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Tal-Ħandaq Nostalgia

Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.

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Guess Where515 views4 commentsPrefect04/24/10 at 19:18Martin Powell: It's that glorious nostalgic English rural idy...
Ambassadorial Limo 2008 ©480 viewsPrivileged to drive down Kingsway.5 commentsPrefect04/02/10 at 06:52Martin Powell: No. The rear door here opens the "wrong"...
U 17598 viewsGerman Navy submarine U-17 (Pennant number S196) slipped into Grand Harbour this morning for a courtesy visit. It is seen above crossing Dockyard Creek, which is dominated by the sleek lines of the superyacht The Maltese Falcon.
Times of Malta.
(In the distance can be seen some obscure scholastic buildings, with vegetation.)
4 commentsPrefect03/31/10 at 09:56Martin Powell: You said you don't like sails and masts anyway...
Lifeboat Drill; Dunera Cruise 19671588 viewsI am sure that this was the Dunera cruise of early 1967. I was in 3B at the time and this is a scan (took a while to get it down to 250kb!) of a picture that appeared in the Times of Malta.
I cannot name a soul, (apart from me of course! Front row,4 along with head at jaunty angle, book in hand and OMG turn ups!) So if anyone can fill in those names: go for it!
15 commentsChris Howells03/31/10 at 09:48Martin Powell: Hi Tony, glad to see you've made it on here. I...
HMS Volage 1946620 viewsReturning from the Corfu Channel Incident.1 commentsPrefect03/31/10 at 09:27Martin Powell: My Dad (Dockyard drawing office) was one of the fi...
Postcard Paradise Bay462 viewsDoing a roaring trade.
No jellyfish that day.
2 commentsPrefect03/15/10 at 04:18Martin Powell: Circa 1970-90. The old cafe building has now been ...
Earl Mountbatten and Missus in safe hands ©593 viewsTaken in 1953 with Whaler crewed by Dockyard Sea Scouts.
The Dockyard Sea Scouts also had Maltese members unlike
Tal Handaq's.Cannot remember occasion but I was the Bow oarsman.
2 commentsrobinwilliams03/10/10 at 11:43Martin Powell: See guestbook messages to Robin 26-12-09
St Anne's Square, Sliema456 viewsApril 2009. It seems its going back to the small kiosk, as before.
Jane Banks
2 commentsPrefect03/10/10 at 11:39Martin Powell: Yes but no kiosks now - just a silly fountain.
Boat sheds mid 50s © 658 viewsThe shed became 'The Jukebox' early 60s . Many happy days spent 'swimming off the rocks'. Pepsi was 3d, friendships priceless - Jane Banks.1 commentsPrefect03/10/10 at 11:37Martin Powell: Presumably this became the 'green shed' ca...
Paraffin truck, Rudolph Street, Sliema, 2006 ©614 viewsCharlie Banks admires the paint work !2 commentsPrefect03/10/10 at 11:33Martin Powell: Almost certainly an ex-Army/Navy Bedford M type or...
Gozo trip 19701086 viewsLeft front to back: Dom Busuttil Rivers , Dom Wujastyk (rear view), Joe Vincenti, Dave Shepherd (Exile).
Right f-b: Martin Lawrence, Caroline Cary (Porridge), Adrian Worley, Diane Lawrence, Eddie Eichmann
12 commentsMartin Powell03/01/10 at 15:14Martin Powell: Desert? Never. (As for French letters, chacun a so...
Comino Trip 2009814 viewsLeft to right: Jane Finn, Susan Finn, Chris Harrison, Phil Woodcock, David “Jock” Norris.
Photo Bob Martin

1 commentsPrefect02/28/10 at 09:34Martin Powell: And not a beer in sight! Well maybe one.
Gozo trip 19701086 viewsLeft front to back: Dom Busuttil Rivers , Dom Wujastyk (rear view), Joe Vincenti, Dave Shepherd (Exile).
Right f-b: Martin Lawrence, Caroline Cary (Porridge), Adrian Worley, Diane Lawrence, Eddie Eichmann
12 commentsMartin Powell02/28/10 at 05:58Martin Powell: Hello Simon, do I remember you from the Garrison S...
RADM Bellamy & Captain Malkin 19671017 viewsInstructor Rear Admiral AJ Bellamy OBE MA, The Director, Naval Education Service, on his visit to Tal Handaq, 17-18 April. Admiral Bellamy was Headmaster of Tal Handaq from 1951 - 1954.5 commentsPrefect02/26/10 at 17:04Martin Powell: For the record it must be mentioned (as he won'...
Prefects 19661056 viewsNot many compared with 1960. The run down has started.4 commentsPrefect02/23/10 at 08:30Martin Powell: "Tiny" Knapman centre back?
The Social Whirl 1949450 views2 commentsPrefect02/17/10 at 17:06Martin Powell: Was HMS Triumph too mean to write another one with...
A Palm framed by a Palm485 viewsMartin Powell5 commentsPrefect02/17/10 at 17:01Martin Powell: It wasn't me Miss. It was him. He framed me - ...
HMS Trafalgar 1897570 viewsR.Ellis2 commentsPrefect01/31/10 at 18:49Martin Powell: Presumably the first and second dog watches.
Castille 1930s683 views4 commentsPrefect01/31/10 at 18:44Martin Powell: In the video Boats & Boatwork there is a stati...
1965 L6A (1 of 4)951 viewsJohn Atherton, ?, John Noble, Mike (Smiley) Jamieson front and centre, ?, ?, ?.
Correction - John Saddler, Geoff Milton, John Moore (aka "Flash"), Graham ?, Nigel Vaughan, Paul Jenner; centre is Steve Commons.
4 commentsNigel01/31/10 at 18:40Martin Powell: School Colours for representing the school at spor...
RFAs Brambleleaf & Cherryleaf543 viewsMarsamuscetto 19342 commentsPrefect01/13/10 at 17:21Martin Powell: Not unlike HMS President - any connection?
The obliteration of Tigne continues639 viewsMartin Powell7 commentsPrefect01/01/10 at 21:01Martin Powell: They are keeping some of their heritage intact e.g...
RNH Mtarfa is now a school719 viewsJane Banks
Named after Sir Themistocles Zammit who was also involved with brucellosis.
2 commentsPrefect01/01/10 at 20:40Martin Powell: For history see mtarfasecondary
Hello Joe1014 viewsJoe Vincenti at TH, 2nd Oct 2009, on our farewell visit before demolition. It was all still there.4 commentsMartin Powell12/31/09 at 20:09Martin Powell: Why not come on the Verdala trip Chris? No need to...
Hello Sailor1035 viewsJoe Vincenti, right, and excused-socks friend. Taken at St Angelo steps near the Helix, 1970. Guardroom now flattened. The slipway where we launched the RNSA dinghies is still there.3 commentsMartin Powell12/07/09 at 19:43Martin Powell: I'll ask him. Very likely as his Dad was RAF (...
Gecko ©498 viewsMediterranean gecko, Hemidactylus turcicus — residential and wild.
These we have loved.
Martin Powell
2 commentsPrefect12/07/09 at 19:35Martin Powell: Resides in the hut at far (south) end of Verdala f...
RAF Propaganda 1973607 views2 commentsPrefect12/02/09 at 11:05Martin Powell: RAF 'propaganda', but had it been RFA it w...
Old Building Restored ©609 viewsVerdala 2009
Martin Powell
6 commentsPrefect12/01/09 at 14:43Martin Powell: For the shutters see Les Hutton's 1944/5 pic. ...
Verdala Ditch 2009 ©567 viewsMartin Powell7 commentsPrefect11/28/09 at 17:19Martin Powell: How many did he lose? And cotton-wool is definitel...
Its that tree again! ©493 viewsMartin Powell2 commentsPrefect11/27/09 at 19:10Martin Powell: We need a pic to prove it - on next year's lis...
Verdala Ditch 2009 ©567 viewsMartin Powell7 commentsPrefect11/27/09 at 19:04Martin Powell: From the bottom end of the field - you can see thi...
Verdala Entrance 2009 ©729 viewsMartin Powell11 commentsPrefect11/27/09 at 15:09Martin Powell: There was also an infants' school at Safi at o...
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