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Tal-Ħandaq Nostalgia

Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.

Last additions - Tal Handaq 70s (1970 - 1978)
Luqa 2 site Tennis Courts and Flats717 viewsThese tennis courts were well used by us budding Rod Lavers at the time. The flats are the blocks overlooking the primary school playground on the other side. Photo taken from roughly the school bus stop on 9th October 2014.7 commentsfifla1973Nov 16, 2014
Married Quarters Luqa 2 site.616 viewsThis particular block faced the tennis courts and was where Chris Dillion lived. We had many a battle on the courts themselves with Pete Whiting and Dave Phillips. Picture taken 9th October 2014.1 commentsfifla1973Nov 16, 2014
Luqa Youth Club537 viewsThis was the Luqa Youth Club block, on the right hand side, until summer 1973. A den of iniquity indeed! Photo taken 9th October 1973 fifla1973Nov 16, 2014
Luqa Primary School514 viewsThis was on 2 site at Luqa. My sister attended until 1973. It looks like it is now used for offices. This pic taken 9th October 2014fifla1973Nov 16, 2014
HMS Talbot memorial plaque500 viewsThis is attached to the curtain below the Anglican Cathedral facing Manoel Island. The sailors used to come ashore below and make their way to Strait Street just up the slope.fifla1973Nov 16, 2014
Hay Wharf sailing club.500 viewsThe boats were hoisted into the water from where the grey navy boats are. We used to go there sailing for sports afternoons in 1971 from Tal Handaq. This picture was taken from my balcony in the Excelsior Hotel. I used to look up at the old hotel on the site at the time, with my girlfriend Cathy Stephenson, and wonder how people afforded to stay there!fifla1973Nov 16, 2014
RAF Luqa 2 site flats542 viewsOur flat was the first one on the ground floor. Picture taken 9th October 2014fifla1973Nov 16, 2014
Luqa 2 site as seen on 3rd October 2014487 viewsThe site of the school bus stop with the flats in the background and airport behind that. fifla1973Oct 14, 2014
Combined Cadet Force RAF541 viewsThe shoulder tapes for our CCF.

great memories
1 commentsbmale22Sep 14, 2014
Stamp club 2468 viewsbmale22Sep 14, 2014
4th Year 1974 with Mr Lew Finnis1587 viewsPrefectAug 10, 2014
Name this Teacher at Open Day 1971829 viewsPrefectApr 08, 2014
Form 2A1 in 1975 with Mr Peter Wright1491 viewsSpot the future MP.3 commentstompurnellOct 24, 2013
Prefects 19781061 viewsHEAD GIRL: Penny Davison DEPUTY HEAD GIRL: Patricia Ransom.
Jayne Barnes, Susan Bloom, Deborah Canham, Ella Chapman, Grace Graham, Angela Griffiths, Kim Hanns, Heidi Hipperson, Heather Merritt, Linda Moody, Rosangela Mortimer, April Morris, Susan Hewett, Maureen Simpson, Debbie Smeeton, Julie Stace, Anita Wardle, Belinda Young, Penny Davison, Patricia Ransom, Anne Dowie, Karen Hartley.
PrefectJul 26, 2013
Prefects 1978879 viewsHEAD BOY: Derek Bonnar. DEPUTY HEAD BOY: Andrew Basson
Andrew Basson Derek Bonnar Simon Crickmay Nicholas Hall Anthony Jackson
Simon Jackson Alex Groves Matthew Lane Stephen Oliver Ian Rowbottom Robert Webb Patrick Standford
PrefectJul 26, 2013
3E. 1974-51466 viewsWith Mr David DitchamPrefectApr 20, 2013
Prize Winners 19771171 viewsWith Captain Law (OIC Schools) are :- 1A Mark Judd Lucy Reynolds IB William Geddis 1C Lorraine Wood ID Mark Flattery IE Jacqueline Edwards IF Richard Kane 2A Philip Hurley Julie Lewington
2B Mark Warner Jacqueline Merritt 2C Jane Gatenby 2D Jacqueline Glennon 2E Vivian Millar 2F Trevor Lucas 3A Louise Latham 3B Stephen Banks 3C Tracey Hall 3D Keith Le Quesne 3E Josette Vernon 3F Christopher Hills 4J Christopher Sampsor 4K Tracey Kenard 4L Susan Brooke 4M Jane Wright 5J Mark Gatenby Rosangela Mortimer 5K Michael Clark 5L Helen Lewington 6G Boys Matthew Lane, Gerard Tall 6G Girls Beverley Shaw L6 Penelope Davis U6 Anne Dowie Deborah Helliwell L6 David North
PrefectApr 12, 2013
939 views Elaine Gorden, Unita Lewis, Julie Dimmick, Gillian Evans, Elizabeth Orr.PrefectApr 12, 2013
Elaine Gorden, Cindy Passey and me 1978909 viewsElizabeth OrrPrefectApr 10, 2013
Death by Domestic Science - 2843 views1976 - so maybe it was Home Economics by then. Mr. Arthur Wyatt, Acting British High Commissioner with Miss Hill, David Davies and Deborah Helliwell. Julie Dawson is the waitress.PrefectApr 10, 2013
1A1 with Miss Ash 1975-761600 views3 commentsPrefectMar 23, 2013
Prefects 19761665 viewsHEAD BOY: M. Barltrop. HEAD GIRL: V. Haste
BOYS: R. Burns J. Davies R. Howorth M. Whelton D. Davies M. Hyland M. Dawson D. North S. Rippon T. Rowland M. Sheppard P. Traynor.
GIRLS: JM. Glennon D. Jackson D. King L. Mockford L. Morris K. Morse L. Roberts A. Waghorn C. Williams N. Church A. Dowie J. Cartwright L. Graham L. Jeram D. Helliwell G. Male E. Graham C. Heffey K. Lamb J. Le Quesne J. Rennie M. Watts.

PrefectDec 05, 2012
Prizewinners 19761019 viewsWith Captain P.O. Stanley, OIC Schools 1973-1976.PrefectDec 05, 2012
19771468 viewsA small class with Mr Barry Whewell.1 commentsPrefectSep 12, 2012
19761413 viewsWith Mr Paul Goss.PrefectAug 18, 2012
Prefects 19751902 viewsFirst Row: Alex Rowlands, Sharon Watts, Julie-Marie Glennon, Sylvia Houghton, Helen Male, Veronica Haste, Jill Cartwright, Angela Berrington.
Second Row. Erica Stapley, Debbie Brankin, Christine Williams, Kathleen Loughnan, Alison Waghorn, Richard Howorth.
Third Row: Sue Fitton, Sue Harvey, Julie Taylor, Julie Davies, Karen Booth, Howard Helliwell, Robert Burns.
Fourth Row: John Allcott, Paul Darmody, Jil Pelan, Dave Simpson, Mike Baltrop.
1 commentsPrefectAug 05, 2012
Strange Netball Match 19741280 viewsSee morePrefectFeb 22, 2012
TALHANDALOT914 viewsFrom the 1974 MagazinePrefectFeb 21, 2012
Ean Smith 19751299 views6th form roofHelmalJan 11, 2012
Tigullio Night Club 19741187 viewsSue Dearlove, Helen , HowardHelmalJan 11, 2012
Tigullio Nightclub St Julians Bay 19741887 viewsAngela, Eddy ? ? HowardHelmalJan 11, 2012
Sliema 19751137 viewsHelen, Sylvia Houghton, DebbieHelmalJan 11, 2012
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