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Tal-Ħandaq Nostalgia

Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.

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Staff Leavers 19681573 views7 commentsPrefect11/03/07 at 19:10Martin Powell: Has anyone asked Capt Law? If anyone knows, he wil...
Karozzin514 viewsSometimes known as a Gharry.2 commentsPrefect10/26/07 at 01:00Prefect: Where was this photo taken
Villas Sunshine & Seafoam. Ta'Xbiex.639 viewsOnce the home of the RN School. (and the Triggs)1 commentsPrefect10/18/07 at 07:45MilkMonitor: So much for modern architecture!
Staffroom early 1960s1482 views10 commentsPrefect10/11/07 at 15:31Prefect: I'm afraid this is the only one I have. Other...
Staffroom early 1960s1482 views10 commentsPrefect10/11/07 at 14:29bass player: Has anyone got a decent Photograph of Mr Tierney?
Beach party mid 50s1090 viewsAny names please?
jane Banks
2 commentsPrefect10/11/07 at 13:54bass player: Top leftCraig Love? middle, Joy Sutton.bottom left...
Tal Handaq Girls and Boys in Winter uniform 57-58.1978 viewsAll signatures are on a photo on this site.

jane Banks
7 commentsPrefect10/11/07 at 13:16bass player: What a splendid photograph. I can name almost ever...
RFA Fort Duquesne684 viewsStores Issuing Ship
Away from her usual haunt in Pieta Creek
1 commentsPrefect10/11/07 at 01:59MilkMonitor: She probably brought out your heavy baggage.
Staff Leavers 19681573 views7 commentsPrefect10/11/07 at 01:51MilkMonitor: Does anyone know if Mr Plant had any connection wi...
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