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Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.

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HMS Illustrious - November 2012288 viewsPhoto © Royal Navy.PrefectJul 24, 2013
Glasgow's Diso? ©272 viewsPrefectJul 19, 2013
HMS Echo ©265 viewsJune 2013PrefectJul 04, 2013
In the ERAs club, Floriana 1952324 viewsdfssJul 03, 2013
HMS Cleopatra 1952286 viewsdfssJul 03, 2013
HMS Cleopatra in 1952307 viewsIn which my father was then serving. Photo taken by Mary Cowan on a visit to the island in that year.dfssJun 30, 2013
HMS Cleopatra as "HMS Amesbury".351 viewsIn Single Handed.PrefectMay 27, 2013
Manxman disguised as "Essen".338 viewsWith not very convincing guns.PrefectMay 27, 2013
Manxman 1952372 viewsDuring the filming of Single Handed at Dwejra Bay.
Video Clip.
PrefectMay 27, 2013
Ark Royal397 viewsProbably 1977.PrefectMay 17, 2013
Postcard Dockyard Creek363 viewsProbably HMS Surprise.PrefectMay 15, 2013
HMS Brazen 1986356 viewsPrefectMay 12, 2013
Wrens in Marsamxett c1945376 viewsPrefectMay 07, 2013
Hermes Squadrons at Hal Far 1966 ©1051 viewsBuccaneers of 809, and Sea Vixens of 892 Squadrons, disembarked from HMS Hermes, ashore at RNAS Hal Far dispersal.KalabratMay 05, 2013
728 (FRU) Sqn FAA at Hal Far dispersal, 1966. ©496 viewsTT20 Target Towing Meteors.
Formed at North Front, Gibraltar on 1 May 1943 with fixed wing target tugs and moved around bases of the Mediterranean rim during WWII. Mosquitos were issued towards the end of 1945. After 4 months at RAF Luqa, the unit moved to Hal Far (HMS Falcon) on 5 May 1946. From Dec 1952 the Squadron operated helicopters alongside its fixed wing types, first Dragonfly HR.3s then Whirlwinds. 728 Squadron was disbanded at Hal Far on 31 May 1967, when it handed back its last Meteors.
KalabratMay 04, 2013
No 9 OMQ Kalafrana 1966 ©454 viewsHome in 1966/7, overlooking Kalafrana and Birzebbugia, now, alas, buried under a giant container port. The car is a VW Variant estate, bought new in Malta, free of purchase tax, and driven back to the UK via Sicily at the end of the posting.
KalabratMay 02, 2013
Officer's Quarters Kalafrana ©527 viewsEarly 1980s before demolition for Freeport site. These are the Officer's Married Quarters for Hal Far, situated on the hill overlooking the Hal Far Road. In the foreground is the quarry where the airframe of one of the Sea Gladiators of the Hal Far Flight was dumped during WW2.
3 commentsKalabratMay 02, 2013
WRNS Quarters at Kalafrana ©417 viewsEarly 1980s before their demolition.
KalabratMay 01, 2013
Lt Cdr Jack Colbeck 489 viewsAEO 728 Squadron.
KalabratApr 30, 2013
Last White Ensign at Hal Far 906 views31 May 1967 on the disbandment of 728 Naval Air Squadron.

The Kalafrana - Hal Far Story
KalabratApr 30, 2013
Last White Ensign at Hal Far311 views31 May 1967 on the disbandment of 728 Naval Air Squadron.

The Kalafrana - Hal Far Story
KalabratApr 30, 2013
Sunderland in SPB492 views© IWM (MH 8043). Short Sunderland Mark I, 'DQ-M', of No. 228 Squadron RAF, on fire in St Paul's Bay, Malta after being shot up for a second time by Messerschmitt Bf 109s of 7/JG26., already damaged from the previous attack on 7 March 1941, ultimately sank after efforts to tow her ashore failed.

PrefectApr 05, 2013
Kalafrana 1920s473 viewsPrefectApr 04, 2013
Land of Romance490 viewsAs drawn on a postcard depicting Strada Stretta before the war.
McEwans had a bottling plant in Malta.
2 commentsPrefectMar 29, 2013
The Navy Returns - Part 2354 viewsArk Royal in St Paul's Bay, June 1988, where along with the rest of her group Edinburgh, Fort Grange & Olwen (Outback 88), she received a warm welcome having been illegally prevented from entering Grand Harbour by a certain political faction. PrefectMar 26, 2013
The Navy Returns 1986387 viewsPrefectMar 25, 2013
234 Signals Squadron Parade at Lintorn Barracks 646 views234 Signals Squadron, the last British Army Unit in Malta who moved to Mtarfa in July 1971 as Lintorn was handed over to the Government. (Photo is earlier).PrefectMar 16, 2013
RAF Luqa562 viewsPrefectMar 15, 2013
HMS Alderney388 viewsPrefectMar 05, 2013
HMS Corbrae 1946374 views Purchased in 1940 as a Mine Destructor Vessel (MDV) . She was used as a stop-gap measure for combating magnetic mines, along with 9 other ships of the type (plus 2 non-engined), fitted with a 300-ton electro-magnet in her bow to set off any magnetic mines near to the ship. Structural damage became a frequent happening. In 1944 she was re-designated 'Repair Ship' and was sent for disposal in November 1946.PrefectMar 03, 2013
HMS Wolfe 1945 - 1947 662 viewsPrefectFeb 22, 2013
HMS Narvik & charges498 views1960 - 62.1 commentsPrefectFeb 19, 2013
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