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Tal-Ħandaq Nostalgia

Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.

Last additions - Tal Handaq 60s (1960 - 1969)
Tigne Beach Summer 19651239 views1 commentsRichard KnapmanSep 27, 2015
Bryan & David Sanderson 1145 viewsOn a return visit in the early 70s.PrefectOct 11, 2014
A Sign of the Times1180 viewsThe name of the school was changed in April 1969, though it continued to be administered by the Royal Navy, along with all other service schools in Malta.
Photo : Evan Potts
1 commentsPrefectAug 12, 2014
David Norris and Richard Ball, Feb 1968.1350 viewsPrefectAug 09, 2014
Eros Cafe Sliema, Summer 19692655 viewsPaul Wickham, Dom Busuttil-Rivers, Keith Woodcock, Dan Rowan.

PrefectAug 09, 2014
Talhandaq-ians joining the RAF 19621481 viewsFrom Bob McDonald.3 commentsPrefectMay 27, 2014
DofE Exped Cyprus 19681180 views Including Evan Potts, Martin Powell, Robert Ross & Mr Roy Tomlinson.PrefectApr 13, 2014
Jock Norris, Evan Potts, Chris Willmann.1327 viewsSummer 1969.PrefectMar 30, 2014
Nelson Cross Country 1966 from the magazine.1384 views3 commentsRichard KnapmanFeb 04, 2014
Tigne 19651579 viewsBack: Diane (Spartacus) Prater, Brian (Beatle) Jackson?, Jane Baxter.
Middle: Mary Bishop, Mick Gillam, ?, Pat? Elliot, John (Flash) Moore, Paul (Quanger) Jenner, ?, Cathy Johnstone, Jack Ferrett.
Reclining: Richard (Tiny) Knapman, Rod Deas.
Photo by Lynne Gregory.
LanternJan 20, 2014
Tigne 19651450 viewsBack: Diane (Spartacus) Prater, Brian (Beatle) Jackson?
Middle: Mick Gillam, ?, Pat? Elliot, John (Flash) Moore, Mary Bishop, Paul (Quanger) Jenner, ?, Cathy Johnstone, Jack Ferret.
Front: Jane Baxter, Rod Deas.
Reclining: Richard (Tiny) Knapman.
Photo by Lynne Gregory.
3 commentsLanternJan 20, 2014
Tigne 19651464 viewsRod Deas, John (Flash) Moore, Brian (Beatle) Jackson?, Paul (Quanger) Jenner, Mick Gillam, Richard (Tiny) Knapman.
Photo by Lynne Gregory.
4 commentsLanternJan 20, 2014
Tigne 19651178 viewsJohn (Flash) Moore, Paul (Quanger) Jenner, Cathy Johnstone, Jack Ferret.
Photo by Lynne Gregory.
LanternJan 20, 2014
Tigne 19641599 viewsCathy Johnstone, ?, Rod Deas, Chris Pullen, John (Flash) Moore, ?.
3 commentsLanternJan 20, 2014
Ron Leeman - Shot Putt - 1965?1394 viewsronthecooloneJan 03, 2014
Ron Leeman - Shot Putt - 1965? 1015 views1 commentsronthecooloneJan 03, 2014
Tal Handaq or ORFC 05 (can't remember which).871 viewsronthecooloneNov 06, 2013
Tal Handaq or ORFC 04 (can't remember which).716 viewsronthecooloneNov 06, 2013
Tal Handaq or ORFC 03 (can't remember which).676 viewsronthecooloneNov 06, 2013
Tal Handaq or ORFC 01 (can't remember which).697 views1 commentsronthecooloneNov 06, 2013
Ron Leeman & Steve Bolster985 viewsA comparison of now and then.1 commentsronthecooloneNov 04, 2013
Whaler Trip April 6-9 1963 912 viewsSetting off from St Angelo Camber.
Photos from Brian Fuller/Jon Haylock.
The trip took four days in all and the first was spent in reaching up the coast to Paradise Bay where we camped for the night. On the second morning we sailed from Paradise Bay to Mgarr in Gozo via the South and North Comino Channels.
After lunch at Mgarr we reached down to Golden Bay where we said adios to Cdr. Des Clayes and camped for the night. On the third morning we were joined by Mr. McGillivray and Mr. Ratcliff and ran down to Benghisa Point (via Filfla) and then we pulled up to the R.A.F.S.C. at Marsaxlokk — a mere 11 miles. After a relatively peaceful night under a real roof, we tacked out of the bay to Delimara Point and then ran up the coast to Grand Harbour which we reached just after lunch.

PrefectOct 28, 2013
Whaler Trip April 6-9 19631035 viewsStanding:- Mr. R McGillivray Mr. P. Ratcliffe Lt.Cdr. Q. Des Clayes
Bill English Chris Dunn
Jeremy Salter Dave Hobden Keith Holmes Jon Haylock
Peter Mannering Geoff Dearden
John “Titch” Payne John Passmore (Skip K4) Brian Fuller (Skip K3) Tony Ashforth
How to sail whalers.

PrefectOct 28, 2013
The School 19611239 views1 commentsPrefectOct 21, 2013
Tiny Knapman and Sue Old 65-661039 viewsScrubbed up for some RAF Officers do in Valetta 3 commentsRichard KnapmanOct 18, 2013
Tiny Knapman - Tigne Beach Summer 66862 viewsRichard KnapmanOct 18, 2013
Swimming Gala837 viewsSt Vincent were always the bestRichard KnapmanOct 18, 2013
RIP Richard 'Tiny' Knapman 1950-2019739 viewsSummer of 66 World Cup - Tigne Beach they were good days1 commentsRichard KnapmanOct 18, 2013
Football at Manoel Island893 viewsLST Empire Curlew beyond.PrefectOct 18, 2013
Pete Shepheard786 viewsWinning a race at Marsa.PrefectOct 18, 2013
Sue Kitson1156 views2 commentsronthecooloneOct 17, 2013
Ron Leeman - circa 1966/67779 viewsronthecooloneOct 17, 2013
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