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Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.


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Trooper R Martin d. 191814 viewsWhat does Trooper Martin have to do with Malta's part in World War One? Malta, 'Nurse of the Mediterranean' cared for casualties from the Gallipoli and Salonika campaigns. Martin died like thousands of others - but only after surviving one of the world's first open heart surgeries AND being operated upon by one of the first woman surgeons. He has become famous 100 years later.


...and HERE

...and HERE

We will remember them.
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Prefects 1961731 views2 commentsbernardhoctor 11/05/18 at 22:36admin: Some names to jog your memory Patricia - from 1962...
Captans Garage (Captain's?)586 viewsThe sign says Tower Road, but where?1 commentsPrefect09/22/18 at 19:17admin: A secret source refers to it being the corner buil...
Combined Cadet Force 197867 viewsLast picture of the CCF before the school closed in 1978.

Picture copyright © Jim Russell

Names anybody....?
2 commentsadmin09/07/18 at 00:17admin: Jim Russell top row 6th from left (RAF). Steve Hal...
Wartime Memories542 viewsVIEW



+ chapter 2



3 commentsPrefect09/01/18 at 00:48admin: The BBC People's War site still exists but no...
Tigne Court Hotel446 viewsNow closed.2 commentsPrefect08/18/18 at 18:22admin: Many an hour spent in the Anchor Bar beneath (the ...
Outside the Tuck Shop304 viewsCarol Williams standing on the right. Not sure about the rest.1 commentsmikew08/11/18 at 16:21admin: With Mr Houston's VW Kombi watching from behi...
Freshspray & Freshspring 196044 viewsPainting by OldBat.

But which is which? (Look closely and compare with photo).

Copyright © Liz Mardel
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Exiles Beach598 viewsPostcard. Aka Balluta Rocks c/w the Green Shed.2 commentsPrefect07/11/18 at 12:04admin: However, the theory re Russian exiles is disputed ...
Probably 19591006 viewsSue Hills & Tricia Staff at the back.
Front - Pat Glover, Wendy Cox, Dawn Fear, Alexandra Batty, Eileen Beer, Carol Robinson, Pat Woolner , Pauline Green, Valerie Lawrence ....
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Fishers of men188 viewsLuke 5:2-11

With Gasan Wayne Sliema bus below St Luke's, as per NT.
2 commentsadmin07/02/18 at 17:42admin: No, New Testament. I forget gospel & verse but it&...
It was 50 years ago today...324 views...TH taught the world to play.

Filming Hell Boats at Manoel Island 1968.

Many 'extras' provided by Tal Handaq.


Wind forward 37 mins and play for 20 secs for a familiar face.

Copyright © Martin Powell
3 commentsadmin04/30/18 at 13:52admin: Though filmed in 1968, the film hit UK cinemas in ...
Pieta 1958392 viewsLooks like an RFA ship.3 commentsvalerie easter/snowdon/04/03/18 at 19:22admin: The RFA aficionados say definitely a Ranger class ...
HMS / HMT Brigand689 viewsRescue Tug operating out of Malta with mainly Maltese Crew.
Built 1937. Paid off 1960 after 22 years Med service.

Story HERE
1 commentsrobinwilliams01/26/18 at 23:01admin: HMS Brigand was a tug of the Brigand Class, fitted...
Things are looking UP !!689 viewsThe building of the huge 38-storey tower proposed by the Gasan Group is set to have a dramatic impact on views enjoyed by pedestrians strolling along Ghar id-Dud, the Sliema promenade, apart from breaking the skyline when viewed from as far away as Rinella Bay in Kalkara.

9 commentsadmin08/07/17 at 12:30admin: A paradox, a paradox, a most ingenious paradox...h...
Sheep (Not Shoats!)469 viewsWied il-Ghasel near Mosta.4 commentsPrefect07/29/17 at 02:58admin: ....or do they? See WIKI
Malta National Archives Memory Project375 viewsI work at the National Archives of Malta, on the Memorja (National Memory) project. I am conducting oral history interviews with British ex-servicemen/women and their families, who came to Malta after WWII. I was directed towards this fantastic website, and wondered if there was anybody who would like to speak to me about their experiences of being in Malta. By after WWII I mean any decade really! It would be great to have a variety of different decades if possible.

For people who are interested my email address is sandra.blake@gov.mt. I would be happy to provide additional information on the project and be very grateful for any assistance you are able to give.

Thank you and kind regards,

Sandra Blake

(More detail in comments below).
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Early 60s films of Malta458 viewsLinks to four films taken by the Stubbs family (no sound).





Don Stubbs
1 commentsadmin03/05/17 at 00:31admin: Some footage of hols in Italy/Sicily may have crep...
Mtarfa water395 viewsThe photo shows my sister helping with a water delivery to our married families' quarters in St Patrick's.

Copyright © Bruce Williams
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Wartime Memories542 viewsVIEW



+ chapter 2



3 commentsPrefect10/26/16 at 01:37admin: See also ANITA HOWARD nee SACKETT
Wartime Valleta978 views6 commentsPrefect10/26/16 at 01:27admin: For stories from the BBC People's War see THI...
Verdala closes - 40 years ago506 viewsThe Dolphin & Eagle (forces families newspaper Malta) carried the following article on 30 July 1976, headed simply :-


"The Service Children's School Verdala closed on Wednesday 14 July, for the third time in its history. The Assembly held in the school that morning was therefore a rather special one for the children, staff, parents and guests. The Flag Officer Malta, Rear Admiral O.N.A. Cecil, accepted an invitation to be present and and kindly consented to present the awards.

For most of the forenoon a special signal hoist 'ZKJ2' was flying from the palm tree, meaning 'I am closing down this circuit'. A very sad moment arrived when that signal was executed at 1255"
1 commentsadmin08/02/16 at 01:00admin: From Mark Bilney:- "Excellent. I am the knigh...
Things are looking UP !!689 viewsThe building of the huge 38-storey tower proposed by the Gasan Group is set to have a dramatic impact on views enjoyed by pedestrians strolling along Ghar id-Dud, the Sliema promenade, apart from breaking the skyline when viewed from as far away as Rinella Bay in Kalkara.

9 commentsadmin05/18/16 at 01:33admin: I'm sure in 100 years' time it will be p...
Steam Past 2 May 1954637 viewsFirst to roar past at 21 knots was the 1st Cruiser Squadron, led by HMS GLASGOW (Captain B Bryant), wearing the flag of the C-in-C Mediterranean, Admiral The Earl Mountbatten of Burma. HMS GAMBIA (Captain P W Gretton), HMS BERMUDA (Captain G K Collett), HMS DELIGHT (Captain H J F Lane), HMS DARING (Captain E A Blundell) and HMS EAGLE (Captain D E Holland-Martin) wearing the flag of Flag Officer Heavy Squadron, Rear Admiral W T Couchman. On the Yacht’s port side, are the 1st Destroyer Squadron, HMS CHEQUERS (Captain R C M Duckworth) wearing the flag of Rear Admiral R D Watson, Flag Officers Flotillas, HMS CHEVIOT (Commander H E P Wilkin), HMS COMET (Commander R C Burton), HMS CHEVRON (Commander J J S Yorke) and HMS CHAPLET (Commander P N Howes); the 3rd Destroyer Squadron, HMS SAINTES (Captain D P Dreyer) and HMS BARFLEUR (Commander W G F Skelton); and ships of the 5th Frigate Squadron, HMS WHIRLWIND (Commander A R E Evans) and HMS ROEBUCK (Commander H J A Brooke). Either side now are ships of the Close Escort comprising the 2nd Frigate Squadron, HMS MERMAID (Captain A H C Gordon-Lennox), HMS MAGPIE (Commander J W Meadows), HMS PEACOCK (Commander J Wood) and the C-in-C’s despatch vessel, HMS SURPRISE (Commander G C Leslie) today wearing the flag of Vice Admiral J P L Reid, Flag Officer Second-in-Command, Mediterranean.1 commentsPrefect04/21/16 at 23:49admin: Britannia sailed on her maiden voyage from Portsmo...
Anobat Flats ©878 viewsCorner of Sur Fons St & P.O.W .Road St Julians, Ours was top corner flat. Mid/late 80s Map.7 commentsdeco.rise02/21/13 at 01:16admin: Deleting comments is not helpful as can make a non...
Mr John Lowe1294 viewsStaff 1961 - 1964
As seen recently on the BBC.
3 commentsPrefect01/29/13 at 14:05admin: And now appearing on the One Show. About half way ...
Royal Visit November 1949759 viewsAt Corradino Canteen where TH and Verdala pupils all assembled. Youngest pupil Jennifer Dodd presents the bouquet. Headmaster Cdr Miles right.2 commentsPrefect01/23/13 at 07:26admin: Presenting the bouquet is Jennifer Dodd
104 Minesweeping Squadron 1957566 viewsEssington, Kildaston, Rodington, Lullington, Shavington, Carhampton, Liverton, Fenton.4 commentsPrefect09/15/12 at 13:01admin: Date of removal now found as Wednesday, October 5,...
3AG 19581046 views Bernard Goatley (rear left), Christopher Ruoff (leaning on the doorpost), Brian Fuller ( light shorts and dark pullover), Keith Tayton (spectacled).
Photo - Steve Martin via this site.
Names from Brian Fuller who also remembers other class members being - Kathleen Spilsbury, Deirdre Pike, Glenys Metherell, Graham Cake, Robert Smith, John Merriman, Bruce Love, Terence Whitter, Richard Dowling, Peter Franks, Anthony Mullen.
Keith Tayton remembers all the others and was able to recite the class register at the last Reunion in Bath.

2 commentsPrefect08/20/12 at 02:03admin: Brian Lincoln - third from the left.
Prizegiving 1953835 viewsBy Lord Mountbatten
See report
Memoir by Christopher Beavis here.
2 commentsPrefect07/30/12 at 03:40admin: Memoir by Christopher Beavis here.
To the Memory of Mr Jack Smedley741 viewsSee also HERE3 commentsPrefect06/03/12 at 11:18admin: A close relative of Mr Smedley is seeking any more...
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