Tal-Ħandaq Nostalgia

Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.


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Dingli cliffs 195893 viewsvalerie easter/snowdon/Mar 10, 2018
Chadwick Lakes 195890 views1 commentsvalerie easter/snowdon/Mar 10, 2018
Baileys' tennis team at Marsa 195996 viewsMe in the striped dressvalerie easter/snowdon/Mar 10, 2018
Qui-si-Sana cut-out pools 1960101 viewsWhere so healthy?valerie easter/snowdon/Mar 10, 2018
The Fortizza 196061 viewsNear the Chaletvalerie easter/snowdon/Mar 10, 2018
The Chalet, Ghar-id-Dud 196063 viewsvalerie easter/snowdon/Mar 10, 2018
St Julians 196078 viewsFrom our roof top of Egmont Closevalerie easter/snowdon/Mar 10, 2018
Military Bay or Golden Bay 196077 viewsThis was part of the Model Beach Exhibition to encourage tourists at the time.valerie easter/snowdon/Mar 10, 2018
Dingli Wireless Station February 196070 viewsWhere my Dad workedvalerie easter/snowdon/Mar 10, 2018
The new Triton Fountain 195966 views1 commentsvalerie easter/snowdon/Mar 10, 2018
Me with friends at Marsaxlokk 196062 viewsvalerie easter/snowdon/Mar 10, 2018
The Newman Family 195860 viewsHeather middle left and Tony went to Tal Handaqvalerie easter/snowdon/Mar 10, 2018
Sliema Creek 195861 viewsvalerie easter/snowdon/Mar 10, 2018
HMS Forth at Christmas 195872 views1 commentsvalerie easter/snowdon/Mar 10, 2018
HMS Eagle 195859 viewsLeaving Grand harbour for Cyprusvalerie easter/snowdon/Mar 10, 2018
HMS Daring 195852 viewsvalerie easter/snowdon/Mar 10, 2018
Gnejna Bay 195856 viewsvalerie easter/snowdon/Mar 10, 2018
Pieta 195879 viewsLooks like an RFA ship.1 commentsvalerie easter/snowdon/Mar 10, 2018
Paradise Bay 1958 132 viewsAbove Paradise Bay with the gang 1958. L-R Sheila Weekes, Cliff Payne, Freda Payne's brother, Margaret Polkinghorne, Me, and Ronnie Fenech whose uncle used to drive the bus. He now lives in Winchester!!! He is my FB friend.1 commentsvalerie easter/snowdon/Mar 04, 2018
Marsaloxkk125 viewsMe with friends at Marsaloxkk 1958valerie easter/snowdon/Mar 02, 2018
Which school 131 viewsDoes anyone know which school and where this could have been taken ?1 commentsLindabFeb 09, 2018
School uniform 116 viewsIs this the school uniform ? It was taken in 1951. I am trying to find out what RNS my sister Betty (Elizabeth) Blakelock attended 1 commentsLindabFeb 09, 2018
Dockyard Technical College101 viewsSelf with Godwin Bonnet outside one of the old rooms of the Dockyard Technical College 2016. Godwin was one of the apprentices taught by my father 1959-60.1 commentsMartin PowellJan 12, 2018
SGTS MESS CHRISTMAS PARTY. ROYAL SIGNALS134 viewsProbably taken at Sgts mess in Floriana. Anybody you recognise ?!tedhebdenOct 26, 2017
Golden Bay170 viewsThe Toms family and friends at Golden Bay 1954PodgeOct 10, 2017
Summer 1954175 viewsRoger Toms with 2nd Sliema Scouts 1954 names required1 commentsPodgeOct 10, 2017
RAF Luqa School Choir, 30 May 1964110 viewsRAF Children's School Luqa. School Choir for TV Performance, 30 May 1964.pughcdOct 08, 2017
Malta '54185 viewsRoger Toms with David ? At the Marsa club.1 commentsPodgeOct 07, 2017
161 viewsMyself standing with David ? At the Marsa club.1 commentsPodgeOct 07, 2017
Form 2C/3C 1976160 viewsI'm far right - Dez FosterDez FosterJul 18, 2017
Form 2C / 3C circa 1976153 viewsI'm 2nd from right top row. 4th from right top row is Gary and to his left is Billy Mac (MacDonald) I think it is Steve Fairclough 7th from right top row and to his left a lad called xxxx Gleeson or similar. I cannot recall any of the girls' names, didn't seem important when I was 12!Dez FosterJul 18, 2017
Malta National Archives Memory Project192 viewsI work at the National Archives of Malta, on the Memorja (National Memory) project. I am conducting oral history interviews with British ex-servicemen/women and their families, who came to Malta after WWII. I was directed towards this fantastic website, and wondered if there was anybody who would like to speak to me about their experiences of being in Malta. By after WWII I mean any decade really! It would be great to have a variety of different decades if possible.

For people who are interested my email address is sandra.blake@gov.mt. I would be happy to provide additional information on the project and be very grateful for any assistance you are able to give.

Thank you and kind regards,

Sandra Blake

(More detail in comments below).
2 commentsadminJul 05, 2017
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