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Tal-Ħandaq Nostalgia

Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.

Last additions - Tal Handaq 60s (1960 - 1969)
Dave Archer692 viewsNelle GraceNelle Grace (Lucas)Sep 22, 2009
Nell Grace 1968866 viewsNelle Grace (Lucas)Sep 22, 2009
Debbie Bradley & Linda Gillbert914 viewsNelle Grace (Lucas)Sep 22, 2009
Christine Wilkinson806 viewsNelle Grace (Lucas)Sep 22, 2009
Kevin Malloy690 viewsNelle Grace (Lucas)Sep 22, 2009
Wendy Battleday 1952-20211085 viewsMuch missed2 commentsNelle Grace (Lucas)Sep 22, 2009
1962971 viewsAndy McPherson, John Anderson, Bugs, Me - did I really look like that, Chris ? Craig Walter (American?) Geddis ? (not to be argued with).
Leslie Crowder
PrefectJul 08, 2009
Kalafrana, Summer 1961 - Parents1173 views2nd left is Bill Day, cannot recall the others. Great shot across the bay.3 commentsdeco.riseJun 21, 2009
Christmas for the Parents - 1960872 viewsYet another evening out circa Christmas 1960 !
Front (R-L) Bob Hadden, Joyce Day, Bill Day, ?, Len Murgatroyd. Far side (R-L) Robbie ?, Doreen Hadden, John & Joan Locke all the rest I cannot recall. Any sons/daughters recognise anyone?
deco.riseApr 26, 2009
Mike Vingoe850 viewsTraining for Gozo Seven Hills marathon. At this early stage he still has hands in pockets to keep them warm (or trousers up).Martin PowellFeb 24, 2009
M J Vingoe1103 viewsTrainee conductor (failed inhale whistle test). 3 commentsMartin PowellFeb 24, 2009
Creature from the Blue Lagoon795 viewsScary.Martin PowellFeb 24, 2009
A Busy Social Life912 viewsEarly 1960sPrefectJan 19, 2009
Plan of the School844 viewsDate illegible but sometime in 1960s, probably early as the Music Room hadn't yet moved. Plan is somewhat stylised compared with aerial shot HERE

These (planned?) block numbers conflict entirely with THIS PLAN
PrefectJan 19, 2009
Kalafrana, Summer 19611063 viewsYoungsters playing whilst the adults lie around in the sun. Through gate on left is the sea/leisure area. the middle kiddie, ginger hair is my Brother Ian. Cannot remember any of the others, any help? Do I spot a pale blue Triumph Herald in the shade at the back?deco.riseNov 30, 2008
Winning Team913 viewsTal Handaq visit to the 1960 Rome Olympics
See report in 1961 Magazine
1 commentsJohn KirbyOct 24, 2008
Being Prepared771 viewsPacked and ready for Scout camp on Gozo August 1961.
John KirbyOct 15, 2008
Pembroke Troop 1961933 viewsWe used to meet at St Andrew's Barracks on a Friday evening.
I loved playing British Bulldog
John KirbyOct 13, 2008
Star Disembarkation 1960783 viewsReturn of the TH trip to the Rome Olympics.

See report in the 1961 Magazine
John KirbyOct 13, 2008
10th Birthday Tea at Egmont Close963 views17 July 1960
John KirbyOct 12, 2008
John & Clare, Kalafrana Summer 19611273 viewsJohn Day & Clare Hollister. She left Malta on SS Orcades 19th July 1962. Where are you now Clare?
1 commentsdeco.riseSep 22, 2008
John Day, Kalafrana Summer 19611310 viewsBlue sea, sky etc. Why did we come home to rain?4 commentsdeco.riseSep 13, 2008
Sandra English at Delimara mid 60s1257 viewsjane banksSep 09, 2008
Liz Jameson 19681303 viewsAt St George's. What a change from now - the scenery, I mean!(and me)!! 1 commentsPrefectSep 09, 2008
Lifesavers at Kalafrana 19611935 viewsTony Graham2 commentsPrefectSep 07, 2008
Martin Canon & Vicki French 19671032 viewsPrefectSep 06, 2008
Devonia1242 viewsHere is a Devonia 1966 slide, though I'm not sure where
(Probably Rhodes).
10 commentsPrefectAug 09, 2008
Tal Handaqians in Athens 19661014 viewsThe guys are amazed at a Greek guard in Athens.That is assuming my memory is correct about where this was! I am sure it was during the Devonia cruise of 1966 that included Delphi, Athens, Istanbul and Rhodes. The following year was Crete, Izmir (Ephesus), Lebanon and Haifa, in Dunera. I must dig out the slides I took that year!1 commentsChris HowellsAug 09, 2008
Lifeboat Drill; Dunera Cruise 19671585 viewsI am sure that this was the Dunera cruise of early 1967. I was in 3B at the time and this is a scan (took a while to get it down to 250kb!) of a picture that appeared in the Times of Malta.
I cannot name a soul, (apart from me of course! Front row,4 along with head at jaunty angle, book in hand and OMG turn ups!) So if anyone can fill in those names: go for it!
15 commentsChris HowellsJul 24, 2008
Headmaster, Mr Plant (right) and his Staff. 1962.1062 viewsFrom the 1962 Magazine
Left is Benny Cassar who was Transport Driver from 1947.
PrefectJul 21, 2008
At Meleiha 1964936 viewsPosing in the sea, I think I had found a hermit crab which I am so proudly displaying!Chris HowellsJun 29, 2008
Melleiha 1964893 viewsMy brother and sister. Tony went to Maidstone Grammar School and Gwyneth to Luqa Primary.2 commentsChris HowellsJun 29, 2008
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