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Tal-Ħandaq Nostalgia

Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.

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Meadowbank 1930s 3 viewsderrick calverOct 02, 2022
Malta ‘first in line’ at Queen’s second funeral procession93 viewsProminence given to recipients of the George Cross

Read the feature at Times of Malta

Photo of the royal couple at Villa Guardamangia : Daily Telegraph
adminSep 19, 2022
RIP Ma'am148 viewsPhoto of HM at a 1967 reception in Malta attended by Rosemary's parents Surgeon Commander David Haines, Mrs Diana Haines (lady smiling behind HM).adminSep 09, 2022
NAAFI St James' Cavalier121 viewsHow many of you remember the long flight of stairs up to the shop.
St James' Cavalier is now a cultural centre and art gallery known as a Spazju Kreattiv (Maltese for Creative Space).
Photo taken late 50s early 60s complete with naval Tilley (Bedford Utilicon van).

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derrick calverAug 21, 2022
Wembley Weather 3117 viewsFrom 1971?derrick calverAug 13, 2022
Wembley Weather 275 viewsThe prices have changed since 1957 so this must be 1958/9 ?derrick calverAug 13, 2022
Wembley Weather 112 viewsA price list from 1957.
Oh those eskimo pies and the prices!
derrick calverAug 13, 2022
Meadowbank Hotel 2206 viewsLook how Surfside has changed since the 1950s.derrick calverJul 21, 2022
Meadowbank Hotel179 viewsHotel before 1960s makeover. We and many other families stayed here on arrival in Malta.2 commentsderrick calverJul 15, 2022
Egmont Close 3186 viewsTaken Sept 1971 along St Ignatius Junction1 commentsderrick calverJul 04, 2022
Egmont Close / Galaxy 2145 viewsOriginal entrance to garages at Egmont Close.derrick calverJul 02, 2022
Egmont Close 1111 viewsLong gone, now the Galaxy.derrick calverJul 02, 2022
Tigne Beach entry prices 202292 viewsStill jointly run by Marsa ad Union Clubs after lying derelict for years.

Zoom in to read.

Photo : Monica Mazure (now WardMcNally)

See also Tigne Beach Gallery
adminJun 17, 2022
Tigne Point then and now183 viewsIn days of old when knights were bold,
Developers not invented;
The view serene, tower blocks unseen
And everyone contented.

Top photo : Edmund Ashman, ex-Tigne School 1950s
Bottom photo from internet search - unattributed

See also THIS ONE and comments beneath it.
adminMay 01, 2022
Christmas Greetings from Gozo 2021199 viewsChristmas tree in Fontana made from 8,800 recycled plastic bottles.adminDec 18, 2021
Banyan Style561 views"The sand was so beautiful on Ramla beach that it was golden shading into red. There was no habitation there. You walked down a farm track through groves of bamboo to the beach. On the beach there is a statue of the Madonna on a pedestal. It carried a light or lantern on the top. There were few if any visitors. On some days the only person to visit the beach was the lamplighter who faithfully lit the Madonna’s light. As the evening light faded bats would swoop low over our campground. The trip was a success except that our pet tortoise, whom we had taken with us, marched off into the bamboo groves and may even be living there now after an interval of sixty-something years."

Wallow in more nostalgia
HERE by Andrew McLeod.
adminNov 14, 2021
1960s & 70s from David Woolfenden, ex-Verdala435 viewsClick HERE to see all 17adminOct 10, 2021
1960s photo from Leslie Platt, ex-Verdala348 viewsadminSep 26, 2021
Memories of Xlendi, Gozo - part three316 viewsFrom Joe Zammit Ciantar in a recent Times of Malta - part 3 (click the blue link)adminSep 11, 2021
Memories of Xlendi, Gozo - part two237 viewsFrom Joe Zammit Ciantar in a recent Times of Malta - part 2 (click the blue link)

adminSep 11, 2021
Memories of Xlendi, Gozo - part one175 viewsFrom Joe Zammit Ciantar in a recent Times of Malta - part 1 (click the blue link)adminSep 11, 2021
Air Malta223 viewsAd no.6 from 1974
adminSep 01, 2021
Air Malta159 viewsAd no.5 from 1974
adminSep 01, 2021
Air Malta142 viewsAd no.4 from 1974adminAug 25, 2021
Air Malta107 viewsAd no.3 from 1974adminAug 25, 2021
Air Malta118 viewsAd no.2 from 1974adminAug 19, 2021
Air Malta88 viewsAd no.1 from 1974adminAug 19, 2021
Anyone we know?183 viewsDriving licence from 1957.
Offers on deciphering Phylliis' surname gratefully received.
adminAug 05, 2021
BEA advertising poster 1960s238 viewsArtist's impression or painted from a real photo? If a photo, who?

Looks like an Albacore (apart from the red sails, artistic licence).
adminJun 13, 2021
Aerial view taken 2000, photo courtesy Keith Poulton369 viewsInto my heart an air that kills
From yon far country blows:
What are those tin remembered roofs?
What bell, what kids are those?

That is the land of lost content,
I see it shining plain.
Hot dusty classrooms where I went
And cannot come again.

(With apologies to A.E.Housman)
1 commentsadminMay 01, 2021
Farewell Sir291 viewsHRH Prince Philip 1921-2021

Times of Malta article on new Malta stamps to be issued on 10 June 2021 which would have been HRH's 100th birthday (but omits to mention his command of HMS Magpie in Malta!) see HERE
adminApr 10, 2021
Notta lotta people know this ............................... The Investigator274 viewsThriller puppet show by Gerry Anderson of Thunderbirds fame, filmed in Malta in 1973 . This particular pilot never took off.

Watch clips HERE

Read about it HERE
adminApr 05, 2021
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