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Tal-Ħandaq Nostalgia

Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.

Last additions - Tal Handaq 40-50s (1947 - 1959)
Swimming in Senglea1371 viewsDavid swimming in the harbour with Floriana at back.JeanetteFeb 23, 2012
Mellieha (Ghadira)950 viewsAugust 1952 Mellieha Church righthand side background
Colin & Marian Stow, David and Jeanette Chilcott
JeanetteFeb 23, 2012
Jeanette on the Bastion Wall1671 viewsJeanetteFeb 23, 2012
My House in Senglea650 viewsWhen we arrived in Senglea our home for supposed to be three years was 13 Safe Haven St Senglea. We came home after a year 1952-53JeanetteFeb 23, 2012
1952 Senglea977 viewsJeanetteFeb 23, 2012
Christmas 1952735 viewsChristmas Party H.M.S.Euryalus David and Digby, David chewing his nails and Digby just in frontJeanetteFeb 23, 2012
2BG 1953- names on the back.739 viewsFrom David Tucker -->PrefectJan 27, 2012
Form 2BG 19531381 viewsHarry Brill Edwards, Ron Colwill , Davis Smith, David Jones, Patricia Cunliffe, George Mullings
Jenny Churcher , Patrick O Keefe, Maureen Palmer, Stuart Hodkinson , David Tucker
J Ballyn, J Greaves, D Sylvester, B Y Steele, M Peters, D Kimpton, Wendy L Clarke, V Freeman
R Daniels, D Finlay, Joan(?) Fountain, A Cox, J Soffe
Kay Clay (form teacher who operated the camera)
PrefectJan 27, 2012
Royal Visit November 1949941 viewsAt Corradino Canteen where TH and Verdala pupils all assembled. Youngest pupil Jennifer Dodd presents the bouquet. Headmaster Cdr Miles right.

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2 commentsPrefectNov 28, 2011
Royal Visit November 1949727 viewsCdr Miles with HRH Princess Elizabeth.
Pupils from TH and Verdala all assembled at Corradino Canteen, which was reopened following repair of war damage.

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2 commentsPrefectNov 28, 2011
3AG 19581197 views Bernard Goatley (rear left), Christopher Ruoff (leaning on the doorpost), Brian Fuller ( light shorts and dark pullover), Keith Tayton (spectacled).
Photo - Steve Martin via this site.
Names from Brian Fuller who also remembers other class members being - Kathleen Spilsbury, Deirdre Pike, Glenys Metherell, Graham Cake, Robert Smith, John Merriman, Bruce Love, Terence Whitter, Richard Dowling, Peter Franks, Anthony Mullen.
Keith Tayton remembers all the others and was able to recite the class register at the last Reunion in Bath.

2 commentsPrefectOct 24, 2011
Sliema 1959730 viewsSunny Micallef, Susan Finch, John Finch.
(See Guestbook)
PrefectSep 14, 2011
Probably 19591190 viewsSue Hills & Tricia Staff at the back.
Front - Pat Glover, Wendy Cox, Dawn Fear, Alexandra Batty, Eileen Beer, Carol Robinson, Pat Woolner , Pauline Green, Valerie Lawrence ....
3 commentsPrefectAug 10, 2011
Val Fogden, Angela & Geoff Bamber 1954787 viewsPhoto © James Donald Bamber. PrefectFeb 23, 2011
Mellieha Bay 1954 © 1366 viewsGeoff & Angela Bamber with Valerie Fogden
Photo James Donald Bamber.
PrefectFeb 23, 2011
Ghajn Tuffieha Camp 1954 © 789 viewsEnsign hauled down by Tony Clark.
Photo James Donald Bamber.
PrefectFeb 09, 2011
Sea Scouts ©785 viewsSt George's Day 1953
Photo James Donald Bamber.
PrefectFeb 09, 2011
Future THN Members677 viewsTony's sister, Keith Wilson, Phill Rose,Tony Clark.

PrefectDec 08, 2010
TH Fairies653 viewsOutside the Hall, early 50s.
Donated at the recent Reunion by Silvia Holmes
1 commentsPrefectDec 03, 2010
Rugby at Ta Kali 1958963 viewsJohn Holmes
Back row. Andrew Lyne, Gordon Campbell, Bob Powell,George Whitehouse, Jock Lawrence, dunno, Craig Love has his hands on the shoulders of John Holmes, then its Jack Stubbs, Mike Eyett, Geoff Day, Roger Chandler, Robin Palmer and Bob Blythe. Kneeling I can't name the first two but with his hand on the ball is Bob Trott. Next to him is Roddy Robertson, then Lewis Thomas, Colin Doyle, and finally, Mike Cane.
5 commentsPrefectDec 03, 2010
5G 1958912 viewsJohn Holmes, Colin Doyle, Jim Graham, Andrew Lyne.1 commentsPrefectDec 03, 2010
Brian Shackleton607 viewsReceiving Form Prize from Admiral Sir Guy Grantham. 1 December 1955.Brian ShackletonDec 03, 2010
Floriana Scout HQ 1954587 viewsShows the boss in civies, Philip Hannan and yours truly.
Tony ClarkDec 03, 2010
Senglea Parade 1954687 views Foreground me again, our skipper was John Shepherd, an ERA serving on board HMS Lofoten.
Tony ClarkDec 03, 2010
The Seagulls 1954597 viewsThis was my patrol, , back row L to R Tony Clark, Philip ? , Geoff Bamber, front row Ronnie Whitaker and Brian Self.
3 commentsTony ClarkDec 03, 2010
Ann Wilson774 viewsFirst day at school September 1950Ann Ross-MacDonaldDec 02, 2010
Sports Day 1951672 viewsGill Trenhaile, John (Cactus) Wilson, Ann WilsonAnn Ross-MacDonaldDec 02, 2010
John & Ann Wilson 1951574 viewsAnn Ross-MacDonaldDec 02, 2010
John Wilson 1954670 viewsDiving off Bighi Rocks.
RFA War Hindoo beyond.
1 commentsAnn Ross-MacDonaldDec 02, 2010
Ann Wilson 1954568 viewsDiving off Bighi Rocks1 commentsAnn Ross-MacDonaldDec 02, 2010
Mtarfa 1951682 viewsAnn Wilson, Miss Shelton, Anne BullbeckAnn Ross-MacDonaldDec 02, 2010
Class 4MG 1954792 viewsEthel Mitchell, Margo Fuller, Leslie Cole, Joy Sellers, Valerie Fogden, Madeline Cousins, Renata Roberts,
Anne Perrin, Dorothy Penfold, Denise Williams, Tessa Dudman, Valerie Bartlett,
Dianne Cottrell, Edna McMillan, and Jennifer Paige.
Photo Ann Wilson
Ann Ross-MacDonaldDec 02, 2010
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