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Tal-Ħandaq Nostalgia

Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.

HMS Troutbridge946 viewsThe Navy Lark 1959 - 1977.
Back Row: A.B.Johnson (Ronnie Barker), C.P.O. Pertwee (Jon Pertwee). Lt Bates (Michael Bates), LS Goldstein (Tenniel Evans). Centre: Lieut, Murray (Stephen Murray), Capt. Povey (Richard Caldicot), Sub. Lieut. Phillips (Leslie Phillips). Front: Wren Chasen (Heather Chasen) and Wren Cornwell (Judy Cornwell).
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RFA Maine 1946996 views©Dickinson CollectionPrefect
RFA Maine 1946595 viewsOfficers and Medical StaffPrefect
RAF Luqa 1956677 viewsPrefect
RFA Amherst c1959 Grand Harbour ©521 viewsGreat faded pic of 'Amherst' in front of the Floating Dock.
Tanker in there is 'British Energy' ( what a mine of info! ) Keep finding these old photos bit by bit!
My mum, Joyce Day, on board RFA Amherst April/May 1960. ©613 viewsThis goes with the previous pic 'entering Grand harbour' She had just come back from Suda Bay, Crete. Time for cocktails no doubt! ( who last scrubbed the deck!! )3 commentsdeco.rise
Tug awaiting RFA Amherst entering Grand Harbour - April/May 1960 ©539 views3 commentsdeco.rise
Captain for a day541 viewsHMS Forth, Xmas Day 1952.Prefect
Small twin Prop - Luqa about 1960759 viewsDon't recognise aircraft or occasion4 commentsdeco.rise
The Fleet's in ©903 viewsSummer 1960 - but where? Sliema Creek perhaps?4 commentsJohn Kirby
Quick march! ©589 viewsTrooping the Colour. Tigne Barracks June 19601 commentsJohn Kirby
Eyes right! ©520 viewsTrooping the Colour. Floriana June 1960John Kirby
HMS Ark Royal ©681 viewspossibly in Sliema Creek 19602 commentsJohn Kirby
HMS Tiptoe 1960s584 viewsPrefect
HMS Lion ©816 viewsEarly 1960s

Partially completed as HMS Defence, Lion was launched on 2 September 1944 but work was suspended in 1946. Defence was renamed Lion in 1957 and construction continued at Wallsend. She was finally commissioned in July 1960.

In September 1964 Lion was present at the Maltese Independence celebrations. Earlier that year she had been rammed under the Forth Road Bridge by HMS Lowestoft. Emergency repairs were carried out in Rosyth Dockyard before she sailed for Malta with only hours to spare. Early in 1965, Lion was present at the Gambia Independence ceremony at Bathurst, now Banjul. She was decommissioned into the reserve at Devonport until 1972, when she was placed on the disposal list.

HMS Tiger & Lion in Grand Harbour -24 August 1961969 viewsTiger steaming past her sister ship. According to my records this is the first occasion since the "Tiger" class Cruisers were launched that the two of them are seen together in the Med. Date please??4 commentsdeco.rise
100th Minesweeper Sqn. off Grand Harbour 1960/61702 viewsFeint pic but a rarity. They are HMS Appleton, Upton, Wolverton & Yarnton 3 commentsdeco.rise
Dutch Cruiser " De Zeven Provincien" Grand Harbour c1961655 viewsFull harbour!, the Netherlands Cruiser, follwed by 27,300 ton "Empress of Canada" & then 12,300 ton " Dunera"deco.rise
Spanish Frigate " Triton" going into Marsamxett, c1961623 views2 commentsdeco.rise
RFA Amherst, 1962/3518 viewsHas very fond memories. This is the ship I went out to Malta in 1959. see also http://www.shipsnostalgia.com/ for more picsdeco.rise
Israel Destroyer ' Eilat' Marsamxett c1960557 viewsEilat was originally an R.N. Destroyer - Zealous.1 commentsdeco.rise
HMS Hermes entering Grand Harbour 1961569 viewsSS Olav & SS Lido in foregrounddeco.rise
LST Messina, Sliema Creek, 1961566 viewsdeco.rise
Postcard RFA Wave Knight & Wave Protector c1959/60597 viewsdeco.rise
HMS Blake entering Grand Harbour 1961588 viewsHad just been involved in searcing for survivors of the ill-fated "Clan Keith" which blew up off the coast of Tunisia a couple of days earlier. ( 62 lives lost )deco.rise
HMS Bermuda Grand Harbour 1961/62518 viewsWears Flag of Rear Admiral D P Dreyer, Flag Officer Flotillas, Meditrraneandeco.rise
Postcard - Sepia shot late 1930s718 viewsCan anyone name the Criusers & date it accurately?
Batttleships Warspite & Malaya. Date 1938-9.
Netlayer Guardian and Carrier is Courageous or Glorious
7 commentsdeco.rise
RFA Tide Austral, Spring 1960 Grand Harbour ©519 viewsAs per other 'at sea' pics, Tide Austral re-fuelled HMS Tiger at sea during exrecise I was on.1 commentsdeco.rise
HMS Tiger off Malta, Spring 1960 ©707 viewsShot taken from a tug by myself after having a day at sea on a Naval Exercise, together with HMS Ark Royal & HMS Scorpion ( pics available )3 commentsdeco.rise
Postcard Marsamxett Harbour - HM Naval Fleet600 viewsLook at this lot! From c1958/59. 10 points for naming each vessel!2 commentsdeco.rise
Postcard - Grand Harbour, Cruiser c1950600 viewsCannot remember Cruiser's name. Anyone help?
HMS Liverpool.
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Postcard - Gzira Creek 987 viewsLooks like HMS Forth in foreground, can anybody name any more?6 commentsdeco.rise
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