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Tal-Ħandaq Nostalgia

Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.

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Safi Youth Club 1978667 viewsKevin PerkinSep 04, 2016
Safi Youth Club 1978890 viewsHeidi Hipperson and Debbie Smeeton2 commentsKevin PerkinSep 04, 2016
Kevin Perkin and William Jefferson aka Jaffa 1977811 viewsOn the roof of my house Cart Wheel, Tal Papa Road, Birzebbuga Summer of 1977Kevin PerkinSep 04, 2016
Air Spies of Malta356 viewsRipping yarn set in the 40s in a school rather like Verdala. In fact a Verdala with public school boarders. Think of Biggles, Famous Five, Jennings and Boys' Own all rolled together and set in Malta.

Who was Peter Jackson? He must have known Verdala (it wasn't Peter Prictoe, I asked him).

A search on www.bookfinder.com reveals plenty of copies available. (Thanks to Chris Barber for that info). Also on ebay from time to time. Much cheaper without a dustjacket.
adminAug 19, 2016
Verdala closes - 40 years ago537 viewsThe Dolphin & Eagle (forces families newspaper Malta) carried the following article on 30 July 1976, headed simply :-


"The Service Children's School Verdala closed on Wednesday 14 July, for the third time in its history. The Assembly held in the school that morning was therefore a rather special one for the children, staff, parents and guests. The Flag Officer Malta, Rear Admiral O.N.A. Cecil, accepted an invitation to be present and and kindly consented to present the awards.

For most of the forenoon a special signal hoist 'ZKJ2' was flying from the palm tree, meaning 'I am closing down this circuit'. A very sad moment arrived when that signal was executed at 1255"
1 commentsadminJul 25, 2016
On This Day 512 viewsLt George Carroll - Hero of Mosta - died 23 May 2012

Lt Carroll (pictured left) is believed to have been responsible for tackling more unexploded bombs than any other Royal Engineers bomb disposal officer in World War II, across all theatres of war.

Remarkably, he was the only bomb disposal officer from the Army, Navy and Air Force active during the siege of Malta not to be decorated, though this did not bother him.


adminMay 23, 2016
Things are looking UP !!726 viewsThe building of the huge 38-storey tower proposed by the Gasan Group is set to have a dramatic impact on views enjoyed by pedestrians strolling along Ghar id-Dud, the Sliema promenade, apart from breaking the skyline when viewed from as far away as Rinella Bay in Kalkara.

9 commentsadminMay 18, 2016
Another mess 'do' - HMS Falcon, Hal Far 1950s428 viewsWith my parents Olive and Len Reed.

Sue Lewis
SC-UKApr 25, 2016
Birzebuggia Xmas party c1952372 viewsMe in plaits. 'Waiters' in uniform.

Sue Lewis (nee Reed)
SC-UKApr 25, 2016
Bridesmaid335 viewsAs bridesmaid at a family friend Wren's wedding Kalafrana 1950s.

Sue Lewis (nee Reed)
SC-UKApr 25, 2016
"St George" Pretty Bay478 viewsWhere the Reed family lived 1950-3.

Sue Lewis (nee Reed)
SC-UKApr 25, 2016
Leonard Reed293 viewsMy father Len Reed in the garden at St George, Pretty Bay c1951.

Sue Lewis
SC-UKApr 25, 2016
Hal Far - HMS Falcon318 viewsMy father Leonard Reed second from right c1951.

Sue Lewis
SC-UKApr 25, 2016
Mess Ball - Hal Far?345 viewsMy parents and pals.

Sue Lewis
SC-UKApr 25, 2016
Slippery customer on slip.426 viewsKalafrana 1950

Sue Lewis (nee Reed)
SC-UKApr 25, 2016
Pretty Bay party c1952401 viewsSue Lewis (nee Reed)SC-UKApr 25, 2016
Hal Far - HMS Falcon331 viewsMy father Len Reed was in the Royal Navy when he became in charge of a small unit of the Fleet Air Arm at Hal Far in 1950-53. I think he went up in planes fixing electrical faults connected with the radios and communications. (He didn't care much for that part !)

Sue Lewis
SC-UKApr 25, 2016
Buschetto Gardens 1952329 viewsMe in centre.

Sue Lewis (nee Reed)
SC-UKApr 25, 2016
Pathe News clip250 viewsPlay video clip HERE (click on orange word)

For nine more clips of the Royal visit search youtube for British Pathe Queen in Malta 1954.
adminApr 21, 2016
228 viewsBritannia escorted by the Med Fleet en route to Malta.SC-UKApr 20, 2016
206 viewsHM the Queen and TRHs Prince Philip, Princess Anne and Prince Charles in a special enclosure on Britannia's bridge.SC-UKApr 20, 2016
Suggestions for ship names welcome.....235 viewsSC-UKApr 20, 2016
Suggestions for ship names welcome..... 216 viewsSC-UKApr 20, 2016
Three cheers220 viewsSuggestions for ship names welcome..... SC-UKApr 20, 2016
Destroyers in line ahead escorting Britannia207 viewsSuggestions for ship names welcome..... SC-UKApr 20, 2016
Land ho !218 viewsA future Royal sailor

Sorry for camera shake
SC-UKApr 20, 2016
A perfect gentleman194 viewsPrince Charles gives his sister Princess Anne a helping hand as they leave the Hotel PhoeniciaSC-UKApr 20, 2016
Philip and Louis play polo209 viewsCharles and Anne accompanied the Queen to watch their father play polo at the Marsa polo ground. HRH played for the Navy team against the Army for the Rundle Cup and scored once.

HM presented the Cup to Admiral Mountbatten and trophies to the other seven players.
SC-UKApr 20, 2016
En route to the Marsa....201 views....to watch the polo match.SC-UKApr 20, 2016
Entering Grand Harbour191 viewsTug name anyone?SC-UKApr 20, 2016
Investiture203 viewsHer Majesty held an Investiture at the Palace where 19 recipients were invested with their awards.SC-UKApr 20, 2016
Off-duty moment203 viewsNo handbag?SC-UKApr 20, 2016
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