Tal-Ħandaq Nostalgia

Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.

Last additions - Tex Brown
Phyllis's Last Swim in 1963967 viewsWith Willy Forbes-HunterTex Brown Dec 04, 2010
The Fateful Day807 viewsReturn to the Real WorldTex Brown Nov 30, 2010
The St Julians Crowd 1962965 views Back row: Tony Bulbeck, Mike Neil, Mike Milne. Middle Row: "Fred" Melton, Brendan Breslin, Chris Hannant, Chris Gibbins, Peter Searle, Stuart Herridge. Front Row: Rod Casey, John Spensley, Susan Waugh, Rosemary Dearden. Picture Courtesy of Phyllis HannanTex Brown Nov 30, 2010
St Julians 1963777 viewsPhyllis's Last Day in Malta! From Left: Jim Cooper, Tex Brown, Eugene Watson, Ian Inshaw, William Forbes-HunterTex Brown Nov 30, 2010
Return from Sicily Trip725 views6th August 1962. Andy Wilkin, Dan Vadney, Dixie Mulcahy, Tex BrownTex Brown Nov 30, 2010
Jim Cooper593 viewsOn the roof of Alhambra Flats, Sliema. And, forestalling questions from the ladies, " No, He Wasn't!1 commentsTex Brown Nov 30, 2010
School v Staff 1963901 views Let Battle Commence!3 commentsTex Brown Nov 30, 2010
School v Staff 1963 625 viewsSorry Mr Lewis (Pay Back Time!) School v Staff Manoel Island2 commentsTex Brown Nov 30, 2010
Tal Handaq 1st XV 1963-1964815 viewsBack Row from left: George Lyall, Brian Jackson, Reg Woodcock. Middle Row: Ian Whittington, Mike Merredew, Richard "Tiny" Knapman, Jim Cooper, John Clark, Brendan Breslin.
Front Row: John Passmore, Ian "Nob" O'Brien, TB, Geoff Randall, Dave Ensor, Chris Dunn.
Tex Brown Nov 30, 2010
Pembroke Youth Club Football 1962610 viewsIan O'Brien, Ian Inshaw and Tex BrownTex Brown Nov 30, 2010
Phyllis Hannan637 viewsOff to SchoolTex Brown Nov 30, 2010
Overseas Rugby Club XV 1964691 viewsNot strictly Tal Handaq , but we were an important part of the ORFC. Jim Cooper and Brian " Beatle" Jackson seated front, Ian O'Brien kneeling left, Mr. ( Viv) CV Morris capped on the right, and TB standing fourth from the left.Tex Brown Nov 30, 2010
Overseas RFC863 viewsTal Handaq at the ORFC 1961-962 Season
Mr CV Morris ( Viv) Standing Left Back Row ( His First cap), TB third from left, Lt. E.G. Walsh 7th, Fred Melton 8th from left, Geoff Randall 10th from left back row.
Seated Front Left: Mr. H.M. "Griff" Griffiths ( Yes, the obligatory Welshman!)
3 commentsTex Brown Nov 30, 2010
Tex & Geoff Randall501 views At The MarsaTex Brown Nov 30, 2010
La Gendarmerie746 viewsPrefects 19646 commentsTex Brown Nov 30, 2010
Golden Bay 1962905 views From Left Martin Bond, Tom Fraser, Isobel Simpson, Tex and Phyllis, Kevin Claughan, Joe Salerno. Front, Andy Wilkin and Pauline Warner.3 commentsTex Brown Nov 30, 2010
First XI 1964743 viewsGraham Roberts,Brendan Breslin, Mick Gilham, George Lyall, Frank Jackson, Front Row Mike Paxton, Rod Deas, Roger Hurrell, Jim Cooper, Tex Brown, Ian O'Brien 1 commentsTex Brown Nov 30, 2010
Sicily 1962 Mount Etna558 viewsFrom left: Tex Brown, Alan "Dixie" Mulcahy, Dan Vadney, Andy WilkinTex Brown Nov 30, 2010
Tal Handaq 1st XI 1964676 viewsBack - Graham Roberts, Mike Paxton, Frank Jackson, ... George Lyall, , Mr Bowen.
Front - Tex Brown, Bredan Breslin, David Hobden, Roger Hurrell, Ian O'Brien
13 commentsTex Brown Nov 30, 2010
Bev Pearce438 viewsBev Pearce showing Kate Moss how to smoulder.Tex Brown Nov 30, 2010
A Rare Document656 viewsLifetime Pass to the Sliema CafeTex Brown Nov 30, 2010
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