoel Island Lido 1960 ©981 viewsThis was taken during the summer of 1960 at the Lido (Manoel Island) and shows crew members from the destroyers and frigates berthed in Sliema Creek relaxing. I recall the great fun we had on the diving board and raft both visible in this photograph. There was also a counter on the beach (in reality rocks) that sold cold drinks. For returning an empty bottle you received 1d. Empties were usually thrown into the sea. We only got paid every 14 days so on the blank week, we’d dive for these empty bottles for the 1d return! Happy days.
Postcard - Gzira Creek 964 viewsLooks like HMS Forth in foreground, can anybody name any more?6 commentsdeco.rise
HMS Tiger & Lion in Grand Harbour -24 August 1961947 viewsTiger steaming past her sister ship. According to my records this is the first occasion since the "Tiger" class Cruisers were launched that the two of them are seen together in the Med. Date please??4 commentsdeco.rise
HMS Forth in her usual place 926 views©Liz MardelOldBat
HMS Troutbridge926 viewsThe Navy Lark 1959 - 1977.
Back Row: A.B.Johnson (Ronnie Barker), C.P.O. Pertwee (Jon Pertwee). Lt Bates (Michael Bates), LS Goldstein (Tenniel Evans). Centre: Lieut, Murray (Stephen Murray), Capt. Povey (Richard Caldicot), Sub. Lieut. Phillips (Leslie Phillips). Front: Wren Chasen (Heather Chasen) and Wren Cornwell (Judy Cornwell).
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HMS St Angelo921 views©Liz Mardel
Fort St Angelo
Last White Ensign at Hal Far 911 views31 May 1967 on the disbandment of 728 Naval Air Squadron.

HMS Falcon had already ceased to be on 31 August 1965. RAF Hal-Far was instituted 1st Sept 1965.

The Kalafrana - Hal Far Story
HMS Blake 1961-1963910 views©Lesley ColePrefect
USS John F Kennedy905 views20041 commentsPrefect
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