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Tal-Ħandaq Nostalgia

Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.

HMS Templar 1948645 viewsIn the background is the wreck of the ammunition ship Talabot.
"Lieutenant O'Driscoll was the Officer-in-Charge of the Fleet Clearance Diving Team which was engaged in clearing a large number of unexploded bombs from the wreck of the SS Talabot in Grand Harbour, Malta. The SS Talabot had been bombed and set on fire on 26th March 1942 and because of her dangerous cargo was scuttled. From 16th October to 11th December 1972 the Fleet Clearance Diving Team recovered 73 bombs with a combined weight of 19,500 Ibs. All the bombs were fuzed and heavy corrosion had made them stick together. Many of the bombs were buried in the mud and had to be cleared by water jetting which meant that the divers had to work entirely by touch, visibility being nil."
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Lightning at Luqa481 viewsJust visiting.Prefect
HMS Thermopylae 1964433 viewsPrefect
The Social Life of a Wren 1962482 viewsPrefect
Whitehall Mansions Xmas 1949489 viewsWren Os and QARNNS Sisters.Prefect
Vampires Ta Kali 1953466 viewsPrefect
RFA Retainer 1955547 viewsArriving in Malta for the first time after conversion from a cargo/passenger ship to Ammunition Replenishment.
She caused something of a stir by being the first RFA with draught beer and retaining a sprung dance floor!
There is still a bar down the Gut sporting her name.
A boat Grand Harbour711 viewsTaken from the deck of Devonia as she was leaving G.H. for the 1966 T.H. school cruise. We were on our way to Libya to pick up some American kids. So pre-Gaddafi when El Adem was still operational.10 commentsChris Howells
Grand Harbour 1966 ©702 viewsMy Dad informed me at the time that this was HMS Eagle. I will leave that to the Navy Buffs to correct or deny. All I do know is that I took this picture from the upper Barracca Gardens and my note on the back says Summer '66 so I would have been 12/13.13 commentsChris Howells
Meteor ©451 viewsAt RAF Ta Kali Air Display 1960.Prefect
Javelin ©439 viewsAt RAF Ta Kali Air Display 1960.
Not bad for my little Brownie.
RFA Wave Master418 viewsDoing a Mediterranean Moor with a dghajsa running the stern lines.Prefect
Vickers Valiant 1956487 viewsBombing up at Luqa for Suez.Prefect
KD Sri Negri Sembilan (Malaysia) 1964544 viewsPassing the Queen of Peace berthed at the foot of Crucifix Hill.Prefect
HMS Volage 1946620 viewsReturning from the Corfu Channel Incident.1 commentsPrefect
The end of the day, Grand Harbour 1959 ©1133 views10 commentsOldBat
New book coming soon463 viewsUXB Malta
Royal Engineers
Bomb Disposal 1940-44
S.A.M. Hudson

To be published 17th May 2010, at £20 Hardback. The first book to reveal what it was like to work in Army bomb disposal in the most bombed place on Earth.
The History Press
The Mill, Brimscombe Port, Stroud, Glos GL5 2QG
Tel +44(0)1453 883300 Fax +44(0)1453 883233
(Another scoop for TH Nostalgia!)
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HMS Forth 1950s Postcard655 viewsBetter image reposted.Prefect
U 17598 viewsGerman Navy submarine U-17 (Pennant number S196) slipped into Grand Harbour this morning for a courtesy visit. It is seen above crossing Dockyard Creek, which is dominated by the sleek lines of the superyacht The Maltese Falcon.
Times of Malta.
(In the distance can be seen some obscure scholastic buildings, with vegetation.)
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King's Colour 1951432 viewsCarried by an Officer of the Destroyer Command. HRH accompanied by Admiral Sir John Edelsten, CinC.
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HRH Princess Elizabeth441 viewsArriving at Floriana Parade Ground to present the new King's Colour for the Mediterranean Station, 5th May 1951.
Andrew Blake
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King's Colour programme401 views See more of this occasionPrefect
King's Colour programme356 views See more of this occasionPrefect
Invitation to Turkish delights394 viewsAndrew Blake
TCG Muavenet was the former I Class destroyer, HMS Inconstant.
HMS Liverpool 1950 ©571 viewsThe Vice Admiral commanding the 15th Cruiser Squadron, his wife and HRH The Duchess of Edinburgh.
Andrew Blake
Earl Mountbatten and Missus in safe hands ©593 viewsTaken in 1953 with Whaler crewed by Dockyard Sea Scouts.
The Dockyard Sea Scouts also had Maltese members unlike
Tal Handaq's.Cannot remember occasion but I was the Bow oarsman.
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RFA Bishopdale. Mid 1950s. 439 views©Rex CooperPrefect
HMS Wolfe 1945 - 1947605 viewsSubmarine Depot Ship. Ex Canadian Pacific Montcalm. Nominated for service with the 1st Submarine Flotilla in Malta until relieved by HMS FORTH in 1947. She paid-off in 1949 and was reduced to Reserve status. Placed in the Disposal List in 1952 the ship was sold to BISCO in 1952 and arrived at Faslane for breaking-up by Metal Industries on 8th November that year.
RFA Plumleaf 1975 ©450 viewsOpening the new Laboratory Wharf which has been extended to replace Parlatorio.Prefect
HMS Ajax 1947582 viewsof River Plate fame.1 commentsPrefect
HMS Liverpool c1950512 viewsAndrew BlakePrefect
Royal Visitor c1950 ©461 viewsPrincess Elizabeth on the bridge of HMS Liverpool, on which my father John Blake was navigating officer, leaving the Grand Harbour.
Andrew Blake
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