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Tal-Ħandaq Nostalgia

Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.

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HMS Fierce 1948297 viewsAlgerine Class. Flotilla leader 2nd MSF with a Vice Admiral embarked.3 commentsPrefectJan 07, 2015
HMS Fancy217 viewsAlgerine Class.PrefectJan 07, 2015
HMS Espiegle 1947198 viewsAlgerine ClassPrefectJan 04, 2015
HMS Clinton 1945194 viewsAlgerine ClassPrefectJan 04, 2015
HMS Circe 1945199 viewsAlgerine ClassPrefectJan 04, 2015
HMS Chameleon 1947205 viewsAlgerine ClassPrefectJan 04, 2015
HMS Arcturus 1945200 viewsAlgerine ClassPrefectJan 03, 2015
HMS Antares 1946202 viewsAlgerine ClassPrefectJan 03, 2015
HMS Albacore 1945191 viewsAlgerine ClassPrefectJan 03, 2015
HMS Acute 1946223 viewsAlgerine ClassPrefectJan 03, 2015
Corradino Canteen278 viewsOpened 1897, closed 1968. Damaged by bombing and only partly rebuilt. (As was). Re-opened by HRH Princess Elizabeth 1949. Once had 38 snooker tables, 200 seat restaurant and 1000 seat theatre. Seen here about to be demolished in 1975 to make way for the new dock.PrefectJan 02, 2015
RAF Luqa SNCO Wives Club tour of a 38 Sqdn Shackleton, 1965 or 66341 viewsThe officer in sunglasses is clearly amused by the result of the playful breeze. Unlike the airman on the right who appears highly fed-up.1 commentsIvanJan 02, 2015
RMA Officers at St Elmo253 viewsPrefectDec 19, 2014
RFA Wave Chief on Ras Hanzir Dolphins239 viewsPrefectDec 17, 2014
Admiral Sir Guy Grantham326 viewsCinC Med 1954–1957. Governor 1959–1962.
Here at TH. "No one, however, made a greater personal contribution to the history of the Royal Navy in the first half of this century." Obituary.
PrefectDec 12, 2014
Flower Class Corvettes 1947242 viewsPenstemon & Nasturtium.PrefectDec 10, 2014
HMS Mallow 1949223 viewsFlower Class Corvette. Ex Yugoslav Nada & Partizanka. Probably here as the Egyptian El Sudan.PrefectDec 10, 2014
HMS Snapdragon c1946214 viewsFlower Class Corvette. Ex USS Saucy, ex HMS Arabis.PrefectDec 08, 2014
HMS Manxman 1952242 viewsDisguised as "Essen" for the film Single Handed.PrefectDec 08, 2014
HMS Manxman 1951213 viewsPrefectDec 08, 2014
HMS Tiger 1960234 viewsPrefectDec 07, 2014
RFA Eddycliff 1955208 viewsLots more Eddys here.PrefectDec 03, 2014
Empire Shelter 1949201 viewsCastle Class Corvette (Barnard Castle), completed as Rescue Ship and later used as Army Transport.PrefectNov 29, 2014
Empire Peacemaker 1949212 viewsCastle Class Corvette (Scarborough Castle), completed as Rescue Ship and later used as Army Transport.PrefectNov 29, 2014
Empire Lifeguard 1948190 viewsCastle Class Corvette (Maiden Castle), completed as Rescue Ship and later used as Army Transport.PrefectNov 29, 2014
Empire Comfort 1948201 viewsCastle Class Corvette (York Castle), completed as Rescue Ship and later used as Army Transport.PrefectNov 29, 2014
Britannia "Canopus"214 viewsThis aircraft took a lot of us to Malta. It was the very one I flew on in 1970 to get to the island. In fact this picture was taken in 1970 so there is a possibility that we were on board at the time! We spent time on arrival at Hal Far while we were taxied around choosing a quarter. We ended up in Peter Street in F'Gura to start with before moving to St George's' Street Paola, where we then lived in two flats; three homes in just over a year! fifla1973Nov 22, 2014
Dining-in Night220 viewsRecent posts about the Sergeant's Mess at RAF Luqa 2 Site reminded me of this photo. Unknown Warrant Officer on the left; centre is F/Sgt Ron Commons DFM, right is F/Sgt Hugh Grundy.IvanNov 21, 2014
LSL Sir Lancelot209 viewsUnder British India management prior to transferring to RFA in 1970.PrefectNov 18, 2014
RFA Fort Dunvegan294 viewsPhoto possibly 1948. Built as VSIS by Burrard Drydock in 1944. Managed Ellerman. Laid up 1946-8. RFA service from 1951 as store carrier and "flagship". Coronation Review in 1953 then Malta run until 1960 when she went Far East as AirSIS, reverting to NS/VSIS in 1961. Scrapped Kaohsiung 1968.2 commentsPrefectNov 13, 2014
LST Humphrey Gale 1956213 viewsFormerly HMS LST 3509.
Army LSTs.
PrefectNov 12, 2014
RASCV Snowden Smith 1948223 viewsFormerly HMS LST 3028.
Army LSTs.
PrefectNov 11, 2014
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