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Tal-Ħandaq Nostalgia

Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.

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Videos from 2005 before demolition150 viewsA reminder to view Bruce Williams' TH website and watch videos donated by Lynn Mentiply.

The blue link should land on Bruce's video page, then scroll down the page. There are five to watch not including the one at the foot of the page which is not playing.

Be sure to check out the rest of his site via the Home button in the photo of Bruce near the top of his page.
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PDF Athletics Day 1970 - from Mike Wynne127 viewsClick here for TH Athletics 1970SC-UKAug 05, 2020
PDF Athletics Day 1969 - from Mike Wynne50 viewsClick here for TH Athletics 1969SC-UKAug 05, 2020
PDF Malta Youth Champs 1970 - from Mike Wynne41 viewsClick here for Malta AAA Youth Champs 1970SC-UKAug 05, 2020
PDF Malta Youth Champs 1969 - from Mike Wynne35 viewsClick here for Malta AAA Youth Champs 1969SC-UKAug 05, 2020
Magazines114 viewsLink to the magazine collection, all scanned by David "Prefect" Gerrard....

>>> HERE
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Click here for TH Sports Day 1968122 viewsPDF of Sports Day 1968 - from Mike Wynne.SC-UKMar 11, 2020
Dione Venables at BFBS Part 2149 viewsAutobiography of Dione's time at BFBS 1969-79.

Part 2

By kind permission of Dione Venables - Copyright © 2019
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Dione Venables at BFBS Part 1102 viewsAutobiography of Dione's time at BFBS 1969-79.

Part 1

By kind permission of Dione Venables - Copyright © 2019
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Suna in Marsamxett207 viewsJoe Mardel at the helm, 1958.

Suna was a "windfall" yacht. With Star & RNSA 14' as supporting cast.

See Windfall Yacht Suna
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The Tales of Peter Prictoe172 viewsPP was a pupil at Verdala Dockyard School in the 1930s. He wrote some splendid anecdotes which can be read online HERE adminMar 21, 2019
Malta Family History78 viewsThe lost website now archived can still be visited.

Essential resource for historians.

Find it HERE
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UPDATED FILE - wartime memories116 views...see comments below post - HEREMartin PowellJan 26, 2019
HMS Forth at Christmas 1958 ©121 viewsDaytime view.adminDec 22, 2018
HMS Forth at Christmas 1958 ©94 views60 years, seems like yesterday.

© Valerie Easter/Snowdon/Shutler
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"Mintoff withdrawal" 1972 - even the horses were sent packing.423 viewsPolo ponies back to Blighty.

Cutting : Janice Frapwell Baker
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Different badge styles505 viewsDepending on which shop embroidered them.PrefectApr 16, 2014
1978448 viewsTHE FINAL EDITION Now ShowingPrefectAug 03, 2013
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HM Dockyard Schools Syllabus 1930432 views...and exam paper 1938.

Could you cope?
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Gozo Immigration Control509 viewsNew VideoPrefectJan 28, 2012
School History555 viewsPrefectJan 16, 2012
Memoir - Misses Candey & Yule574 views4 commentsPrefectJan 15, 2012
Memoir - Barbara Miller507 viewsPrefectNov 01, 2011
1973725 viewsNow showing
For reasons that are well known, this is the first Tal Handaq magazine for two years, the scheduled publishing date for last year having fallen within the two missing terms. An account of these missing terms will be found elsewhere in this magazine.
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Your School Reports593 viewsAre you brave enough?PrefectOct 11, 2011
1970442 viewsAnd now for something completely different.
For the first time the majority of the editorial work which was previously done by members of the staff, has been done by the sixth formers in the school. We think that this as a step in the right direction, but remember that we are beginners at this game so bear with us.
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