Tal-Ħandaq Nostalgia

Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.

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39 Squadron RAF, in Italy (2)271 viewsVilla Franca Verona, mid-1960s. Members of the Photographic Section on the way out to one of their Canberra PR9s. Interesting to see examples in the background of the Aeronautica Militaire's equivalent reconnaissance aeroplane - Republic RF-84F Thunderflash. IvanMar 29, 2015
39 Squadron RAF, in Italy343 viewsInteresting though it has been, Prefect, to learn about the Algerine Class of minesweepers, it must be time for another aeroplane. Here is a 39 Squadron Canberra PR9 from Luqa on detachment to Villa Franca, Verona, in the mid 1960's. Back of the photograph is stamped " 3A Aerobrigata" (Aeronautica Militaire). Not sure if the aircrew are arriving or departing. 1 commentsIvanMar 27, 2015
RAF Luqa SNCO Wives Club tour of a 38 Sqdn Shackleton, 1965 or 66337 viewsThe officer in sunglasses is clearly amused by the result of the playful breeze. Unlike the airman on the right who appears highly fed-up.1 commentsIvanJan 02, 2015
A (vivid) memory of Mdina417 viewsThis is Casa Mdina, Wesgha Ta’ Sant’ Agata, Mdina. This is where our Eng Lit master lived. He invited his Upper 6th class one evening for a literary soiree (his phrase, not mine), and whilst readings were being delivered to and by the guests I recall having a cosy time on this balcony with a young lady. My Eng Lit A-level grade was not good…1 commentsIvanNov 25, 2014
Dining-in Night220 viewsRecent posts about the Sergeant's Mess at RAF Luqa 2 Site reminded me of this photo. Unknown Warrant Officer on the left; centre is F/Sgt Ron Commons DFM, right is F/Sgt Hugh Grundy.IvanNov 21, 2014
Another of Luqa 2 Site (June 2012)414 viewsAfter 10 minutes of cajoling the AFM guard at the entrance opposite the station church he decided he couldn't let me in, so this was taken from outside the perimeter. Our flat was the one in the middle, although it didn't have a glazed-in veranda in 1965/66. McDonalds - who'd have thought it...?IvanOct 14, 2014
RAF Luqa, mid-1960s340 viewsOfficers from the Italian Aeronautica Militare being shown around the Photographic Section. The Primo Capitano with the fag looks as though he would be more at home as a member of the cast of "The Sopranos".IvanSep 12, 2013
Valletta 1966400 viewsNice official RAF shot of the cityIvanSep 12, 2013
Paradise Bay, Spring 1965618 viewsSteve Commons (suitably dressed for the beach in white shirt and cravat...!), meets Geoff Milton, Paul Jenner and (truncated) Mick Gillham part-way through their DoE Award (?Gold) hike.2 commentsIvanSep 12, 2013
HM the Queen visits Malta 1967 © 399 viewsIvanSep 10, 2013
HM the Queen visits Malta 1967 © 390 viewsIvanSep 10, 2013
HM the Queen visits Malta 1967 © 323 viewsIvanSep 10, 2013
HM the Queen visits Malta 1967 © 374 viewsIvanSep 10, 2013
Bighi mid-1960s423 viewsNice shot of St Angelo, Kalkara Creek & Bighi. Interesting to compare this with a Google view. Spent good afternoons at Nigel Vaughan's house (his father was a Surgeon Lieutenant-Commander at Bighi). Wonderful garden with many fruits. Not there now - a marina instead! Google Map.2 commentsIvanSep 09, 2013
Luqa Primary School 1966. 547 viewsTaken from the verandah of our flat.IvanSep 08, 2013
Barbara Murphy & Ann Dennison, 1965 or 66681 viewsIvanSep 07, 2013
RAF Luqa main gate, believed 1966335 viewsIvanSep 07, 2013
The Gut 2012 © 407 viewsStrait Street - altogether a more wholesome place now.IvanSep 05, 2013
Ghajn Tuffieha Bay 2012433 viewsSee Prefect's earlier pic of Ghajn Tuffieha and his remark about the steps. Not content with that, last time there we hiked to the small cave to the left just below the summit of the plateau, then on to Gnejna Bay. Believe me, those steps were a killer on the way back!1 commentsIvanAug 22, 2013
39 Squadron, RAF LUQA675 viewsThis may be optimistic at a file size of 216kb, but if you can zoom in enough there may be one or two fathers that can be recognised.1 commentsIvanFeb 15, 2013
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