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Tal-Ħandaq Nostalgia

Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.

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Aerial view taken 2000, photo courtesy Keith Poulton255 viewsInto my heart an air that kills
From yon far country blows:
What are those tin remembered roofs?
What bell, what kids are those?

That is the land of lost content,
I see it shining plain.
Hot dusty classrooms where I went
And cannot come again.

(With apologies to A.E.Housman)
1 commentsadmin11/26/21 at 14:58admin: Actually you CAN still visit and see the hall, gym...
Memoir - Peter Keddie275 viewsClick here to view

Screen name Pbked, Tal Handaq 1962-65
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HMS Silvia 1945291 viewsAlgerine Class2 commentsPrefect02/22/21 at 22:46admin: I think Prefect is not far out Alexander as the hu...
Videos from 2005 before demolition394 viewsA reminder to view Bruce Williams' TH website and watch videos donated by Lynn Mentiply.

The blue link should land on Bruce's video page, then scroll down the page. There are five to watch not including the one at the foot of the page which is not playing.

Be sure to check out the rest of his site via the Home button in the photo of Bruce near the top of his page.
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Rugby Team 1965-66848 viewsThe only person I recognise in the picture is Colin Rule, who is standing furthest right on second row.

Prefect says - Barry Clissold, Ken Laurence, Reg Woodcock, Jack Ferrett, Brian Jackson, Nigel Vaughan, David Jeffries, Ronald Squires, Malcolm Smith, David Pittaway, Alfred Tagliaferro, Jon Field, John Moore, Michael Robinson, Steve Bolster, Colin Rule, Richard Knapman, Alistair Wilde
3 commentsDugmore09/10/20 at 21:37admin: Thank you SchatziD, caption amended.
5AG Christmas Party 19601197 viewsDavid Graham
Me on the extreme right,with John Melton in front (saw him last week). ? on my right, then Mike Shears, Mike Milne bending over. Susan Masters, Penny Woolcombe, Rosie (Fluff) Andrews in the white on the right. Chris Gibbins on the extreme left, with Mr Gallagher hidden to Chris's left.
3 commentsPrefect08/02/20 at 18:35admin: Thank you Bernard.
Filming The Malta Story 1952921 viewsĦaġar Qim or Mnajdra?
More about it here.
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Merry Christmas from Valletta 2019175 viewsThis is a large Christmas "tree" of illuminated Mdina-glass baubles on display in Valletta.2 commentsadmin12/26/19 at 12:12admin: Thank you Ivan.
From the archives - 50 years on.321 viewsThe name of the school was changed from RNS TH to SCS TH in 1969 (Service Children's School), though it continued to be administered by the Royal Navy. All other service schools in Malta then came under the remit of the RN, Captain HC Malkin (Headmaster 1966 - 1970) being appointed the first OiC Service Schools, Malta & Naples.

Photo : Evan Potts
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All the best from Farsons 196 views1960s ad. Reads "Simonds Farsons Cisk is the largest and most up to date industry on the island" !!2 commentsadmin12/06/19 at 14:00admin: Prices varied - you clearly went to the best water...
Enterprises at MGSC, games afternoon 1967357 viewsNote the yacht moored to the buoy on the right - the Lucette. Read her famous story HERE and watch the film (names changed) HERE

Photo : Jill Thackray
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Aerial view mid-60s429 viewsCompare with the layout plan HERE

The corrugated-roofs were Romney huts (not Nissen huts except no.3 on the coloured plan, bottom left, which was).
2 commentsadmin11/24/19 at 11:02admin: Thank you Ivan. By the time I got to the 6th (1968...
Filming The Malta Story 1952921 viewsĦaġar Qim or Mnajdra?
More about it here.
6 commentsPrefect11/06/19 at 18:57admin: Shame no-one has made another film in all this tim...
Filming The Malta Story 1952921 viewsĦaġar Qim or Mnajdra?
More about it here.
6 commentsPrefect11/05/19 at 18:49admin: Agreed Ivan. I was never happy with Muriel Pavlov ...
Triton Fountain 1960s242 viewsAfter Kingsgate became Citygate (1964).2 commentsadmin11/03/19 at 17:27admin: Thanks Ivan, I do actually own that postcard. Pref...
The Pit, entrance tunnel450 viewsAfter attempts in 2013 and 2017 and again last week (October 2019) I still can’t get full access to The Pit. Nice people running the military bookshop, but won’t allow me to go down as they have lots of artefacts stored there pending refurbishment to make a museum. However at least I got further than last time. The sloping tunnel remains very familiar, although the steps and smooth concrete sidewalks were not there when we opened the place in summer 1965.1 commentsIvan10/26/19 at 18:27admin: Thanks very much for posting that Ivan. Been tryin...
Fancy Dress '57 ?1449 viewsTop left,Gail Taench, unknown male, Sheila Grimwood, Graham 'Jack' Stubbs, Geoff Day, Craig Love, Liz Wilkinson, Gordon Campbell.
Front row, Jill Wicken, Bob Trott, Val Bevins, Robin Palmer, unknown girl, and Viv Paynter.
Thanks to Spike Walton for providing names of party goers.
5 commentsjane banks09/13/19 at 00:59admin: Gordon (Wrymouth) and Geoff, very sad to report th...
Roller skating at Rocky Vale938 viewsDiana Dick, John Knight, Alec Downs and Robin Palmer5 commentsjknight09/08/19 at 22:11admin: Kenneth I have sent you a pm by email - but you ma...
RNH Mtarfa789 viewsAfter the First World War there was a re-organization of the military medical services on the Islands. The Mtarfa Hospital, commissioned in 1912, was opened on the 29th June 1920, even though it had been in use for some time earlier. During the Second World War, the Mtarfa Hospital and barracks were reorganized as the 90th General Hospital and built up to a maximum of 1200 beds. An underground hospital was excavated under the military hospital. After the war the 90th General was reformed as the David Bruce Military Hospital. This continued to serve the military, complementing Bighi Naval Hospital, until 1970. For the next eight years, the Mtarfa Hospital served the needs of British military and naval personnel until its closure in 1978.1 commentsPrefect08/04/19 at 10:33admin: The last British hospital outpost was a hospital c...
The Common Room website....363 views....is archived HERE (2006)

...and HERE (2013)

...and the links still work (mostly) !!
1 commentsadmin02/25/19 at 01:48admin: The Reunion Gang of Four - Tim Daly, Bernard Hocto...
Carol Papworth & Sandy Nicholas586 views1 commentsPrefect02/24/19 at 20:45admin: John Nicholas writes : To say regretfully that my ...
Roma McKinley & Sandy Nicholas934 viewsIn the Alhambra Cafe 1962.1 commentsPrefect02/24/19 at 20:45admin: John Nicholas writes : To say regretfully that my ...
Sliema Caff 19631134 viewsSandy Nicholas, Carol Papworth, Mike Scurr.1 commentsPrefect02/24/19 at 20:44admin: John Nicholas writes : To say regretfully that my ...
John Nicholas 19621009 viewsWith Sandy & Mum in the green Anglia 303542 commentsPrefect02/24/19 at 20:44admin: John Nicholas writes : To say regretfully that my ...
<-- The 2007 Reunion. Photos from Sandy Nicholas. Missing names wanted.784 viewsDavid Hobden, ?, Sandy Nicholas, Alison Bigden, John Passmore, Jane Henderson, Keith Holmes, Carol Papworth, Kay Robertson. 1 commentsPrefect02/24/19 at 20:44admin: John Nicholas writes : To say regretfully that my ...
Paul Lovell 1962599 viewsMalc Trigg, Sandy Nicholas, Bill Duncan, Dave Gerrard.1 commentsPrefect02/24/19 at 20:43admin: John Nicholas writes : To say regretfully that my ...
RIP Richard 'Tiny' Knapman 1950-2019886 viewsSummer of 66 World Cup - Tigne Beach they were good days1 commentsRichard Knapman01/30/19 at 23:32admin: Chris Wheeler-Kirk writes : On behalf of the Knapm...
Wartime Memories741 viewsIRENE ROBINSON


+ chapters 2 3 & 4


Url Text




ANITA HOWARD nee SACKETT (just post-war)
5 commentsPrefect01/29/19 at 21:03admin: Doreen McKeown writes: In the 1920s my mother spen...
Adrian Worley 1952-20041666 viewsTaken at the Farnborough reunion 1999. Adrian took his own life in Jan 2004 after a long history of health problems, which were not helped by his service in Bosnia.2 commentsMartin Powell12/23/18 at 00:04admin: Adrian at TH HERE and on Gozo trip HERE
Sheriff who?190 viewsNot a lot of people know this - but Keith Allen, star of stage and screen (at present playing in "Hogarth's Progress" as the older William Hogarth) - and of course Lily Allen's father- went to Verdala in 1960. His autobiog briefly describes his time in Malta (scroll down to chapter 3, page 40) -


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Trooper R Martin d. 1918220 viewsWhat does Trooper Martin have to do with Malta's part in World War One? Malta, 'Nurse of the Mediterranean' cared for casualties from the Gallipoli and Salonika campaigns. Martin died like thousands of others - but only after surviving one of the world's first open heart surgeries AND being operated upon by one of the first woman surgeons. He has become famous 100 years later.


...and HERE

...and HERE

We will remember them.
1 commentsadmin11/11/18 at 00:28admin: ...and even more HERE - click on his photo (with s...
Prefects 1961913 views2 commentsbernardhoctor 11/05/18 at 22:36admin: Some names to jog your memory Patricia - from 1962...
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