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Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.


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HMS Cowdray 1945-6567 viewsOhio in the background.PrefectFeb 09, 2013
Sliema Creek 506 viewsEarly 50s.PrefectJan 30, 2013
Airmen's Mess RAF Luqa2362 views2 commentsPrefectJan 30, 2013
Supermarine Attacker TS409589 viewsOne of the FAA's first jet fighters, at Luqa.PrefectJan 26, 2013
HMS Eagle RM Band378 viewsPrefectJan 20, 2013
The Mountbattens c 1950390 viewsPrefectJan 17, 2013
Monty at Luqa370 viewsPrefectJan 17, 2013
Avro Ashton476 viewsExperimental Jet Airliner/Bomber c1950.PrefectJan 12, 2013
Lancaster GR Mk 3 over Filfla c1952730 views37 Squadron.
Crashed on Luqa village 30 Dec 1952- See ToM.
4 commentsPrefectJan 12, 2013
Villa Rosa 618 views& St George's Bay 19455 commentsPrefectJan 11, 2013
Command Pay Office386 viewsSt George's Barracks 1945PrefectJan 11, 2013
HMS Woolwich 19471023 viewsPrefectJan 04, 2013
HMS Ark Royal 1960s419 viewsPrefectJan 04, 2013
RFA Dingledale299 viewsCourtesy of MaltaPost.
Probably taken from this photo.
PrefectDec 27, 2012
RFA Brown Ranger300 viewsCourtesy of MaltaPost
Full set here.
PrefectDec 27, 2012
A gathering of RFAs ©353 viewsBayleaf, Sir Bedivere, & Sir Percivale on the way home from the Gulf 2003.
Barry Thompson.
PrefectDec 27, 2012
To All our Readers348 views(Stirring the Pud. RFA Tarbatness 1972. Photo GGM.)PrefectDec 23, 2012
5th Destroyer Squadron Malta 1960-1962582 views1 commentsscrumpyratDec 12, 2012
HMS Ark Royal433 viewsPaying off for the last time 16 November 1978.2 commentsPrefectDec 11, 2012
HMS Ark Royal384 viewsPaying off for the last time 16 November 1978.

HMS Ark Royal was an Audacious class aircraft carrier launched on 3 May 1950 by Queen Elizabeth, later the Queen Mother. She was commissioned on 25 February 1955. She was the sister ship to HMS Eagle and was originally to be called Irresistible, but was renamed Ark Royal prior to launch.

Initially on entry into service, she had a complement of up to 50 aircraft comprising Sea Hawks, Sea Venoms, Gannets, Skyraiders and various helicopters. As later aircraft types grew in size and complexity, her air group fell to below 40 when she left service in 1978.

She entered Devonport for the last time on 4 December 1978 and decommissioned on 14 February 1979.
PrefectDec 11, 2012
RFA Association Malta © 412 viewsWith HRH The Earl of Wessex & Captain David Buck.PrefectNov 26, 2012
Royal Visit to RFA Mounts Bay © 346 viewsReportPrefectNov 26, 2012
RFA Mounts Bay1417 viewsAs part of Royal Navy's Cougar-12 deployment, together with HMS Illustrious, HMS Bulwark, HMS Northumberland, HMS Montrose and MV Hartland Point. PrefectNov 21, 2012
HMS Illustrious today365 viewsPicture - Noel Psaila mynews@timesofmalta.comPrefectNov 19, 2012
HMS Blake 1961404 viewsPrefectNov 18, 2012
Hell Boats1708 views2 commentsPrefectNov 12, 2012
Hell Boats 1970714 viewsThe MoviePrefectNov 12, 2012
HSL 107573 views © IWM (CM 4310). Returning to base at Ta' Veccia, St Paul's Bay.PrefectNov 04, 2012
RAF Seaplane Tender 1943459 viewsEscort for VIPs (including Monty) visiting new US Airfield in Gozo.
From this book.
PrefectNov 03, 2012
RAF HSL 107 1941-2620 viewsat full speed in St Paul's Bay at nearly 40 knots.
From this book.
PrefectNov 03, 2012
LST Empire Nordic371 viewsL3026. Built by Blyth Dry Dock & SB Co Ltd 1944. HMS Charger in 1946. Commercial charter to Ministry of Transport. In 1955 it was chartered by the Atlantic Steam Navigation Company for the Transport Ferry Service and named Empire Nordic. Recalled for Suez 1956. In operation until 1966 on a regular service between Tilbury and Antwerp. Broken up in the Far East.PrefectNov 02, 2012
LST Empire Baltic347 viewsLST 3519. Built by Canadian Vickers Ltd, Montreal. 1945. Commercial charter to Ministry of Transport. Named Empire Baltic. In 1946 chartered by the Atlantic Steam Navigation Company for the Transport Ferry Service. Recalled for Suez 1956. Sold Italy 1962 and scrapped La Spezia.PrefectNov 02, 2012
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