Tal-Ħandaq Nostalgia

Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.


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Tigne 19651306 viewsRod Deas, John (Flash) Moore, Brian (Beatle) Jackson?, Paul (Quanger) Jenner, Mick Gillam, Richard (Tiny) Knapman.
Photo by Lynne Gregory.
4 commentsLantern01/29/14 at 11:08Prefect: Here it is. You have to use BB Code to insert link...
Norman Pletts 1958502 views2 commentsRubia01/26/14 at 12:15Prefect: No trace of Norman I'm afraid ... as yet.
Grand Harbour - Postcard about late 50s?382 views2 commentsdeco.rise01/26/14 at 08:50Prefect: Don't think so. She always had a black hull, ...
'Twas on the Isle of Capri that ...555 viewsItaly Trip 19583 commentsPrefect01/26/14 at 08:18Prefect: If you can find it, do send in a scan.
Tigne 19641424 viewsCathy Johnstone, ?, Rod Deas, Chris Pullen, John (Flash) Moore, ?.
3 commentsLantern01/23/14 at 11:35Prefect: Don't think so. He is named as John Moore by ...
Tigne 19651285 viewsBack: Diane (Spartacus) Prater, Brian (Beatle) Jackson?
Middle: Mick Gillam, ?, Pat? Elliot, John (Flash) Moore, Mary Bishop, Paul (Quanger) Jenner, ?, Cathy Johnstone, Jack Ferret.
Front: Jane Baxter, Rod Deas.
Reclining: Richard (Tiny) Knapman.
Photo by Lynne Gregory.
3 commentsLantern01/22/14 at 13:41Prefect: Although the photos were taken by Lynne (probably)...
RAF Luqa 1948593 views2 commentsPrefect01/09/14 at 08:05Prefect: Dunno. It does look odd. Its roughly where the 195...
Ron Leeman - Shot Putt - 1965? 899 views1 commentsronthecoolone01/03/14 at 10:17Prefect: ATHLETIC SPORTS 1965: 4th Year: Shot: 1st Leeman (...
A Merry Christmas to all our Viewers © 464 views2 commentsPrefect12/30/13 at 06:37Prefect: Correct - previously named here.
RFA Eddyfirth361 viewsParlatorio Wharf.2 commentsPrefect12/01/13 at 12:09Prefect: Yes - good old windscoops.
Crane Lighter No.4 c1932434 viewsFrom Fr Michael & Ms Frankey Cole.2 commentsPrefect11/22/13 at 02:15Prefect: No, this one, which replaced the Macina in 1927, w...
Tal Handaq or ORFC 01 (can't remember which).634 views1 commentsronthecoolone11/06/13 at 05:02Prefect: The Club is still going - Here on Facebook.
Eve Priestly, John Guast, Hilary Paynter1036 viewsOutside Cellblock 4AG 1958.
Behind the bars, Sandra Carter.
From David Harvey
4 commentsPrefect11/05/13 at 11:54Prefect: Hilary is now exhibiting in Hereford.
Tony Stackpoole & Ron Leeman in Schoold Field - circa 1966/671901 views3 commentsronthecoolone11/05/13 at 00:58Prefect: Someone must like it.
The Shepheard Family 1958 - 1961831 views3 commentsPrefect11/02/13 at 14:51Prefect: Yep, though may be Vivien or Vivienne, the magazin...
The Pentagon821 viewsKeith Lucas (Lead Guitar) later of Kilburn & the High Roads (Ian Dury) and still gigging with 999 + singer Fred Tagliaferro who actually lives just up the road from me but I very rarely see him.5 commentsronthecoolone10/23/13 at 11:55Prefect: Mick Jagger in the Animals
Tiny Knapman and Sue Old 65-66943 viewsScrubbed up for some RAF Officers do in Valetta 3 commentsRichard Knapman10/21/13 at 12:41Prefect: A likely story!
Tiny Knapman and Sue Old 65-66943 viewsScrubbed up for some RAF Officers do in Valetta 3 commentsRichard Knapman10/19/13 at 01:16Prefect: And no smoking restrictions - heaven.
Sue Kitson1047 views2 commentsronthecoolone10/17/13 at 01:11Prefect: Oi! No cropping of my photos.
... Mr Cleaver, Cliff Foreman, Paul Gurney.483 viewsAt Pompei 1958.
Italy Trip 1958
2 commentsPrefect10/09/13 at 08:22Prefect: You're doing fine Spike.
School Club Dance Christmas 1958640 viewsRoger Chandler & Spike.4 commentsPrefect10/04/13 at 13:16Prefect: High heels! Hair & dress are similar to your other...
School Club Dance Christmas 1958640 viewsRoger Chandler & Spike.4 commentsPrefect10/04/13 at 09:16Prefect: Jackie Williams with her back to us right of centr...
1956 -58613 viewsJackie, Alan Harris, Brenda, Sheila, David Harvey, Pat, Carol,
Marilyn Williams, Robina Wellard, Pat Mortimore, - Francis? in background
2 commentsPrefect10/03/13 at 07:00Prefect: Not according to what was written on the back.
A Twist of Sand486 viewsWho else from Tal Handaq, apart from Aiden Monpalao di Piro and myself (Brian Gunns), were extras in this film filmed at Rinella Film Studios in 1966/67(??)?
(See yourselves on YouTube.)
2 commentsBrian Gunns10/02/13 at 00:44Prefect: Via Facebook - Ewart William Frederick Shaw: I did...
Paradise Hotel at Golden Bay -1966 © 470 views1 commentsDugmore09/29/13 at 01:11Prefect: Golden Sands Hotel overlooking the Cote d'Or ...
Girls Netball Team 19661039 viewsAnne Elliot and Pat Elliot top left and right respectively and Sally Rathmell, Gaynor Hamley and Jo Mogridge bottom row. Can you identify the three girls in the middle of the top row?2 commentsDugmore09/28/13 at 13:14Prefect: Perm 8 from 9. - GS J. Saddler GA P. Elliot, R. ...
Rugby Team 1965-66613 viewsThe only person I recognise in the picture is Colin Rule, who is standing furthest right on second row. Can you identify any of the others?1 commentsDugmore09/28/13 at 13:01Prefect: Barry Clissold, Ken Laurence, Reg Woodcock, Jack F...
Girls Netball Team 1965-66809 viewsFront Line L to R:- Jp Mogridge. Ganor Hamley and Sally Rathmell. Middle top : Robina Hopkinson. Any ideas on who the others are?2 commentsDugmore09/28/13 at 12:59Prefect: Gillian Witherspoon, Gaynor Hamley (Captain), Sall...
HMS St Angelo1026 viewsFort St Angelo18 commentsPrefect09/21/13 at 07:18Prefect: A plan of HMS St Angelo on page 182 of The Malta G...
Bighi mid-1960s421 viewsNice shot of St Angelo, Kalkara Creek & Bighi. Interesting to compare this with a Google view. Spent good afternoons at Nigel Vaughan's house (his father was a Surgeon Lieutenant-Commander at Bighi). Wonderful garden with many fruits. Not there now - a marina instead! Google Map.2 commentsIvan09/09/13 at 06:19Prefect: Yes, the hospital closed in 1970. "In 1977 th...
Ken and Bunty Stubbs at Spinola Road, 1953 © 423 viewsOn the back it says "Exeter House, Spinola Road "1 commentsdfss09/07/13 at 12:05Prefect: Can't be far from "Aida" which my p...
The Gut 1967465 views© CC Licence - BHS - Flickr.2 commentsPrefect09/05/13 at 07:26Prefect: I expect the beer tinted spectacles helped.
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