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Tal-Ħandaq Nostalgia

Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.

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Tigne Barracks1069 viewsThe Royal Garrison Artillery prepares to leave for Ghajn Tuffieha Camp.
Courtesy of Malta and British Army Infantry Regiments by Bonnici and Cassar. HERE
6 commentsPrefect11/19/10 at 08:37sheila macdonald: In my day the families NAAFI (which was very basic...
Distilling Plant - Sliema Ferry - October 2009 ©973 viewsUnder a preservation order? Used to contain a printing press in the 60s, now used as offices. (Not sure I would want to drink water from Sliema Creek even if thrice distilled).22 commentsMartin Powell11/12/10 at 07:54sheila macdonald: We always had to boil all water before drinking it...
A Tigne Cave820 viewsToo wet for me to proceed further.16 commentsPrefect11/12/10 at 07:48sheila macdonald: Yes it was great.David do you remember the William...
Tigne Barracks - in later years.804 views7 commentsPrefect11/06/10 at 02:27sheila macdonald: It was the original guardroom the guard commander ...
A Tigne Cave820 viewsToo wet for me to proceed further.16 commentsPrefect11/06/10 at 02:16sheila macdonald: the black rocks were out of bounds to us kids .the...
Sergeants' Mess, Tigne Barracks537 viewsJust the facade and clock tower remains (minus clock). Now a housing and holiday apartment complex. October 2009. 3 commentsMartin Powell11/06/10 at 02:13sheila macdonald: You are right David the clock tower was over the N...
Rog says a few words504 views8 commentsPrefect10/30/10 at 04:55sheila macdonald: I agree with you Phill. It was not to bad when Min...
Rog says a few words504 views8 commentsPrefect10/28/10 at 14:27sheila macdonald: I cannot agree with you . No disrespect to the mal...
Marianne Tottman and Maureen Siilis379 viewsTwo Head Girls1 commentsPrefect10/28/10 at 13:58sheila macdonald: Shirley Deacon was there. She was also a head girl
Rog says a few words504 views8 commentsPrefect10/28/10 at 13:56sheila macdonald: talk of trying to get the tile back. I often wonde...
The Point459 viewsNew shopping mall at Tigne.
At least some attempt has been made to preserve its military origins!
The car park underneath is the only place you can hope to find a space these days, at a price.
"Also complete is the football ground on top of The Point, which is due to be handed over, after all the legal certification and paperwork is finished, to Sliema Wanderers, as was promised in the Midi contract with the government."
2 commentsPrefect10/17/10 at 16:06sheila macdonald: Not an improvement on Tigne Barracks
Then...Ferry 1949494 viewsCarlton Cinema (now Marks & Sparks), Standard Vanguard & Tony's Bar.
The bus is a Ford V8 with a Wayne-Gasan body.

3 commentsPrefect10/17/10 at 16:01sheila macdonald: I remember the front well
Tigne Barracks - in later years.804 views7 commentsPrefect10/17/10 at 15:54sheila macdonald: I lived in Tigne Barracks 1947-1952.
A Tigne Cave820 viewsToo wet for me to proceed further.16 commentsPrefect07/23/10 at 14:51sheila macdonald: I have a picture of the bridge along with some of ...
Radio City Hamrun 1951741 viewsTal Handaq School Represented at the Inauguration of The Malta Playing Fields Association, by The Duke of Edinburgh, 26th January 1951 by the School Hockey Team and the School Cricket Team. Other representatives were from Maltese Schools.
David Spear
5 commentsPrefect07/22/10 at 12:57sheila macdonald: I was there with the school hockey team
HMS Striker 1951760 viewsWith Tigne Barracks as God intended!5 commentsPrefect07/22/10 at 12:40sheila macdonald: This brings back wonderful memories. Our MQ block ...
Manoel Island Restoration .April 2010 (2)459 viewsThis is a better view of the work being carried out . The little cabin cruiser is called 'Gloria' !12 commentsjane banks05/08/10 at 06:17sheila macdonald: I agree with you . When I think Of the lovely chil...
Class 5J1901 viewsClass 5J 1977 Talhandaq school Malta (Miss Ash)3 commentsbmale2205/08/10 at 06:01sheila macdonald: Norah Ash has now retired from teaching. As far as...
Postcard Marsamxett Harbour - HM Naval Fleet601 viewsLook at this lot! From c1958/59. 10 points for naming each vessel!2 commentsdeco.rise04/07/10 at 08:23sheila macdonald: I agree. We lived there in 1947-1952 and I know fo...
School Uniform910 views1 commentsPrefect03/05/10 at 09:43sheila macdonald: my mother used to have mine made. You could have a...
Tal Handak 1949910 viewsJohn Clark2 commentsPrefect03/05/10 at 09:35sheila macdonald: whatever happened to that cockerill. White House (...
Guides late 40s874 viewsJohn Clark1 commentsPrefect03/05/10 at 09:30sheila macdonald: the girl in the second row in uniform dress and bl...
Kingsgate 1947611 viewsWith stone ballustrade and effigies removed.
John Clark
1 commentsPrefect03/04/10 at 22:10sheila macdonald: Just as I remembered it when I first arrived in Ma...
RNH Mtarfa is now a school667 viewsJane Banks
Named after Sir Themistocles Zammit who was also involved with brucellosis.
2 commentsPrefect01/01/10 at 12:30sheila macdonald: my sister was born in RNH Mtarfa in 1950
The obliteration of Tigne continues616 viewsMartin Powell7 commentsPrefect01/01/10 at 06:51sheila macdonald: the maltese have just ruined Tigne Barracks when i...
TH Guides 1949797 viewsJohn Clark1 commentsPrefect11/05/09 at 14:45sheila macdonald: the girl in the front on the left is I believe Pat...
Staff 1954902 viewsJohn Clark/Jenny Churcher5 commentsPrefect11/05/09 at 14:30sheila macdonald: its so nice that everyone seems to remember Miss Y...
Kingsway514 views3 commentsSheila Evans11/02/09 at 18:00sheila macdonald: this brings back memories. On the right under the ...
The End of the Magic Kiosk673 views2009. The only Internet Cafe which catered for tobacco addicts like me!!5 commentsPrefect11/02/09 at 17:53sheila macdonald: In 1947/52 it was called the Magic Kiosk and we us...
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