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Tal-Ħandaq Nostalgia

Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.

Fond Ghadir Today408 viewsWith an even newer Tower Palace Hotel on the corner of Tower Road with Windsor Terrace & Stella Maris Street.Prefect
Fond Ghadir Again496 viewsShowing a new Tower Palace Hotel. Date unknown.Prefect
Fond Ghadir c1968614 viewsSurfside Bar & Meadowbank Hotel which seems to have had a facelift.3 commentsPrefect
Fond Ghadir 1964861 viewsPostcard. Across from the Meadowbank.
Translation may be "bottom pool" or "deep pool". Other offers welcome.
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The real Ghadira Bay552 views7 commentsPrefect
Pumpkins & Mellieha Bay some time ago424 viewsThere is a recent fashion to call it Ghadira Bay which according to some maps is across on the other coast.1 commentsPrefect
The Rising Sun at Marsaxlokk526 viewsPrefect
47 Egmont Close544 viewsThis is where No 47 Egmont Close used to be! It had a long balcony from which I used to launch waterbombs on unsuspecting pedestrians on the street below!3 commentsJohn Kirby
Egmont Close where are you?!501 viewsTaken on 18th July 2009 this is what was Egmont Close where I lived at No 47 in 1959-1963. It's now an extensive development of Apartments but my fond memories are no doubt part of the foundations!John Kirby
The Roxy, Birkirkara. © 449 viewsCinema no more.Prefect
Malta Wedding 1964578 viewsThe George Mortimores with the groom from RFA Brown Ranger.Prefect
Malta Wedding 2009439 viewsPrefect's niece Pamela and John.Prefect
Mellieha Sunset384 views2 commentsPrefect
Queen Victoria 2009389 viewsThe Cordina have been obliged to move their tables so that HM may see and be seen.Prefect
Crucifix Hill427 viewsShaun Jones
Electric gharry descending.
Australia Hall507 viewsWithout roof at St Andrew's (Pembroke) 2009.2 commentsPrefect
St Anne's Square, Sliema524 viewsVery pretty, but a fountain instead of the promised Kiosk.Prefect
All Change Again432 viewsCitygate (Kingsgate, Porta Reale, Bieb il Belt) is to be rehashed. I suppose replacing the present monstrosity with a gap must be an improvement, but we should not expect anything conventional from the architect of the Pompidou Centre. The loss of the road over the top is causing some concern. See Times of Malta Prefect
So there!586 viewsSome standards of modesty are being preserved.
Qui Si Sana 2009.
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Old Royal Navy Canteen Gzira623 viewsDuring my service time serving in Malta it was the Britannia Bar. About three or four years ago it was renamed the Jubilee Café. Although on initial entry it looks dark and gloomy, well worth a visit. Bursting with bric-a-brac, it even has things hanging off the ceiling upside down such as a table and chairs fully laid out for service – the food is good too!
See it as it was.
Barracca Lift Entrance543 viewsOpened to the public on 17th December 1903 at a cost of £5,000, the Barracca Lift connected Lascaris Wharf (Customs House) with Upper Barracca Gardens offering both a shorter and quicker route. This view show the entrance to the lower courtyard, the directions sign to Valletta City still today positioned to the left with the lifts departing from inside on the right . No doubt the lift is now sorely missed by the hordes of tourists arriving on cruise ships – try walking it, or more sensible, don’t!
Still There! And ready for the new one.418 views36 years after the service ceased and 26 years after the lift was dismantled! The sign can still be found located on the wall of the entrance way to the lower courtyard. A return from Corradino canteen (Tombola) across Grand Harbour in a hand rowed dghajsa and up the lift was far quicker than taking the bus back to Valletta.
Barracca Lift Top519 viewsThe upper point the lift arrived at. Two lifts were provided, each capable of carrying 12 passengers, rising through 75 tons of steelwork vertically 167 feet 7 inches, with the winding gear housed in a turret even higher at 197 feet, to a lateral bridge, extending some 23 feet out from the bastion gardens.
Fort Manoel Entrance421 viewsThe 1723 original entrance to Fort Manoel (behind the Lido) on the foreshore of Marsamxett Harbour where restoration has just commenced, the continued presence of the Malta Royal Yacht Club having previously delayed it. The original would have included a moat and drawbridge (where the bike sits), features it is hoped to include in the restoration.
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La Passeggiata606 viewsDefinition: As evening falls and the harsh sun inches out of the your favorite piazza, an evening ritual is bound to begin, the Italian/Maltese tradition of passeggiata, a gentle stroll (slow! think slow!) through the main streets of the old town.
Locals tend to dress up for passeggiata, and tourists are usually easy to spot in their shorts and fanny packs. Older folks sit along the route, nursing a beer or a glass of wine in the bar, and watching for things to gossip about; la passeggiata is where new romances are on display as well as new shoes.
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The Opera House 1946513 viewsJohn Clark
The old opera house site will be converted into an open-air theatre that will incorporate the bombed ruins according to plans by Italian architect Renzo Piano to be unveiled this week. (22 June 2009)
The plans envisage a 1,200-seat roofless theatre, built around the ruins and other remains stored elsewhere over the years. It will all be enhanced with state-of-the-art technology that will give the place the scenographic and acoustic properties expected from a contemporary theatre. See Times of Malta Video
Fort Manoel Restoration389 viewsAfter Bridge Entrance.
Fort Manoel Restoration462 viewsThe Old Armoury once the Church of HMS Phoenicia.
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In Your Dreams!490 viewsPhill Rose1 commentsPrefect
Exiles Beach631 viewsPostcard. Aka Balluta Rocks c/w the Green Shed.2 commentsPrefect
Pretty Bay, Birzebbuga638 viewsPostcard2 commentsPrefect
Balluta Rocks 2009429 viewsAnd the Green Shed.
Jane Banks
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