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Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.


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Roller skating at Rocky Vale748 viewsDiana Dick, John Knight, Alec Downs and Robin Palmer1 commentsjknightOct 06, 2014
Lady Mountbatten inspects Sea Scouts573 views1 commentsjknightOct 06, 2014
First School trip to Italy 1955651 viewsjknightOct 06, 2014
Admiral Mountbatten boards TS Egmont for commissioning.513 views1 commentsjknightOct 06, 2014
RN Sea Scouts row Lord Rowallan ashore from TS Egmont493 views1 commentsjknightOct 06, 2014
Chief Scout signs sea scout's autograph book on TS Egmont1092 viewsjknightSep 27, 2014
Chief Scout Lord Rowallan visits TS Egmont470 viewsThe story of Tal Handaq Sea Scouts is here.1 commentsjknightSep 27, 2014
Marigold Barrett & Spike Walton611 viewsItaly Trip 1957.1 commentsPeter EvansJun 27, 2014
Spike on Tea Chest661 viewsWorking Title before Rock Islanders?4 commentsPeter EvansJun 27, 2014
Diana and Elisa Dick c19562551 viewsPeter EvansJun 26, 2014
Tal Handaq Juniors, 1950904 viewsAll I can tell you about this is that my brother, John Holmes is the little chap (but by no means the youngest)
4th from the left in the back row. Think the hats must have been red and white for Christmas?
Taken when all ages attended Tal Handaq.
Sylvia HolmesJan 14, 2014
Birthday party, 1957863 viewsTaken on roof of Marshall Court, Gzira - RN married quarters in 1957.
I am 4th from left. 2nd from left is Linda ? then next to her is Carol Brown.
Sorry cannot remember any other name.
Sylvia HolmesJan 14, 2014
Irene Brown's birthday party860 viewsTaken on the roof of RN married quarters: Marshall Court, Gzira in 1957.
In back row there are the Gay twins, and 4th from right is my brother John Holmes.
Kneeling on the left is Irene Brown and on the extreme right is her sister Carol Brown.
Does anyone know the others? All pupils at Tal Handaq except the chap 2nd from right at the back,
think his name may be Jim. Believe he was older and came to Malta to see his parents.
1 commentsSylvia HolmesJan 14, 2014
Jackie ? 19561108 views(from America)
From Marilyn Williams -->
PrefectNov 12, 2013
Carole Pitt 1956653 viewsPrefectNov 12, 2013
Vicky Baines, Robina Wellard, Marilyn Williams.810 viewsPrefectNov 02, 2013
The Shepheard Family 1958 - 1961831 views3 commentsPrefectOct 21, 2013
Marigold Barrett, Rita Mays, Wendy Scott, Spike, Mike Eyett, Jill Wicken, Bob Trott.811 views1 commentsPrefectOct 16, 2013
Suzanne & Bob Trott and Family.740 viewsOn their roof in Sliema.2 commentsPrefectOct 16, 2013
Rock Islanders629 views Mike Eyett on guitar, Spike on tea chest bass, Tony Elliott on guitar and Fred Gleave on washboard. 1 commentsPrefectOct 15, 2013
Rock Islanders501 viewsSpike on tea chest bass. Geoff 'Spider' Day and Bob Powell on guitars.1 commentsPrefectOct 15, 2013
Rock Islanders500 viewsJohn Mays, Geoff 'Spider' Day, Mike Eyett, Bob Powell & Spike.1 commentsPrefectOct 15, 2013
Rock Islanders521 views1 commentsPrefectOct 15, 2013
Sporting Types594 views... Taff Uran?, John Melton, ... Pete Shepheard, Roger Melton, John Merriman, ... Bernard Hoctor.PrefectOct 11, 2013
Italy Trip 1958687 views19 out of 24 - Paul Gurney, Cliff Foreman, Bob Bruce, Colin Cole, Walter Attwood, Bob Lant, Chris Johnson, Henry Cavill. Alan Mogridge. Greg Bailey, Stewart Taylor, Alan Ford, Roger Mantle, Derek Hammond. Terence Whittam, Tony Mullen, Bruce Love, 'Tommy' Steel. Barry Blandon, Pat Kiggell, Clive Wood, Leonard Curtis, Derek Bishop, Spike Walton.1 commentsPrefectOct 10, 2013
Italy Trip 1958630 views3 commentsPrefectOct 10, 2013
'Twas on the Isle of Capri that ...555 viewsItaly Trip 19583 commentsPrefectOct 10, 2013
Up Pompei 1958509 viewsSpike, Paul Gurney & Cliff Foreman.
Italy Trip 1958
2 commentsPrefectOct 08, 2013
Pompei 1958459 viewsItaly Trip 19581 commentsPrefectOct 08, 2013
... Mr Cleaver, Cliff Foreman, Paul Gurney.483 viewsAt Pompei 1958.
Italy Trip 1958
2 commentsPrefectOct 08, 2013
Young Love at Eros531 viewsEve Priestley with Spike, Pat Mortimore & Cousin Dave.1 commentsPrefectOct 07, 2013
Spike at Eros428 viewsPrefectOct 07, 2013
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