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Tal-Ħandaq Nostalgia

Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.

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793 viewsDockyard Sea Scout 1953robinwilliamsJul 24, 2012
Grand Harbour 1962416 viewsPerhaps Prefect can identify ships?1 commentsrobinwilliamsMay 24, 2010
View of Vitoriosa 1962355 viewsrobinwilliamsMay 22, 2010
Rocky Vale 1959496 viewsGary and Jean ?3 commentsrobinwilliamsMay 22, 2010
Fort Manoel Refurb482 views6 commentsrobinwilliamsMay 02, 2010
Fort Manoel Refurb399 views1 commentsrobinwilliamsMay 02, 2010
Fort Manoel Refurb361 views1 commentsrobinwilliamsMay 02, 2010
St Ann's Square431 views2 commentsrobinwilliamsApr 25, 2010
HMT Cheshire350 viewsOn leaving Malta in 1954 we, as a family, travelled back to UK in Cheshire docking in Liverpool. The ship not only carried families but also a lot of troops returning from a tour in Egypt.1 commentsrobinwilliamsApr 17, 2010
Class 3CM 1953/54874 viewsCentre is Denise Williams (my eldest sister) also in photo Ann Wilson, Dianne Cottrell, Dorthy Penman, Edna MacMillan, Pauline Nuttall, Ann Perrin, and Renetta Roberts to name a few.
SEE BETTER COPY with all names
8 commentsrobinwilliamsMar 22, 2010
Lady Mountbatten908 viewsNot sure if I or my sister Denise is in this photo
but taken in school hall probably 1953.
Including, Jennifer Paige, Ethel Mitchell, Valerie Fogden, Marilyn Hawkins.
5 commentsrobinwilliamsMar 07, 2010
Earl Mountbatten and Missus in safe hands ©577 viewsTaken in 1953 with Whaler crewed by Dockyard Sea Scouts.
The Dockyard Sea Scouts also had Maltese members unlike
Tal Handaq's.Cannot remember occasion but I was the Bow oarsman.
2 commentsrobinwilliamsMar 07, 2010
Panto393 viewsNot sure what date but probably 1954 - I know it was February time as after the show I went swimming and it was freezing - thats me on the extreme right. The show was on Manoel Island in a small theatre attached to the Small Ships Training Centre. Cannot remember who put the show on but we did the Hornpipe. No names I am afraid although a Heather was there! 2 commentsrobinwilliamsMar 07, 2010
HMS Glasgow481 viewsLord Louis Mountbatten Flagship 1952 - 1954robinwilliamsFeb 01, 2010
Triton Fountain, Kingsgate458 viewsTaken on 'opening' day which I think was 1953 to co-incide with QE2 Coronation ?3 commentsrobinwilliamsFeb 01, 2010
HMS / HMT Brigand734 viewsRescue Tug operating out of Malta with mainly Maltese Crew.
Built 1937. Paid off 1960 after 22 years Med service.

Story HERE
1 commentsrobinwilliamsFeb 01, 2010
Upper Barrakka Gardens 1952677 viewsRobin, Majorie Ann and Denise Williams robinwilliamsFeb 01, 2010
HMS Undaunted546 viewsOperated out of Malta during Cyprus Patrol Duties 1959/60.
1 commentsrobinwilliamsJan 30, 2010
Gharry272 viewsToday an expensive ride but one has to do itrobinwilliamsJan 29, 2010
HMS Mediator768 viewsRescue Tug operated out of Malta with mainly Maltese Crew.
Bustler Class. Built 1944, sold 1964.
robinwilliamsJan 29, 2010
Rockyvale Cafe Paceville605 viewsSite of Rockyvale today.3 commentsrobinwilliamsJan 29, 2010
Plaque inside Rockvale Cafe418 viewsrobinwilliamsJan 29, 2010
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